Daily News and Updates for September 8th, 2022: “Trump Celebrates After Documents Seized Show Precisely What He Wanted”


Trump Celebrates After Documents Seized Show Precisely What He Wanted

How to Build a Chicken Run

Federal Judge: Fauci Has 21 Days to Turn Over “Misinformation’ Emails Sent to Social Media Giants

GOLD: Reporter Asks Kari Lake About Being Trump’s VP – She Responds With FIRE!

Breaking: Steve Bannon Surrenders to SDNY Authorities in Latest Harassment Case – Related to Build the Wall Project that He Already was Pardoned For (VIDEO)

“Slip-Up” By Social Media Giant Allows Dem Campaigns To Access Republican Voter Data

Under New Leadership, UK Scraps Fracking Ban Amid Energy Crisis

Bill Gates Posts Creepy Video Urging Public To Reduce Childhood Death With More Vaccines: ‘Why Do Children Die?’

Germany: Six Months Hard Time for Criticizing Radical Islam

Woman Screams in Terror as She’s Ambushed by Thugs in Broad Daylight in ‘Safe’ Chicago Neighborhood

Democrats Starting To Panic About Stacey Abrams’ Chances In Georgia Governor Race

JUST IN: Democrat Official Robert Telles Arrested in Connection to Murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal Reporter Jeff German

Florida Democrat Congressional Candidate: “DeSantis Wants Us In Bondage” – Then Defends the Child Porn Books in Classrooms

Meet Joe Biden’s National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator…

=“I’m Not Gonna Comment” – Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses to Say if Biden Agrees That California is “In the Lead” on Energy After Massive Blackouts (VIDEO)

Video: MSNBC Reporter Says It’s “Deeply Dangerous” To Cover “Both Sides” Of A Story


White House Portrait Unveiling Ceremony For Obamas Full of Awkward Moments (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Trump-Endorsed Senate Nominee Blake Masters SLAMS Biden And Mark Kelly’s Open Border-Fentanyl Crisis During Arizona Rally: “Mark Kelly Should Be Forced To Attend The Funerals Of Each Of Those Dead Children”

GASLIGHT QUEEN: Karine Jean-Pierre Insists Joe Biden’s Moloch Speech Where He Labled Half the Country “Enemies of the State” – Was Not Divisive

High School Athlete Found with 6 Foot Long Clot In His Leg – Ending His Football Career — Doctors Baffled on Exactly What Happened?

UK Bans COVID Vax for Kids – Investigation Finds Vaccine Affects Sexual Development in Little Boys (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s Nonprofit Gave $75,000 to Far-Left Extremist Group Trying to Dismantle Minneapolis Police Department

2020 VOTER FRAUD HOTBED! East Lansing, MI: 276 Ballots Cast From CLOSED MSU Dorms…11 MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN Registered to Vote At ALL-MALE Fraternity Houses…47 Ballots Cast From Addresses That Don’t Exist…And Multiple DEAD Voters

Inflation Is State-Sponsored Terrorism


Europe Is Buying All The Russian Oil It Can Before Banning It


Queen Elizabeth II “Under Medical Supervision”, Family Gathers


First Came 9/11, Then COVID-19, What’s The Next Crisis To Lockdown The Nation?


Elon Musk Scores Major Victory In Court Against Twitter

Trump Suggests Presidential Announcement is Imminent

“We’ve Lost Nothing” – Putin Warns Western Elites’ “Sanctions Fever” Will See European People “Freeze”

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