CGI’s David_Earl_Bolton: ESG Rules Are Illegal & A Hybrid World War

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CGI’s David_Earl_Bolton: ESG Rules Are Illegal & A Hybrid World War

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Thursday, 15-Sep-2022 09:32:41

A post submitted by CGI member David_Earl_Bolton.**************************(An insightful article by Ivan M. Paton…)I have just read this Wall Street Journal article below, and thought that everyone should read it and understand the implications with regards to the current global economic and social meltdown, which is being driven by the imposition of insane environmental rules, and to understand that the Environmental Social and Corporate Governance rules, or ESGs, are a violation of the fiduciary duty of the big investment companies that are promoting them, like Blackrock, Vanguard and Statestreet.In simple terms this means that imposing the ESG rules is illegal.This also means that the global and national institutions that are promoting the ESGs, like the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and central banks, are essentially urging asset managers and financial institutions to act illegally by imposing these radical social and environmental policies, quite apart from the fact that they are doing a lot of damage across the world.The World Economic Forum, and its partners, are forcing the application of these ESG rules in 2 ways. The first is through the banking system with the Net Zero Banking Alliance, which is signing up the central banks in each country and the multinational finance companies, like one of the WEF’s partners, the Mitusbishi United Financial Group.The central banks in each country are now signing up Memorandum of Understanding agreements with the commercial banking sector to impose the ESG rules on their customers.The imposition of these ESG rules is causing massive economic and social disruption, like the recent Dutch farmers protests, and the implosion of Sri Lanka. Millions of people’s lives and businesses are being destroyed, and millions are facing starvation because these policies are disrupting the food production industry across the world.Another way that the multinational investment giants of the World Economic Forum, like Blackrock, Vanguard, and Statestreet, are forcing businesses to follow the ESG rules is by using their combined voting power to insist that big corporations follow these rules.As you will see below, when this pressure was applied to Exxon by Blackrock, forcing it to sell off energy assets, these assets were then snapped up by the Chinese energy giant, PetroChina. But blackrock also owns a huge amount of shares in the Chinese company, so what it loses on the left hand, it gains on the right hand.It gets worse.What is quite shocking about the article below, is that it exposes how the multinational investment funds are using their power in the market place as a weapon of mass destruction, and wealth transfer, and this is happening in almost every country from Australia to Zimbabwe, all of which is serving the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda, and enriching China at the same time.While the ESG rules are being imposed on most countries in the world, especially the western countries, China itself is not following these rules. So the net result is a transfer of wealth and economic power to the Chinese Communist Party. I say it is to the CCP because almost every large corporation in China today, which means all of its multinationals, is run by the Chinese Communist Party, a point missed by the vast majority but summed up in this paper:From “China Inc.” to “CCP Inc.”: A new paradigm for Chinese state capitalismI personally believe that the purpose of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, and the Environmental Social and Corporate Governance rules, or ESGs, which are a mirror reflection each other, are a sophisticated form of hybrid global warfare, which have been designed to destroy the economies of almost every nation on earth, to impoverish billions, and to transfer the majority of industrial capacity and economic power into the hands of Chinese companies and the multinationals of the World Economic Forum, all of which are working together.For a long time I tried to figure out what was so important about the year 2030, because all of the globalists are obsessed with this year, and what they call Agenda 2030, which they say will ‘transform’ the world. And then I stumbled across an article that predicted that China will be the biggest economy in the world by 2030, and a light bulb went off.Its forecast says that China, now the world’s second-largest economy, would overtake the No. 1-ranked U.S. economy by 2030…Continue with article here…

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