HOW are YOU today. I really wasn’t going to say anything but many are wondering…,

[[[[THEY]]] want to maintain control of CANADA, Lord NO they have done enough damages here already.

I risk my OWN LIFE everyday doing my best to help humanity LIVE AND SURVIVE.

However I must speak on those that THINK that I am evil because I am NOT and I just wanted to clear something up.

Many do not have the full story as I have done MY BEST to help YOU to FREE yourselves.

When I asked the ANGELS in MY room – years ago what tribe I was from, I was told many things, one said the TRIBE of SAUL another said, the House of DAVID. So I didn’t quite understand. THEN I noticed that THE HOUSE of RA claimed me,. so I went with it because I was EGYPTIAN in a past life. What I always thought that the HOUSE of RA was BENEVOLENT because I AM. IF I made a mistake I am sorry. I do NOT know everything BUT I know enough. Could I be from different tribes because I am an old soul ? I still Don’t know. I still don’t even know my home planet before I came here.

I was told that RA was BENEVOLENT.

Anyhow If there was a negative RA faction – then I am NOT part of it, how can I be as I am benevolent and I obviously did not know or would not know. And if there is NOT a negative faction I apologize.

I hope and I pray that I won’t have to DEFEND myself – MY GREAT NAME – anymore because IN all honesty I should not have to apologize since I did NOT know everything.

But I do thank ALL BEINGS who have stayed here with me trying to save humanity and figure it out.

It has been like HELL for us LIGHT-WORKER’S for what we had to go through to save the HUMAN races. The evil ones accused so many of US so HEAVEN has to give us JUSTICE etc.

Please continue the good fight between GOOD and EVIL and I am SO very proud of HUMANITY even IF many blamed me and didn’t understand.

Most of HUMANITY is basically good – they have just been manipulated so badly for thousands and thousands of years by some evil disgusting beings that absolutely hate humanity.

I LOVE ALL HUMANITY – which is WHY I am here today.



BRING on the BEST is YET to COME please !

MY love to you all.


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1 Response to GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS – Sept 15 2022

  1. gratzite says:

    Great stuff, you are indeed a pioneer of The New Age.

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