Nick Fleming Update: The Fall of Corrupt Acts and the Rise of all Things Lawful



 -Sunday, 18 September 2022, 23:40 PM

Nicks Intel Update

Nick Fleming Update: The Fall of Corrupt Acts and the Rise of all Things Lawful

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

The Fall of Corrupt Acts and the Rise of All Things Lawful

This week, just like every other RV-Launch hype-fest, nothing was released. Nothing was obvious. Nothing shared front and center in Mainstream News describing NESARA-like actions.

Such as:

A Fair Political System
Demonstrating the End of Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Cartels was only hinted at on obscure social media sites, whispered about by those brazen enough to flout a middle finger at the Brown Shirts threatening this Totalitarian Takeover. We hope to see the end of many “authoritarian figures”, Schumer, Schiff, McConnell, McCarthy, Waters, Feinstein, so many other “Elected Officials,” all falsely working for We the People, made wealthy beyond reasonable understanding. By what machinations have these “Public Servants” profited? In a Lawful Society, with Lawful Systems, these Scofflaws will be publicly villified. Will the Quantum Financial System tell this story?

A Fair Financial System
With the End of Poverty, Penury, Slavery, Indebtedness, the Leverage of the “Straw Man,” the Leverage of Paper (Bonds, Liens, Notes of all kinds), with the private, off-ledger manipulation of Paper through these many Acts of Corruption will end. This World of Lack created with this slight of hand, ponzi scheme, will Shift. In a Lawful Society without debt, without bonds, without rigged trade, with a Lawful Financial System under NESARA, We the People will thrive. The criminals committing these harmful, self-serving acts will be removed. Their assets seized. Their ability to receive any further payment ended.

A Fair Judicial System
The Unconstitutional, Gestapo-led, dictatorial, Admiralty courts, supporting the entitled few, the Agenda of the Globalists, in pursuit of a Social Credit Scoring System, and a micro-chipped humanity, with their absolute control over every facet of Life; will end under NESARA. A return to Common Law, and Common Good Sense, with Respect for Others and Honoring Good People, like those demonstrating Integrity, Generosity and Service to Others. Will the Quantum System, coordinating the rollout of the 1776 Constitution, to every Free, Sovereign Nation State in the world, tell this story?

A Fair Medical System
The Medical Institutions, the Pharmaceutical Institutions, the accountable institutions that supported the World Health Organization’s Agendas, (2030, 2025, etc., etc.), and the World Economic Forums Agendas to impoverish, if not outright kill 4/5ths of the total population, under the Eugenicists plans, will end under NESARA and the restored Republic of the United States Constitution. The malefactors responsible for the cruelties inflicted on Humanity will be removed and their ability to influence, serve, will end forever. Their assets will all be seized and given to We the People they have harmed.

NESARA is a restoration of Freedom, a celebration of Life and Sovereignty, with Abundance available to One and All.

NESARA is the restoration of hope for a future for our children and our children’s children.

NESARA is the future of this Shining Nation, this great Nation of One People, serving God, with all honor and humility.

NESARA is the standard for restoring the Sovereignty of the World.

This is a Story Being Told right now. Yes, this story has been written in Stone.


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