Elohim in DRAG – got cast down from Heaven & new TREE of LIFE members are awesome [Christ] – SEPT 22 2022 = WHHHHHHAAAAAHOOOO !!!

WAY to go MASTER CHRIST – a new branch for humans in Heaven with JESUS = or CHRIST


IF THESE ARE true THEN THERE WAS A massive war IN heaven WITH THE NEGATIVE drag angels. These ANGELS turned up dressed in DRAG to fight the Positive Angels of Heaven. It was a bloodbath and they lost.

If you want to go straight to the info go to 7:40 – March/April 2021 the Elohim were cast down

The SECOND video talks about the new “TREE of LIFE’ – members ETC.

Ok so I watched the second one again and I am trying to remember what she said about the new branches

People were removing their seals subconciously in the past. They had enough people to make 2 new branches @ 46:00 minutes

The 2 – NEW BRANCHES of MANKIND is – exceptional because this place [earth] really was a zoo and there are a lot of different races here that were orphaned, are getting lifted up. . .

This is what EVE and the “TREE of LIFE” did for us, allowing all GOOD up.

So we now have 3 branches in HEAVEN of mankind, and 7 other branches…, and I know humans went to the other branches as well. She thinks that is AMAZING and so do I

By the grace of the ALL every Human that is moving east, will have a family and someone waiting for you that loves you and you can count on it.

So among the 3 branches – the next branch is THE ONE, the second branch is JESUS [awesome] and the 3rd one is ISON.

The Elohiem are NOT God 7-23-22

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NEXT video talks about the new “TREE of LIFE’ – members ETC. AROUND 46 MINUTES

Past Present Future Update 8-24-22

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https://paypal.me/YRFT Recognizing denial and rigid belief systems. Updates: NESARA & Med Beds. Stereo Images and New Branches. This took from 8pm to next day 4pm, to upload. My condolences to yt for loss of their servers, making all uploads move to dial up. YT has a ‘block’ on some countries, even though the clip is on YT itself, and its only a slice of a clip, not the full clip. If you are blocked, this is also uploading onto Vimeo without blocks. https://www.vimeo.com/YellowRoseforTexas

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