Earth Alliance and Patriot News for September 22, 2022

Earth Alliance and Patriot News for September 22, 2022



 -Thursday, 22 September 2022, 18:07 PM

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 22, 2022

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for September 22th, 2022

Message from God: Your Most Brilliant Incarnation Excerpt:

“Will we really ascend and enter into the kingdom of God – and that in this life or after this life?

GOD: You will return to your heavenly home as soon as you have fulfilled your assignments on earth and brought your light to the people. This is the journey you have embarked on in this life. It is the most glorious incarnation you have ever chosen and for which you have qualified for many lifetimes. Long before you could consent to this life, plan it and determine your descent, you had to mature and reach the point in your spiritual evolution that is irreversible.”

Ascension and Mass Heart Opening 9/19/2022 Excerpt:

“Within the next 48 hours and within the next few weeks, an intense and mass opening of the heart centers of humanity is occurring as never witnessed before!

It is coming with the full releasing of Divine Light, Divine Love, and the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah, and it will indeed be the Rose Line which carries this, as it the Fires of Illumination and Purification sweep this line totally clear, and then connects it with the ascended Spine of the New Earth forever more.”

The Federation of Light: Celebration Taking Place in Higher Realms Excerpts:



It may seem to many, as these plans unfold, that everything ‘appears’ to be getting more insane and that all around makes no sense.

All that ‘appears’ to be … is most likely to be the opposite of that which is actually taking place behind the scenes.

Apart from a massive Sign in the skies, of course. Let’s not be forgetting that! Many have sent in amazing Rainbows or Cloud Formations.”

“You said, that the death of the Monarch (Queen Elizabeth) will start that ball rolling.

This is so.

You said, hold onto your hats.

This we mean.

Breathe into our words and take a ‘Feeling assessment’.


How do you feel?

I feel we are indeed getting closer to the great reveal. Those of us who awoke long ago, or even recently, seem to KNOW that patience is a virtue.

And as one patiently awaits their calling … the LOVE, the STRENGTH and the COURAGE WITHIN builds to Greater Heights.”

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