The Ancient Egyptians Knowledge of Vibration Was Extraordinary! – SEPT 19 2020

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS, HOW are you all doing ?

YES – ENERGY and VIBRATION is EVERYTHING = as many as awakened to for years now.

They are going to have to change our so-called History on Earth as I ANCIENT QUEEN NEFERTITI = I object to being named in a a so- called CULT, by the LIARS of old.

I taught ASCENSION, as to – how to connect to GOD – your SPIRITUAL Kingdom on the inside

I taught Ascension, just like I just did right here on this website – a few years back and I educated and passed on those SOULS – that help YOU to do your SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

You are “SPIRITUAL BEINGS” having a HUMAN experience, = for the newbies.

Rather interesting video. below.

The Ancient Egyptians Knowledge of Vibration Was Extraordinary!

222,204 views Premiered Sep 15, 2022 Speaker: Dr Robert Gilbert

00:00 – Thoth and Egyptian Animal Heads in Hieroglyphs Explained

01:00 – Thoth Stretching of the Cord Hieroglyph

02:20 – Initiates Casting the Net Hieroglyph (Sacred Geometry and Scared Numerology) 04:40 – The NEJTER Hieroglyph 06:00 – The ANHK True Meaning 09:20 – Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Geometry 10:45 – True Purpose of the Pyramids of Giza

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. is a former U.S. Marine Corps instructor in Nuclear­Biological-Chemical Defense, with over 30 years of research into both mainstream and holistic health methods. He holds a Ph.D. in International Studies, and contributed to the first academic textbook on Transformational Politics.

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