Daily News and Updates for September 27th 2022: “Armed Black Activists Protest Biden’s Open Borders”

Daily News and Updates for September 27th 2022: “Armed Black Activists Protest Biden’s Open Borders”



Armed Black Activists Protest Biden’s Open Borders: “Close the Borders”… ”Take Your A** Home!”

83-year-old Right to Life Michigan volunteer shot while canvassing

MAKE IT STOP!! Little Girl Repeatedly Rubs Her Hand Up and Down Genitals of “Little Mermaid” Drag Queen While Another Drag Queen Spread Legs Wide Open On Stage For Toddlers

Indiana lawmaker introduces plan to defund IRS

Pollsters Are Terrified That They’re Blowing the Midterms and Giving Democrats False Hope

Top Florida Democrat Abandons Party, Endorses DeSantis

FBI Misled Judge, Then Seized $86 Million In Cash From Beverly Hills Safe-Deposit Boxes


WEF Launches Digital Currency Project to “reward” Climate Action


Charles III, Real King or Servant of the Globalists?


Media Matters Head ‘Terrified” CNN Will Be Sold To Fox News

Most Americans Believe Migrants Should Be Transported To Sanctuary Cities: Poll


California Legalizes ‘Human Composting’


Bill Clinton Tells Tom Hanks ‘Democracy Is Fragile Right Now’ During A+E Networks, History Channel Program


Wind Farm Faces Shutdown as Parts Start Flying Off Turbines – Because It’s Too Windy

Ex-Clinton Insider: Democrats Set to Bring Hillary Roaring Back as Replacement for Biden

Royal Staffers Gave Meghan a Brutal Nickname Behind Her Back, New Book Says

Liberal Journalist Thinks The Constitution Must Be Rewritten To Stop Donald Trump

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Joins Tucker Carlson After Italy Elects Its FIRST Female Populist Leader: “If They’re Not Attacking You, You’re Probably Not Truly Representing The People Of Your Country”

Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to Killing College Student He Met on Dating App, Eating His Testicles

China Doubles Down on Fossil Fuel Usage Despite Its Commitment to Globalist Elites and Useful Idiots Like John Kerry

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