Your Sunday Digest for October 2, 2022: Humanity on the War Path [videos]

Your Sunday Digest for October 2, 2022: Humanity on the War Path [videos]

October 2, 2022


It’s almost impossible to take a day off when you’re a conspiracy analyst because as we keep saying, “so much is happening”. We understand most of the “heavy lifting” has been done but when you see what appears to be unfolding on our planet, you might give pause to wonder just how bad was it when they started.

For those who think nothing much is going on, it’s taking too long, we don’t need to stock up on supplies, etc…. I hope you’ll keep reading.

This just popped in.

BREAKING: President Trump Talks About His Upcoming Arrest!

If you don’t watch Trump rallies, they can be very telling. It is the President’s only opportunity to speak freely and uncensored. Once it’s out of his mouth, no one can do anything about it except censor subsequent replays. They certainly want us to believe his arrest is imminent—but is it?

There are words and phrases that are repeated by various players again and again and recently I’ve heard a few saying “they’re sick”. Trump and Candace Owens, for example. Sick doesn’t begin to describe the twisted minds and habits of the globalists but does “sick” have another meaning? I still wonder if the vaxxx will have an, um… interesting effect on the reps.

In Toronto, the Canucks are paying attention to world events.

If you’re not subscribed to Telegram, you’re missing a great ride. Some of you have been unable to get on Telegram and I can only bring you so much. Q the Storm Rider channel on Telegram is a wealth of information and intel and today one of the posts went like this:

in [ DC] [ DS] …

Here’s another:


The escalation of looming NUCLEAR WAR and provocation by the CIA , Biden administration and several [DS] HALF CONTROLLED > 3 LETTER AGENCIES are in turmoil and MAJOR INFIGHTING as the obvious [DS] U.S. Mil. Commanders loyal to OBAMA and Rockefeller regimen blew up the NORD STREAM PIPELINES and this DARK MIL. OPS has divided the PENTAGON. As lead commanders and heads in the Pentagon loudly disavowrd the NORD STREAM Operations.
MILITARY heads in DC also talking openly about the NORD STREAM OPERATIONS and they are tired from all this [ DS] operations taking place, and known.
_Inside>}CABLES; Reveal several Wires> went out to officials through the PENTAGON that gave the Notions of MiL. Interaction being prepared to take place.
>The/ROCKEFELLERS DEEP STATEs plan to take over USSF
> BACK CHANNELS from RUSSIAN/ CHINA white HATS and ALLIANCE wanted the head of USSF REMOVED AND WANTED >Air Force Gen. Anthony Cotton To lead STRATCOM, which oversees the nation’s NUCLEAR ARSENAL’S

On September 29 , 2022 USSF
New commanders were installed to take the helm of the Space Force and U.S. Strategic Command
>Lt. Gen. Bradley C. Saltzman will command the Space Force, becoming just the second chief in the young service’s history, >Air Force Gen. Anthony Cotton will lead STRATCOM

As the New commanders in USSF take their place, The failed deep State Operations inside PENTAGON has the [ DS] operatives in PANIC as it’s becoming imminently obvious their Will be a >Military coup within a Military coup<
As PUTIN gave his 45 minute speech he did take time to mention Ukraine in great detail but Spent long moments detailing the U.S military involvement with Nord Stream.
He spoke at length of the western CORRUPTION and kept calm as he described the United Satanists of America leading the world into chaos .

>}CABLES: It was important to replace the USSF head in charge of NUCLEAR ARSENAL’S.. This ♟️ CHESS Move gave PUTIN/ China reassurance WHITE HATS REMAIN IN CONTROL OF USSF

September 26 ,2022 NORD STREAM ATTACKED

September 29, 2022 heads of USSF REPLACED

Constitutional judges are targets.  Here’s another judge; COD not released.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Dies SUDDENLY Just Months Before Retirement

The crew brought us a one-month-old video from Clif High that is a must listen, in my opinion, esp. if you’re an American, but he does distinguish between the US law/situation and the European a couple of times. Not all countries are in the same boat.

In this video, Clif mentions the judges getting erased, and does the best summary I’ve yet heard as to how the DC democracy and union republic were formed, how they did it, how it affects Americans today, the weaponized court system, and how the Law of War manual was modified in 2016 and why. Just a brilliant presentation and easy to understand.

Narradigm Investigation : LAW

Many have been screaming for the military to outwardly get involved. We hear Germany will have soldiers in the streets any time now, UN people have been seen in London, and things are amping up but be careful what you wish for. If you thought soldiers would quell the ANTIFA hissy fits when they announced Trump won the election, etc. and then they’d disappear and life would go back to normal, you might want to read this, below from Telegram.

Q the Storm Rider posted the following important information today for those who care to prepare. Believe it… or not.

I have WARNED you so many times as did some very important Truth Speakers .. We would come to the brink of losing everything…..[ NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT]

Many thought I was fear mongering.. But I was truly Warning you so you could be prepared for the collapse and WORLD PANIC. U.S. MASS PANIC that WILL set in……

Now as you have seen we are really in a NUCLEAR standoff .. Just because the mil. Or MSM isn’t reporting it openly doesn’t mean it’s not happening
We are in super COLLAPSE
as countries are in Economic collapse. Government collapse
Vaccines deaths.
Bio-weapons deaths to third exposure to COVID-19 SARS

Now we head into IMMINENT

The military WILL step in to stop the CIVIL WAR about to erupt.

Watch the marker’s.
Stock up on food supplies…
We are at the critical STAGES _ EVENTS

It’s evident that in the public eye international relations are strained. The stage is set for “nuclear war” WWIII and the near-extinction event. I pity those who don’t know, don’t care, and will be blindsided by these events. It’s going to be rough.

In Brazil the current status of their election is that Jaire Bolsonaro [Trump of the Tropics] is nearly 500K votes ahead of the nearest competitor. Good news for Brazil. Maybe they actually have honest elections there. Link to Telegram for dynamic updating on those figures.

Something else I’ve heard at least a couple of times recently is “waking dream”, and that is intriguing terminology. Coupled with the fascinating accounts recently telling us that WE are the Elohim fallen angels and that we are currently in the tunnel to 5D may seem like pipe dreams to some but I believe there is some truth to these inside peeks we’re getting. It might not resonate with everyone, but perhaps we’re not all ready to hear it. Are some of us about to “blink out” to 5D?

If you subscribe to Tesla’s statement that the the Universe is all about frequency, then it stands to reason that as our resonance increases and we consistently hit those high notes, the fat lady just might be singing and we could make the leap when that goblet shatters. Those are just my thoughts. I believe it’s possible. Perhaps even likely.

For now or in the interim, we get interesting information via social media about things we don’t normally see.

Tore Says channel posted this:

Why are all the REWARDS programs from companies all ending on NOV 1?
UBER and more?
WHAT is going on?

I’ve no time to look into that, but perhaps you will connect the dots when you encounter other updates.

It is time for me to close this post and the best advice I can think of is:

“Never assume it’s a raisin.” Sorry. That’s all I got for you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  ~ BP

P.S. Just before I was about to publish, I lost my connection to the server, which is rare so I had to postpone. I hope this gets out okay… later.

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October 1, 2022: Trump Rally in Michigan; Is it the Last? [videos]

October 1, 2022


We never know what kind of sensational headlines we will wake up to and this morning, a big one was waiting that many will not want to hear.

The theme today seems to be “infiltration”. We have heard whisperings about the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have we not? Outwardly, and until now, he has been the model governor but the drama isn’t over yet.

Since we have spoken of the role of FEMA recently and what they have done in past disasters in America, this should come as no surprise. The rest of America has to be made aware of what FEMA, the Red Cross, etc. are really about. It looks like Trump’s next project is exposing FEMA.

It’s odd, because we don’t normally vilify someone who has done great work for the People because of one action or one thing they may have said. However… I agree that carte blanche to FEMA is very dangerous unless FEMA has been cleaned out. Has it? Floridians may be about to find out. More on that further down.

Trump: DeSantis is Deep State

And this theory is more common now:

MICHIGAN: Trump’s Final Rally Before His Arrest?

You can watch the aforementioned rally on RSBN. Streaming now, as always, to give you the flavour of MAGA and the mindset of the American voters. Trump is scheduled to begin at 7 pm ET, but of course he is always fashionably late.

LIVE: RSBN kicks off Trump rally pre-show in Warren, Michigan

We have seen examples of a certain narrative—including from the good guys—seeming to lead in one direction when the reality is actually something else and it goes in another direction entirely. I wouldn’t bank on anything because disinfo is the name of the game. What happens, happens.

Good Dog published this on Telegram. If  you listened to Juan O’Savin’s update with Nicholas Veniamin we shared, you get the matador reference.

Original Air Date: 30.SEP.2022
7:00PM EST

There is a holy card game now being played – and it’s not pinochle or poker – it’s a game called TRUMP. The very last card played in any Trump game is called the Matador, and right now there is a bull fight on the floor of our political coliseum. We are about to see this Matador take his final bow – leading to the “Scare Event” and Q’s 10 days of darkness. The winner takes all!


On the FEMA topic, we have these two articles. Of course if the psychopaths engineered or pumped up Ian, they would be ready to swoop in and do their worst wherever they could.

Special Forces Save Child from Evil FEMA Agents

Special Forces Fight FEMA Brigands in Storm-Battered Southwest Florida

The crew pulled up this most excellent one below. Perhaps you didn’t believe me when I said FEMA is a rogue agency. In disaster areas among the awakened, FEMA is a four-letter word.

Some may recall the foreboding tales back when Texas was the target for the flooding and the warnings went out to people to refuse to go aboard the FEMA barges. The word was, they were prisons and if you got on, you’d never be seen again. Perhaps the cautions will be more respected now.

Navy SEALs Sink FEMA Barge Headed to South Carolina

With Canadian Thanksgiving weekend scarcely a week away we are seeing interesting developments in the Great White Gulag. Hopefully one day soon I can cease referring to it that way. How convenient that the travel restrictions regarding the fake PCR testing, useless masks, and fake vaccinations were lifted beginning today, October 1—except for the military. Just insane.

Even the CBC is reporting real news. [S]elected officials are so often the real criminals.

Infiltration… reported by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger on Telegram. Watch the video at the link below. That’s the cabal’s Navy, not the honest patriotic portion, of course.

New podcast (16 min) All signs of Nord Stream pipeline destruction point to the US Navy

Atlantic Canada after the tail of Fiona passed by

I don’t know what kind of Thanksgiving they’ll have in parts of the Atlantic provinces because they might find it difficult to do a turkey with no power. We hope all is restored very soon. REMEMBER—DO NOT DONATE TO THE RED CROSS. Find a church or some local charitable organization who will ensure the money and supplies/donations get to the victims and do not ultimately line the pockets of the criminals.

Nancy Pelosi has her eye on the “disaster relief” funds already. Link to Telegram clip.

Pelosi: ”Disaster relief fund, some of that needed right away for Iran…..

Fairly often we get to report on the delivery of justice. Here’s another example.

Perhaps these folks want justice, too. Let’s hope these are the good cops. We don’t want corrupt cops infiltrating the government.

More than 100 current or former police officers are on the ballot this year for federal, state and local offices, with more than 90 running for seats in their state legislatures. Nearly all are running as Republicans.

For some good news…

Another royal on the way out.

For those unaware, here’s the significance of that announcement. I’ve lost count of number of globalists/”elite” we’ve heard about.

We are destroying FEMA and the FBI. We don’t like the “F” words. Kash Patel enlightens us about what’s coming regarding the activities in the upper echelons of the FBI in this clip. Link to Telegram.

Before I close, I want to share this interesting post from Kabamur, a Pleiadian team player, for lack of a better term. He shares a lot of interesting information. He isn’t the only one to speak of the “shift” or “ascension” occurring in the blink of an eye. Link to Telegram.

[In reply to Kab]
Why are elites in such a hurry to get their agendas in place?

We’re nearing the part of the story where much of the population blinks to a 5D paradise Earth with full disclosure.

The controllers know it. The astral demons they serve know it. Everything has been leading to this.

He also posted the following, and occasionally negative comments appear so we urge everyone to choose wisely. Change the way you see the world and the world you see will change.

So many truth seekers give imaginary power to dark forces while completely denying the power and presence of the Light.

The Light has power and Dark has illusion of power.

Those choosing dark/fear-based info over light-based info will manifest those experiences for themselves.

Off I go. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Stay safe, and stay positive. Our hearts are with the people trying to pick up the pieces after the storms.  ~ BP

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September 30, 2022: On the Cusp of Dynamic Months [videos]

September 30, 2022


The normies don’t see the hulking black locomotive careening down the track toward them and this planet is going to have a massive cleanup effort after the momentum of the impending train wreck sends the oblivious into the stratosphere.

It’s Friday again. Unbelievable how time is flying. Tomorrow is October! Below we have some of the best updates available on what is unfolding in this end of times battle between Light and dark.

Juan O’Savin did a revealing interview for Nicholas Veniamin and missed his flight to do so. I recommend this for a lot of good background. He says many Americans are not going to take the “delay” in the midterm election well, among other things. Trump is visibly baiting the deep state and it sounds like Juan expects they will swallow it—hook, line, and sinker. This will give you a very good idea of what is likely to be coming down the track in the next few weeks.

Juan O’ Savin Discusses Trump: “Make Me President” with Nicholas Veniamin

Simon Parkes did an excellent 2 hr. show on September 25 which is also helpful for grasping the current events. Watch on Rumble at the link below.

2022 09 25 Connecting Consciousness

Charlie Ward also did an important update in which he assures us we don’t need to worry about our money in the banks. This is why I don’t focus on the financial side. It’s a lot of fear porn and the cautions to get our money out of banks and invest in precious metals, etc. or we will lose it is perhaps financially sound as the metals are a good investment, but the masses don’t know what’s coming and they must be protected.

The purpose of this financial reset is to remove the power of the criminal Central Banking System and switch to the Quantum Financial System.

If the White Hats thought they could suddenly tell the world they saved us from extinction but the bad news is we lost all our savings and investments I would be concerned about their sanity.

This has been an excruciatingly complex achievement for the good guys but I know in my heart that after the “shock”, “the best is yet to come”. Humanity has some lessons to learn, but after being slaves for decades there is no way any benevolent Being would strip them of their assets and expect a healthy society to rebuild and mature.

As Charlie states, the White Hats have everything mirrored in the QFS and whatever we have in the bank or retirement funds now, will still be there after the switch. The point of all this is to bring a new, abundant and fair world to Humanity and they will settle for nothing less. That is my firm belief.

The Earth Alliance is not going to allow the cabal to steal everything and leave Humanity destitute and for many, suicidal. It will be done fairly and transparently. How rocky it will get in the interim, I don’t know. We will have to wait and see but from what I gather, as long as we have prepared with some extra food, water, meds, and cash, most of us will weather The Storm just fine. Of course we will help others who need it as best we can.

I remind everyone that when the military cleaned out the tunnels and DUMBs, they found years worth of clean, safe, well-preserved food and supplies for an army—a city! This is where the “El-ites” thought they would be living for awhile after they decimated the planet and Humanity in their planned extinction-level event that isn’t coming. They probably had far better quality food stored than most of us eat on a daily basis, so I don’t worry about food shortages.

The military and the Q Team take great pride in this liberation effort and they would not allow millions to starve. What would be the point in all this if they did? This has been in the works and underway in some respects for twenty years. “Trust the Plan” is very good advice, but do what you can with prudence when you know potential disruptions are coming.

Watch the video at Before It’s News and thanks to the crew for the share. 1 hr.

Charlie Ward’s Intel Insiders Club September 28th (Video)

As Charlie said, Vanguard and Blackrock are broke. Here’s an article that popped up on Telegram about the insolvency of Blackrock.

BlackRock Insolvency

you will find the history of the Chapter Eleven insolvency petition of BlackRock, executed on January 11, 2022.

Listed are more than 60 single steps, underlaid with individual documents.

Just search for:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Western District of Louisiana (Lafayette)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 22-50015

Also check:




Here’s a notice about a bank in Oz called ANZ and planned outages. Link to Telegram. And this one.

The “power elite” are not who we think. Richard Branson travels [on his airline] in privileged circles as per this meeting in Ukraine. Link to Telegram or… see below.

Have you seen the new ad for his Virgin Airlines?

That was no surprise, as the owner set the tone long ago. Of course they said it was a “promotional” getup or something as cover. These people are sick. And yes, Branson’s name appeared on the passenger manifest for at least one trip to “Epstein Island”. Note the red shoes.

These are the freaks running the world. There are no men or women unless they choose it. Many of them are AC/DC gender-fluid creatures who are trying to terraform the planet and our society for their comfort and convenience—and food supply.

Obviously Bill Clinton has a thing for blue dresses. Monica’s… or his own. Note the red shoes. Human leather. Sorry.

Bill Clinton, painting in New York home of Jeffrey Epstein

This is a wo[man] who is NOT on our side. “What has it got in its pocketses?” I wonder how many Kiwis know its secret.

Who’s the bad guy? Putin has always said it like it is.

I have not yet listened to or read the transcript from Putin’s speech but you can if you wish. He is announcing the annexation of areas to Russia and for the People, that is a good thing. Be willing to leave the old behind. It didn’t work for us.

Putin’s HISTORIC SPEECH – The Accession of The Donbass Regions To The Russian Federation. (

This is said to be a must-read on Telegram

The pedophiles/pedovores who have almost destroyed our planet and our civilization are desperate to keep their darkest, dirtiest skeletons in the closet.

HUGE: Coolio Was Working To Expose Sex Trafficking Right Before His Death!

Recently the death of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain surfaced again accompanied by an acclaimed “biography” which spins his life away from any thought that he, too, may have been about to spill the beans on the satanic monsters, as some have suggested. The problem is, a number of celebrities like Kate Spade died with red scarves around their necks and doorknobs aren’t the best method for suicide, now are they? The red scarf speaks volumes and ties these sudden “suicides” together. The symbolism of red.

Hallowe’en approaches, and the witching hour. The satanic psychopaths ensure they have a supply of babies or children on hand on All Hallows’ Eve for their Human sacrifices. Never let your children out of your sight as abductions are very high at this time; including probably all month.

BREAKING: First Arrest Made in Utah Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse Case – Authorities Expect More Arrests Coming (VIDEO)

The predicted WWIII scenario is ratcheting up and the headlines are getting juicy.

Yup, the louder and louder wakeup calls are going out to the snoozers but many aren’t hearing them. We continue to share the New World Order agenda in attempts to get their attention. The cabal loves disasters. It doesn’t inconvenience them because they have foreknowledge and it makes them richer. That’s what the Red Cross and other charitable organizations are for; money grabbing and money laundering. Humans willingly hand over even more of their slave pittance when there’s a disaster.

Weather weapons are targeting human infrastructure, aiming for Extinction Level Event (ELE) via mass famine and collapse

BIG, BIG things are happening in Canada if you missed our previous posts this week. Norm Traversy gets my trust every time and he confirmed the 100 foot deep excavation at the parliament buildings in Ottawa as well as US Marshals on site this past weekend.

In the video update with Norm and Guy Brummell [aka Agent Margaritaville] who is STILL in the jail in Lindsay, Linda Paris shared more confirmation of this activity we reported on from a video from Laura. Her channel is Laura’s View and Tarot too. Her short video on the Ottawa story was interesting enough to share as a standalone. I wouldn’t use a tarot reading as a sole source of information but as backup confirmation along with several other trusted sources it is certainly viable.

Are U.S. Marshals in Ottawa?

We are making progress draining the swamp. Every day. Even CNN is reporting on it.

Ex-Democratic congressman sentenced to prison in yearslong Pennsylvania election fraud scheme

We can’t not talk about the scamdemic so I want to add this excellent update from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on the committee investigating the pre-meditated genocide of Humanity in the form of the Covid psyop and experimental injections called “vaccinations” and what is next. There are some changes. Link to Telegram.

Or read this article.

Reiner Fuellmich: On His Recent Separation from the Corona Investigative Committee

For the dog-lovers…

Eli in holding pattern for his dinner; 9 months

Eli turned nine months old yesterday and since Dad has us doing the chauffeuring to and from airports three times this week, we took advantage today and did Eli’s first walk in the raw desert at sunup. His sniffer was going at warp speed and to my delight, he didn’t eat horse droppings. It wasn’t a long walk but Eli decided when it was time to turn around and a drink was waiting back at the truck.

The next stop was Le Starbuck patio where Eli had some dog biscuits and a pupaccino; also his first. He was a really good boy while we shared some trail mix in the fresh air and sunshine and was very well-behaved in the truck while waiting for me to pop out a few times to shop. When it’s only 75 F we can do that. Hello fall!

We visited our holistic vet on Monday for a three-month checkup and she gave Eli a number of chiropractic adjustments as a result of his flying leap from the truck a few weeks ago. After using her kinesiology technique she advised us to discontinue the nutritional supplements including her own formula and to continue only the homeopathic Heartworm nosodes as well as Nano Soma one spray each morning as it is keeping his immune system strong. We got another hair analysis scheduled and in three weeks or so we should see how his previous aluminum levels are doing.

These past seven months our skinny 7 lb. 8 oz. bundle of love caught up to the average weight chart for male Goldens and is now a healthy, filled out 66 lb. teenager with a gorgeous, soft coat. When those Goldens or Golden Doodles get together at the dog park they have a rip-roaring party and it’s satisfying to see Eli open her up and run full tilt.

The big black spot on his tongue has company as a second one is now beginning to form. Eli is definitely a departure from our previous three Goldens and unique in his own right. He looks adoringly at me every day and then chases me around the house trying to hug my leg. I used to corral him in the kitchen to keep him out of mischief but now I keep him outside the gates and me safe inside so I can get dinner unimpeded.

We can’t give Eli any dog beds or he wrecks them, towing them around the house, scraping at them with his nails and biting them to fold them over so he can mount them. It’s exhausting, poor guy. His hormones are going to be raging for a few more months until we decide the benefits are significantly reduced and we can… regrettably… emasculate him. I hate to do it but want what’s best for his future health and integration into our family and society in general.

That’s it for today. Thank you to the crew for helping to keep us in the loop. So much is happening we can’t begin to touch on it all but will have interesting developments and perspectives to share each day, nearly every day.  ~ BP

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September 28, 2022: The World is Changing for the Better But We’re Feeling the Pain [videos]

September 28, 2022


If you’re not excited about the information coming out now, you must not be looking in the right places. It’s a helluva Hump Day. We have confirmation every day of many positive operations underway to drain the swamp and liberate the planet. This is a very long post; you’ll see the reason at the bottom.

In defiance of the globalist controllers, Humanity has found the courage to take the reins and create the world they want. In many cases, it’s the women who are stepping up, isn’t it?

Despite the outright threats from the New World Order, Italy blasted through the fear and elected a woman named Georgia Meloni for their new Prime Minister who may be a force to be reckoned with if her speech below is authentic. Take two minutes and read the English subtitles to this emphatic rejection of the repulsive plans we can see the dark are pushing hard to bring to fruition for all of us. Viva Italia! We remain a little skeptical as always but hope her intent will bear out and bring abundance and happiness to Italy.

However, she also responded thusly [below] to Zelensky’s congratulatory note, we’re told. Don’t panic. Just a reminder that this is a movie with great actors; a stellar chess match with moves and counter-moves, and the Patriots are in control. Nothing is what it seems. Relax and enjoy the show, Q told us. I have no doubts about The Plan. It’s fascinating to watch it unfold.

Ukraine can count on Italy, Meloni says

Also just recently, we have a new leader in the United Kingdom, a female, who may not outwardly be the warrior that Georgia Meloni appears to be, but Liz Truss has given subtle signals that she is going to play ball with us. She has already mentioned “pizza” so we’ll see how it rolls out. Why would she mention something the satanic pedophiles never want to talk about?

Since we’re on the topic of Pizzagate, allow me to interject with this story I happened upon yesterday before we continue the thread. This is how badly they want to quash the ugly truth about Pedophiles, Pedovores, Adrenochrome, etc.

This was shared on Telegram by a hidden user via Agent A1 about a school curriculum in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. Link to Telegram.

ATTENTION HMQR!!! I just got off the phone with a concerned parent. Her daughter just texted her from school. There is a new mandatory Civics course being taught in all the high schools in NB. It is supposed to teach the students about being a Canadian citizen but instead it is teaching about how Pizzagate, pedophile rings and eating babies are all conspiracy theories.

She called the teacher after getting the text from her daughter and told him to remove her daughter from the class. We are informing as many parents as possible via social media. Please help us get the word out.

Maybe you wish to pass that on.

Getting back to the strong women marching into the fray, let’s not forget that here in America we have Kristi Noem as Governor of South Dakota who has opposed the deep state, we have the Liz Cheney replacement in Wyoming, Harriet Hageman, who has delivered fearless words that easily got her elected, Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers has been doing a great job here in Arizona, we have Kari Lake running for Arizona governor and it’s clear the People are behind her as a Trump supporter as well, so things are turning around and we will see what happens in other countries.

Tore Maras is on the ballot and I hope will get enough support to get elected in Ohio. She will be a rock-solid asset for the White Hats because she has so much background knowledge of what has been going on within the deep state in America and a lot of courage. I have shared many of her Telegrams and you can follow her channel here.

Marine LePen seemed to have a lot of support in France but that’s going to be a tough one as puppet Macron was installed by the globalists for another five years. LePen is doing well as the leader of her party however, and perhaps we haven’t heard the last of her.

In Iran, the deep state has arrested the activist daughter of the former president and many people have been killed. This is a good article that speaks to the volatile situation there.

Iran: 12th night of protests, ex-president Rafsanjani’s daughter arrested

We’re going to need a very strong Republican showing in a few weeks. The mafia in Arizona just appointed their chosen ones who will decide what is misinformation, disinformation, and lies in the upcoming election. It’s the “Elections Command Center”. They hope to steal another one. Link to Telegram.

How cute – Maricopa County created their own Ministry of Truth for November’s election

True: “So basically Maricopa county wants to pick and choose which reporters they want covering our elections. This isn’t concerning at all. 🚩” – John in Phx (

Positive news is out there, however.

They are going to need that cash because according to Fox News, the demonrats’ former astronaut Mark Kelly just received a massive injection of cash to his campaign. Hopefully Arizonans know all about the deep state’s Mark Kelly and his twin brother. It seems that most Americans vote for the Republicans Trump endorses, or they vote red, as opposed to blue.

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán in his fourth consecutive term as Prime Minister lays it out plainly. This is our fight for our civilization, the world we deserve, and we have to step up, away from fear, and execute the strategies that will remove the psychopaths from power. Link to Telegram for the 3 min. video.

Winning the war means voting, folks. Full force voting from all awakened Americans. No excuses. It’s time to come to the aid of your country. The dark may cheat and use any number of ways to take votes away from the good People of the United States but it’s not an insurmountable obstacle. They can tweak small numbers, but they can’t fix a gigantic, red tsunami if all Americans vote. The People must engage and do their part for the evil controllers to be exposed and taken to task. The White Hats need to see the evidence that the People are ready to take control.

That will enable the Earth Alliance to use their as yet unannounced strategies to get this ship afloat and get it sailing in the right direction again. Trump said back in 2016 they were going to give the power back to the People. First, the People have to show their willingness and drive to handle that control effectively.

The globalists claim that Humans want to be controlled and told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and are perfectly happy being “kept” like barnyard animals and eating bugs. No offense to barnyard animals. We love them. I think on the scale, the “power elite” actually consider us less than animals. Animal husbandry is big on this planet some off-worlders refer to as “the farm”.

Here’s another example of election fraud from the substack article by Kanekoa the Great.

Texas Democrats Paid Homeless Man to Falsify Ballots: Police Body Camera Footage

“Each time I get someone to sign they gave me $200… One day I got like $1200… I did it for like six months… Deborah [Peoples] gave me cash… Stuart [Clegg] gave me cash.”

As you have doubtless heard by now, the latest childish attack from the New World Order is the Nordstream pipeline “leak” the Danish PM says was sabotage… probably Russia, right?

For perspective, Good Dog put this bit out: Link to Telegram.

[put this in your pipe and smock it [sic – get it??] ]

let me use little words for you – this was written in 2015 – before there ever was a Trump Presidency – and even as you were putting together your wrap up smear team to frame Trump – remember the set up for Operation Cross-Fire Hurricane – and the meetings that happened the September before? kek. so do we.

Explosive-Laden Drone Found Near Nord Stream Pipeline
Nov 13, 2015 – 11:41

Ruling out sabotage, the Swedish military has successfully cleared a remote operated vehicle (drone) rigged with explosives found near Line 2 of the Nord Stream Natural Gas offshore pipeline system.

The vehicle was discovered during a routine survey operation as part of the annual integrity assessment of the Nord Stream pipeline. Since it was within the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) approximately 120 km away from the island of Gotland, the Swedes called on their armed forces to remove and ultimately disarm the object.

“We don’t consider it to be dangerous to merchant vessels or the pipeline at this point,” Jesper Stolpe, Swedish Armed Forces spokesman, told Radio Sweden. According to Stolpe, the cable used to control the drone and to set off the explosive was cut off, so at the moment the vehicle is relatively harmless.

The national identity of the drone has not been verified so far, as many countries use Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) of a similar construction, Stolpe said

The thing is, with all the attacks on energy supplies and the high prices of gas, oil, electricity… in the end it will all be moot because the Tesla energy grid will be fired up and Humanity is going to jump for joy when they learn that free energy is a reality. The Starlink system will ensure everyone who wants to be connected IS connected to communications and we’ll have Quantum phones—unhackable and untrackable—and Quantum financial… a whole new world worth waiting for.

Starlink communications system

This just came in about Germany with another nudge to ‘PREPARE’ from Q the Storm Rider. Link to Telegram.

I have been Dropping MAJOR DROPS on GERMANY COLLAPSING< the past months and the past weeks i have been echoing to keep eyes on [GERMANY]

This RIPPLE effect is already happening as hundreds of thousands of corporations are scrambling for gas/oil for he next week’s demand that supplies 84,000,000,. Million people and Millions of business’s, schools, supplies and delivery for food. Good service……/////

Like I said EU is inside a COLLAPSE and Germany would be first.. Then FRANCE…. Then Netherland… Then Belgium… The ripple effect….

The CIA control Center at CERN
had a huge part in helping the VATICAN retrieve money through Europe before the PLANNED Nord Stream pipelines explosions

Buckle up [GERMANY]
As fast as you can…. Get your food and supplies!!!!!!….

The other day we shared intel about the cleaning out of CNN which stated that when the time came, CNN was going to be reporting accurately, particularly with respect to the election results. Here’s more evidence of the purge going on in that despised network.

Two More CNN Employees Depart The Network

And there’s this. Just horrific. It’s hard to believe nothing can be done about this gross miscarriage of justice. This is the state of our prisons in America. Zero justice, and torture of innocent prisoners on top of it. Hard to believe it’s America, isn’t it? Land of the free, home of the brave? Hopefully more brave ones will wake up soon.

Yes, it’s election time in America again. Oh, joy. The whole world has to feel the pain. Life almost stops while America holds its elections where Canada also gets to enjoy preempting of television shows, too many media-glorified political “discussion” panels, massive brainwashing and spewing of propaganda. It’s no wonder they don’t know the good guys from the bad.

The problem we have state-side now is, the 2020 election was stolen and the whole world knows it, yet life goes on and the media pretends that thing in the oval office got 81 million votes.

SOMETHING has to happen this fall, folks. It has to—because the People’s mandate was that Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide and the deep state’s finely tuned election stealing system along with a bunch of mind-controlled democrat voters have seen to it that the truth is dangerous and hardly anyone dares suggest the Democrats engaged in any illicit activity because they fear the repercussions.

We know what the psychopaths do to their political enemies. The burgeoning Clinton body bag has still not been revealed to the American people. The White Hats MUST have an ace or two up their sleeve, or…

In this planetary war the resources are shared and the White Hats are currently active in many places. We understand they are not only managing the situation in the USA but also in Canada, as we have discussed previously as a result of the clever USMCA agreement.

This interesting post came up on Queen Romana’s channel, whom I assume posted it for a reason. She often posts questions as statements for the critical thinkers.

…Was the privy council of Canada arrested on Friday there was up to a 100 vehicles black SUVs and military vehicles and there was sheriff’s from the USA.

Agent A1 also mentioned the arrest of Bill Blair, former chief of police in Toronto and current Privy Council president who seems to have exited for  so-called surgery. That’s the story, anyway. Perhaps he had to have a tracking device implant.

Our diligent crew brings us the updates on the potential picture on our planet in a few weeks. We are expecting the long promised “October surprise” and take it all under advisement and prepare. September was declared Preparedness Month years ago by President Trump. I think enough people in the alternative news have urged everyone to plan ahead for anything and be ready for anything. There is a war going on and it’s up to us to be self-sufficient and protect ourselves and our families.

We heard that there were excavations going on at the parliament buildings in Ottawa recently. We’re not sure if it was about tunnels or… This episode of Linda Paris’s update includes dialogue with Norm Traversy and Guy Brummell, two feisty Canadian patriots. Watch the video at the link. 1 hr.

New McAllisterTV: Canada Update! Giant 100 ft Pit in Front of Parliamant! Ongoing Report! Armored Bulletproof Vehicles!

It certainly sounds like the Patriots are expecting riots in some places, at least. Our boots on the ground in Germany have confirmed that they are expecting military on the streets effective October 1 in Deutschland.

I did hear reports that blue UN helmets were seen in London, UK and the following news summary makes mention of that near the beginning. We also heard some time ago that the White Hats have taken over all the UN hardware. It only makes sense.

Situation Update: UN Storm Troopers Takeover London! CCP Double Coup! XI Double On House Arrest! Iodine Tablets Distributed In Poland! Russian Military Build-up! FBI Corruption Runs Deep! – We The People News

We don’t know what will happen or where, but it’s prudent to have at least two weeks of food, water, meds, daily essentials, pet supplies, batteries, candles, fuel, generators maybe, and cash on hand. If we need to shelter in place we can draw on those supplies. If the power is out, we will have light and heat and can purchase essentials if cash machines are down and banks closed. Remember to check in on the elderly, incapacitated, and less fortunate.

There is a lot going on we can’t be warned about specifically so across the board, just be ready. If you are in an area where storms are typically a problem, you might want to relocate for a week or so until things settle down. If you are in an area where fires could demand evacuations, you will want a bug out bag ready to grab and a plan to meet up with family at a designated safe spot. Logical thinking.

What we DO know is, if the military are dispatched to keep the peace or make arrests or whatever is going to happen, we are not to engage. If we get and EAS/EBS saying to stay home and shelter in place until further notice, it’s not hard to follow that directive. We need to stay out of the way for our safety and for the safety of the military. Everything possible will be done to keep civilians safe.

Ron DeSantis in Florida is prepared. Looks like Fiona wasn’t much of a threat but Ian… Ian is packing a wallop. Video below.

I wonder if the fire fighters trained for this.

I saw Telegrams saying tornadoes were seen in Southwest Florida. We’ve got this. As DeSantis also said, we can always repair the damage and replace infrastructure, building, etc. It’s the Human lives that matter.

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island in red

The situation in Nova Scotia, Canada and Prince Edward Island aren’t great after the remains of Fiona roared through and the power is still not restored. So sorry, folks. You would think they would be better prepared after the last tropical storm hit following the US hurricane. This is why we tell everyone to prepare for anything. We don’t even know if the power outages were planned or if it’s because of White Hat Operations. Hang in there.

Fiona fallout: Nova Scotia premier blasts cellphone companies’ lack of co-operation

The sensational acts in the theatre of the absurd we are now witnessing may not be plausible to future generations, so farcical are they. Now a group has taken out a newspaper ad to mock the moronic residents of Martha’s Vineyard. A state of emergency. Give me a break.

The mockery was triggered after the island’s residents swiftly removed the migrants flown there on September 14. After just one night on the island, the migrants were bused out to the military’s Joint Base Cape Cod in Massachusetts, after the state’s governor, Charlie Baker (R) declared an emergency and deployed the national guard.

Read It: Newspaper Ad Trolls Martha’s Vineyard Residents Who Sent Migrants Packing (

While we wait the 6 weeks or so until November 8 when all hell might break loose in the United States of [or for] America, we continue to delve into the colourful rumours and headlines in the alternative news. The crew found this highly credible Chinese reporter who brings us vetted news and her perspective on the oddities arising out of China recently; particularly the news of the alleged house arrest of Xi Jinping—and some other remarkable headlines.

Of course some sources say its strictly a rumour, but we know there has to be something to it. I wish we had discovered Jennifer Zeng long ago but take a listen to her interesting update about the Xi Jinping arrest reports and the investigations she has done with various sources to either validate or dismiss the story. It’s very interesting. I know what I think, but you decide. 26 min.

Is Xi Jinping Under Arrest After Military Coup? Three Senior Anti-Xi Officials Sentenced to Death

Canada is still deeply embroiled in the struggle for sovereignty and to wake the flock. In this town hall meeting in Vancouver, Canada about how to reduce the crime and improve Chinatown, one insistent man snaps and tells the administration what he thinks about their activities and shortcomings in other parts of the city. I don’t see this on Twitter or in the news so you can only see it on Telegram at the moment. Link to Telegram.

Note the name of the venue: Choi Hall of Decorum and Harmony, and the Chinese characters on the wall. It’s no accident that thirty years ago they dubbed the city “Hongcouver”. Canada was infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party who came in and bought up land and businesses.

The main street of the once quaint town of Banff, Alberta is unrecognizable now from the early 1990’s. Last time I was there I was shocked and disappointed because it reminded me of Chinatown in Toronto rather than the European/craftsman-style ski village it once was. Canada has opened its arms to many ethnic groups and in so doing, lost its own identity and customs.

That is just one of the unfortunate offshoots of being asleep at the wheel and allowing outsiders to run your government unchecked for decades. We have a lot of damage to undo on this planet.

However, it looks like we have some positive momentum in Canada—finally. Where did this come from? Arrests, peut-etre? This is BIG for the Great White Gulag, n’est-ce pas?

Border vaccine rules, mandatory use of ArriveCAN, mask mandates on planes and trains to end on Oct. 1

I believe most of our readers understand, and possibly withhold judgement on the way this planetary liberation is being handled. We cannot possibly know all there is to know about even the crimes committed, never mind the intricacies of The Plan and the true history and origin of some of the souls involved.

In that light, we share this in-depth article about the mRNA “vaccines”, Operation: Warp Speed, and Trump’s Executive Order, which I don’t recall hearing about before but possibly forgot. I hope everyone will read to the end, look at the evidence, suspend judgement, and wait for the grand finale of this epic chess match—whenever that may be.

We have been presented with ample proof that good guys are in control and in my opinion, we should be expressing our deep gratitude rather than criticizing the strategies and tactics of the Earth Alliance. This war is far more complicated than any of us can know. We don’t even understand the nature of reality in this realm.

In a war there are always casualties, even when every attempt is made to protect the innocent. Were it not for these brilliant and courageous people and their sacrifices, we might already be in “re-education camps” or executed and the spark of Humanity would be permanently extinguished. Let’s not forget that.

Why Did President Trump Sign An Executive Order Fast Tracking mRNA Vaccines…6 Months Before The Pandemic Started?

We can’t say it enough: please share. With Hallowe’en a few weeks away we need to make sure everyone is apprised. Parents—do not buy Skittles or Nerds that may be included in bulk candy like at Walmart and please check your kids’ candy before they eat it. Anything could be poisoned. We don’t want anyone to have to live in fear but we do want children to live.

New Scary-Sour Skittles To Hit Shelves For Halloween

Former DEA Official Warns Parents After Fentanyl Found Disguised in Candy Packaging

This was meant to be yesterday’s post but your not-so-trustworthy war correspondent neglected to push the “publish” button so I added to it. A lot going on my little mind, so that is all for today. Thank you to the crew for the giggles and all the fascinating drops in the comments. Good stuff.

Love you guys, stay safe everyone.  ~ BP

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Your Sunday Digest for September 25, 2022: It’s Coming… Prepare

September 25, 2022


This is a short[er]update I thought should get out ASAP since there is so much interesting information flowing.

India has had more than their share of pain and suffering at the hands of non-doctor-but-remarkable-health-expert-Bill Gates, and we believe they saw to it that he got what was coming to him a few years ago. Now they may be taking the law seriously again and dealing a hand of justice for Covid crimes.

Lest we forget…

There is a lot of interesting chatter on Telegram about what will happen and when. For example, Q the Storm Rider says this: Link to Telegram.



( Been telling for you all for long time…..CNN IS GOING TO FLIP..)

The above makes perfect sense, because to have the reach the White Hats need to do this, they must have big networks like Fox and CNN. The snoozers don’t research the alternative news to look for the truth because they think the 6:00 news tells them everything they need to know.

Stormrider also shared this… Link to Telegram.

[COMMUNICATION SHUT DOWN]>>>this text is running through the CABLES;:… the last week’s and increasing…..////
Usually when CABLES are hot, its only weeks away…..

> With the U.S. elections of he Republicans getting ready to take control of the House…
( Which WILL effect the Whole world.. Bringing EXPOSURE to the PLANDEMIC/ FAUCI NIH CDC. WUHAN, CHAPEL HILL…/
EXPOSURE OF THE VACCINES BIO-WEAPONS/ EXPOSURE OF STOLEN ELECTIONS/ FBI DOJ COVER-UPS / ( will CONNECT world wide stolen elections schemes – colour Revolutions involving CIA Microsoft big tech. Usual [DS] SOURCES)../ EXPOSURE OF BIDEN CRIME FAMILY CORRUPTION…. ECT ECT ECT EXT EXPOSURE ECT ECT ECT ECT …../////….. when Republicans../Patriots/ democratic turn coats plants take control of the House….. The EXPOSURE of the Deep State Crime syndicate operations will be EXPOSED that is connected globally……


> MORE IMPORTANTLY _UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE MILITARY INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS ALSO WANT THE SAME COMMUNICATION SHUT DOWNS TO HAPPEN….( It’s all for military purposes from securing phone data from [DS] Operatives to installing full grid control of the internet and social media to banking systems and All would lead to Marshal law .. 11.3)…..
Let’s see what develops in the next week’s….

October surprise

And this TikTok video was forwarded to the Stormrider by David Nino Rodriguez. It is a quote from President Trump to prepare, because the country is about to go through 2 very painful weeks, but when we come out the other side… Link to Telegram.

That dark night of the soul is coming, folks.

And Nicholas Veniamin channel was kind enough to post the highlights from an interview with Juan O’Savin on September 20 that you will want to read. It is in two parts.

Key Points from
“10 Days of Darkness” video with
“Juan O Savin”, posted on September 20, 2022.

1.) At the 2 minute mark,
Juan is letting us know that the Cabal’s source of strength and power (the “Federal Reserve” and their “bagmen” the IRS) are finished!
(Though most of knew this in March of 2020 when the then Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchen stated they had ‘merged the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve with the balance sheet of the Treasury.’).

Juan speaks to the points at the 2 minute, 29 second mark that the U.S. Courts have found that the IRS and the Federal Reserve are Puerto Rico corporations, who literally have offices there a few blocks from each other.
He goes on to underscore his statement with the fact that the IRS is not listed in the Federal Registry. Why would that be if they were a part of the U.S. government?
And if you had in the past had to go to Court to challenge the IRS, you went to a what is called an “Administrative Court”, which is like a Court of Records, or a County Clerk’s Office.”

Quick summary: This means the core of Nesara (then quickly Gesara) will take place, which is the integral part of part of the restoration and restitution of all things that have been stolen from us as slaves to the deep state central banking system, (Federal Reserve/IRS).
The curtain of the Wizard of Oz is about to be pulled back so all can see they have been lied to!
The Federal Reserve is neither Federal or a reserve!
It is a European corporation, it is not part of our federal government.

2.) At the 7 minute mark
he starts talking about the high level witch Maria Abramovich (who as he states, is a guy), who was appointed by the U.N. to be “Artistic Director”/Ambassador to Antarctica.
Not long after Trump won the 2016 election, Newt Gingrich went to Antarctica.
Then others such as a delegation from the Coptic church went there to hold high level ceremonies.”
(He adds he will a little bit later when the dust settles explain how Antarctica figures into all of this).

3.) 10 minute mark
September 23-24 “Drama, some significant drama around that time”.

“October 8th watch Congress and the discussion centered around the 25th Amendment (which is about what happens to the presidency if the President dues or becomes incapacitated or disabled).”

October 23-24th “Watch Military”.

“Then around October 29th due to the rituals and what they have done in the past (satanic rituals the deep state observe, Halloween, is when these satanists feel they get the most power from Satan because they increase child sacrifices).
Also, watch around that time because certain things have to happen shortly then in the political world (hard deadline with the midterm elections on November 8th).”

4.) 11 minute mark Juan says around that time (10/29 on) he thinks that is when “we will have a full stop, everything freezes in its tracks for 10 days while things get sorted out, REORGANIZED (shifted to Quantum, probably…my opinion).”

5.) 12 minute mark the Military Court evidence can be held and presented quite differently than in non-military courts, (in my opinion here, because of the brilliant foresight of President Trump’s Executive Order 13848… Outlining the specifics of what groups and their punishment for high treason in interfering in our National election. Because the Military is sworn to uphold preserve and protect our Nation, they will be the ones to adjudicate the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election at Gitmo in a Military Tribunal).
Juan goes on to say that “Very costly preparations have been going on at Gitmo for upgrading and expanding the Military Courtrooms, which includes 2 new courtrooms and an evidence room, which was just finished a few months before, for special council to view all the evidence in a classified setting by the attorneys, as well as a 200 million dollar hospital designed especially for geriatric patients is going to be finished and ready to go by the middle of October.”

This October, humm, I wonder who ordered that? Obviously the White Hats.

6.) 13:12 minute mark Juan says “There is something coming, and it is not years away, it is almost here!
When the ‘full stop’ happens, even a 10 days of stopping all communications, it does not necessarily include power, though there might be in certain areas the grid is off for some reason, they have got to make some changes on the cell phone stuff.
Some of the bad guys who think they are safe communicating with each other with their satellite phones…well Space force isn’t about outer space, it is about digital space. We can turn their phones off whenever we want.

Something is coming!
We are in a life and death battle!”

7.) 23:32 minute mark Juan says if “I am correct, and we don’t have elections (midterm elections are set for November 8th), then what kind of angst, or turmoil might be present? Is the 25th amendment going to be in play? When would that get played? Is it sometime in October?”

8.) 26 minute mark Juan says, “If the election does not take place, you might be under some sort of ‘military environment’ (Marshall Law), for a period of time, is that a week or two or a month? We still have to have an election. We do have a military that has an obligation to ensure and protect honest elections and get us to a point in time where the elections can take place.
Some people might have to go visit a desert island (Gitmo).
Some drama is about to be happening in South Carolina.”

9.) 28 minute mark, Juan says it would probably be wise to not have your money in fiat currency, etc or anything connected to that system, he says you probably might want to consider getting into gold and silver.

10.) 31 minute mark Juan says “You might get tired of winning!

Be careful what you ask for! This is what we have been waiting for!Don’t complain that the waves are too big, and that it’s scary.
This is a horror story, a James Bond film on steroids, but in a very bad way.
The storm is here, it will be scary and gripping!
God is in charge, He is wiping out all of the enemies’ sandcastles.
We are fighting for survival on planet earth, our enemies want us all dead.”

11.) 33 minute mark Juan says
“The 10 days of darkness is a communication shutdown.
There will not be any internet, or any communications, so you won’t be going anywhere (Marshall Law), you won’t be going going to the ATM or the gas station, (no internet, nothing will work), the EBS announcement will be on.
You may very well have a ‘Cuban Missile crisis’ type of event going on, that the systems (the enemies computers) will be diverted to the good guys to take over and stop.

Remember, Space Force is not about outer space it is about cyberspace.

The power will be transferred and it will be very clear who is in charge.
All the questions everyone has will be answered, so just relax, take a deep breath.
Pray and take care of each other!”

The following article about the Nancy Pelosi connections to the massive amount of abuse of the Child Protective Services, Foster care, etc. in California is a real eye-opener and I appreciated the education about the customs of the Native American community. It was a really interesting article with a couple of videos in it which I didn’t get to yet.

The coverups in that state involving law enforcement and elected officials are off the charts. So many children were victimized and murdered by these sickos parading as beneficent members of the community when children are purposely placed with child predators. To be clear, however, this is not limited to California. It goes on in every state in America and people need to be aware and stop it. As Putin stated, the world is run by satanic pedophiles. The wrong people are in power and it has to end.

EXPOSED: Dead Children In The CPS System Near Bohemian Grove And Pelosi’s Pedophilia Links

Florida sex trafficking sting nabs 160 people – including Georgia deputy police chief and two Disney workers

Italian parade with a giant Emperor Trump effigy

This next tactic is shockingly overt. The Italian people are threatened and told how to vote in the upcoming election—or else. What will they do to the Trump lovers and American MAGA emulators?

“If Things Go in Difficult Direction, We Have Tools” – EU Chief Ursula Von der Leyen Threatens Italians of Repercussions If They Vote in Populist Candidate Giorgia Meloni

Italy will hold elections on Sunday. It is widely expected that populist candidate Giorgia Meloni will become Italy’s first female prime minister.

The elites are already in full panic.

CNN reported on the race. They’ve already started their smears:

Her policy platform will be familiar to those who have followed far-right rhetoric in recent years: She’s openly questioned LGBTQ+ and abortion rights, aims to curb immigration, and appears obsessed with the idea that traditional values and ways of life are under attack because of everything from globalization to same sex marriage.

It should be of little surprise to learn that one of her biggest fans is Steve Bannon, the man who largely created the political ideology of former US President Donald Trump and is credited with giving birth to the American alt-right movement.

European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen threatened Italy this week. Von der Leyen warned Italian voters that the European Union has ways to deal with rogue states that represent their people.

The regime will not allow dissent.

Italians responded by removing the EU flag from their headquarters in Rome.

Via US News and World Report:

European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen has warned Italy of consequences should it veer away from democratic principles, issuing a barely veiled threat ahead of Sunday’s election that a rightist bloc led by Giorgia Meloni is expected to win.

The comments highlighted concern in some European capitals over the forthcoming election and suggested that relations between Brussels and Rome could get turbulent if Meloni and her partners secure victory.

“My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we’re working together,” von der Leyen said at Princeton University in the United States on Thursday, responding to a question on whether there were any concerns with regard to the upcoming elections in Italy.

“If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools,” she added.

Matteo Salvini, the head of the League and a part of Meloni’s conservative alliance, denounced her comments as “shameful arrogance”.

Follow and Share👉🏻@thegatewaypundit_news

Max Igan did an update on that bizarre behaviour he discussed last week where random people suddenly turned their head, raised their arms, spun around, and then seemed to twitch and die in many cases. There are additional cases in this video, and he adds some notes about the victims all having cell phones and appearing to see something that doesn’t show up in the video footage.

Are these people just random tests of the latest weaponized technology, or did they offend the establishment and get labeled as “dissidents” or potential problems? No one else in the vicinity was affected and we understand cell phones could potentially be weaponized to target individuals. I don’t know which of the recent videos Max uploaded included this material so please use this link to the crew’s channel if you are on Telegram. They have a growing channel.

Link to Telegram.

Link to Telegram.

Closing for today with a reminder NOT to donate any money to the Red Cross. Now that Hurricane season is here they would love for unsuspecting Humans to refill their coffers. They are not a Humanitarian organization they are a corrupt cabal “charity”which steals donations and uses the money for their own purposes including money laundering.  ~ BP

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September 24, 2022: The Awakening is in Progress; Slow… Slow… Progress [videos

September 24, 2022


September 24 is just beginning in my neck of the woods but there is leeway to see if this general time frame will yield major VISIBLE events, as predicted. It’s quite possible that major operations will unfold in the vicinity of September 24th behind the scenes that we don’t learn of until later. I personally believe there are always operations underway that we don’t know about until the time is right. We can’t have everyone in an uproar. We need peace and civility. There is more than enough violence out there.

Why is the wake up call not heard by more people over the past five, ten, fifteen years? Let’s get into the psychology of the Human mind and the phenomenon of “Mass Formation”. The globalist control freaks know exactly what they’re doing. Nothing is left to chance and too many people are in a trance. Link to Telegram for 3 min. video.

Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology, explains how ‘tunnel vision’ phenomenon works, how ‘mass formation’ connects to hypnosis and why waking up is so difficult.

To see more of Mattias Desmet, view the Tucker Carlson interview. 1 hr.

It would be interesting to know why some of us have been awake and aware for a long time. And then there are others who read blogs, watch videos, and listen to interviews all the time about what is happening and who is doing what and they still say the good guys are bad guys and are deceiving us. Sounds like fear to me.

Germany to put military in the streets in October? Our German ground crew will probably confirm or deny. Link to Telegram.

GERMANY: Will put the military on the streets from the 1st of October. To prevent riots. Anybody here from Germany?

“To this end, we have decided to set up a ‘Territorial Command of the Bundeswehr in Berlin on 1 October 2022.”

There was a fire at a BP oil refinery in Ohio a couple of days ago which killed two people and closed the facility. Michigan gas prices then went up 5 cents. An accident? Not bloody likely. NOTHING on this planet is an accident. Nothing—and the sooner the average Joe ostrich gets that, the sooner we can move forward and rip these psychopaths out of our society.

You may recall that BP [British Petroleum] was also responsible through negligence, according to some reports, for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that killed people and wildlife and destroyed the ecosystem and inhabitants in and around the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Qincidence?

Deadly oil refinery fire in Toledo forces shutdown, raising concerns over gas prices

The psychopaths won’t be able to keep us energy hostages much longer because the old, original, clean, free Tesla energy is going to be coming back to us very soon. We have seen the infrastructure for it in several places.

Tesla tower Russia

In other news you may have missed… more evidence that the rich got richer under the Covid hoax, and the People got poorer. And it doesn’t end there; this concerns taking food from CHILDREN. Who is despicable enough to do that? Lock them up!

47 charged in Minnesota in $240 million Covid fraud scheme

The murders continue in the sleeping nation of Canada. Nearly three years later and still people in the Great White Gulag fear a harmless virus enough to get shot up multiple times with an experimental drug they have no idea is far more deadly than the Wu Flu. So is this part of the cabal’s euthanasia agenda? In the States they used Remdesivir, in the UK they used Midazolam. Maybe in Canada they decided to go with a “mystery booster cocktail” to target the seniors.

Open since 1997, Champlain Manor is located in the “Sunshine City” of Orillia . We accommodate short term, convalescent or permanent stays. With an on-site hair salon, chapel, and activities room, our residents enjoy companionship, dignity, and security.

So much for that reputation. Turnover is high these days at the retirement home.

Canada is rapidly circling the drain. The Raging Dissident writes… Link to Telegram. This, after the unlawful arrest and incarceration of another patriot Tamara Lich—twice. These fake cops have to prey on the weaker sex. The Khazarian Mafia hates women.

RCMP have arrested Morgan on a fraudulent charge. I was with her on the day of this alleged incident, but it should be obvious to many by now that we are targets of the Provincial and Federal Government.

The police allege she was arrested for “theft”, presumably from a gas station. Trust me, Morgan and I can afford to pay for gas. Essentially, Canada can imprison you for days, if they want to, over potentially $40 – IN MARCH.

She’s being held for the time being and likely won’t be released until next week at the earliest.

It’s a good thing people like Morgan exist to arrest and persecute, otherwise the frightened police of Canada would have to explain why they get paid so much to do nothing – since they seem have little interest or courage in pursuing actual criminals.

God help this country 🇨🇦

and later additional posts… Link to Telegram.

Canada is a disgrace of its former self, and its going to get much worse.

Morgan is still in prison, no one has heard from her. In Canada, the state can just say you stole $40 in gas and lock you up, just like that.

I never thought I would be ashamed to be Canadian or a Nova Scotian, but here we are.

Canada has political prisoners all over the country, because it’s an authoritarian disgrace that’s quickly devolving into full blown communism. No one is coming to help, we are on our own.

Our soldiers died for nothing.

For nothing.

Below is another article from The Brownstone Institute. There are people north of the 49th who “get it”, but unfortunately… too few. Until the general brainwashed public stop complying with the insanity and stand up for their rights and what IS right, the country will continue to be torn asunder by the current liberal administration. Or the conservatives. They’re all the same. Globalists. Bought and paid for and probably blackmailed, too. They sic their thugs on innocent people who speak their mind and defy their unlawful agenda.

It’s Time to Let Canada Heal

Under the Turdeau fascist regime, Canada is on the way to Sweden. Just a hop, skip and a jump and you’re there.

A warning has gone out on TikTok from a nurse who says she dealt with several kids/teens who landed in the hospital and some died—from eating what they thought were Sweetarts candy, but was actually “rainbow fentanyl”. Please share with anyone you know with youngsters so they can have the appropriate conversations with them and avoid needless tragedy from these deadly pharmaceuticals. Can you imagine a world without Big Pharma?

I may have forgotten to share the latest Gene Decode update from Patriot Underground. Gene got into some very interesting intel later on in the discussion.

Gene Decode Interview #9

The day is winding down quickly so I will leave this post here. Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for flying with us.  ~ BP

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September 23, 2022: Fall Begins On a Friday [videos]

September 23, 2022


It’s Friday again—and the first full day of autumn and the fall, in all its splendour. What is so splendiferous about this fall? It’s the fall of the cabal and we are here to witness it; to experience the glory and the immense satisfaction of decomissioning the most evil, decrepit, disgusting, inbred family of psychopaths in existence.

Thousands of years of suffering and sacrifice have gone into the war to end the darkness permeating our planet and we are the ones chosen to enjoy the fruits of the early warriors’ efforts as well as our own to expose the insidious infection and drain it like the ugly boil it is on our society. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, as they say, and the Light is returning to our realm.

Humanity has been alerted to the long-standing threat of a satanic cult propagated by the “power elite”; the minuscule 1% of the population who fuel all the tragedy and misery on the planet with their sick rituals and dastardly plans for we Humans.

We’ve had a taste over the past two years of the potential pandemonium they can wreak on an unsuspecting populace even when WE were all shouting from the rooftops the truth about the deception. We’re talking about the plandemic; the non-existent “killer cold” that was going around and supposedly killing hundreds of thousands of people.

In reality, the death toll statistics did not change. It was an illusion, which is how the control freaks usually operate. They use their corporate media to create the reality they want us to buy into which furthers their self-serving agenda.

If the media tells the world that hundreds of thousands of people are dying from a virus, that is the reality because people are programmed to believe everything they hear or see on tel-lie-vision. They have ceased to be critical thinkers and fear takes over.

They lined up for the PCR test that doesn’t test for infectious diseases but that swab… that swab almost scraped the brain and people had no problem enduring it over and over—even though they had never had a swab like that before.

And what about the temperature gun they aimed at your forehead? Since when do we take temperature that way? It’s symbolic, folks. And these tactics serve to show us in plain sight what that symbology is.

Unfortunately, over time Humanity became so complacent they never even considered a threat to their freedoms, their way of life, or their very existence. They were more afraid of the fake “climate change” agenda than the horrific medical experiments and the toll it would take on our psyches.

That’s barely scratching the surface of this psyop the New World Order pulled on us. The following article gets into the real war on our minds and how they knew they could manipulate us to the point we would willingly sabotage ourselves. Lemmings to the cliff; lambs to the slaughter.

The Covid-19 Concoction: A Recipe for Successful Psychological Operations

Most people were not in a category validating fear of a virus but the bribed and blackmailed government officials blew it out of proportion and shamed people into masking up, staying 6 feet away from others, ceasing family gatherings, and locking people down so they could cement the need for a “vaccine” in the public minds.

Their “vaccine”, of course, is not really a vaccine. It’s a most heinous experiment to alter our DNA. These monsters are master geneticists. They have been cloning animals and people and cross-breeding Humans with animals since time immemorial.

The people they claimed died from the Wu Flu in actuality died from the same things they die from every day; diabetes, emphysema, car accidents, cancer, pneumonia. The evil cabal’s medical industrial complex thrives on it so they don’t tell us how to be well. They turn doctors into glorified drug pushers to make us sick and perpetuate their very lucrative machine so the globalists thrive while Humans die.

Trump told us about Regeneron and Hydroxychloroquine and what many of us know as MMS which is chlorine dioxide. The media screamed that he had told the world to drink bleach to cure Covid.

With a vengeance the psychopaths suppressed the remedies for the killer cold. A few doctors learned that Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Budesonide, in various regimens would take care of the world famous Covid-19 but most practitioners were also suppressed and threatened; their licenses to practice revoked or their jobs yanked out from under them. Pharmacies were also threatened if they dispensed these life-saving therapies for doctors who prescribed them.

As if it weren’t bad enough that they withheld the cures for the plague they supposedly unleashed, the vaccines they said we must have bore devastating effects. Not all batches were the same; some were saline solution but some were far from benign and when patients presented with bizarre symptoms too varied to list in this summary, doctors and hospital staff usually pretended they had no idea what could possibly be causing such sudden physical effects. Some people had zero negative effects at all, and some died almost immediately after the jab.

While the phantom cold virus was non-lethal for roughly 98 per cent of the population, the victims of the vaccines have been vast; a planetary tragedy if what we are hearing is true. I feel like this is an energetic, holographic, limited time line experience that will dissolve when we see the reality and choose collectively to live in a different world. It’s just not real or written in stone. No one who knew this was coming—and some did—would allow this horror show just to teach us to be more discerning and take responsibility for our welfare. They wouldn’t want the decimation of Humanity on their hands or their hearts.

This video recommended by the crew gets into the longer range plans of the deep state cabal. It was so easy to fool us the first time, they believe they can go on for a couple more decades to seriously cull the population.

The Plan

Here’s a great question: Why would Alan Dershowitz defend patriot Mike Lindell? Perhaps because Dershowitz’ name was on the passenger manifest for the “Lolita Express” to Jeffery Epstein’s island. Perhaps he is earning penance. Some people who were caught in the sly net of the predators aren’t really bad folks and they want to help before they leave this realm.

Iran is a fascinating place to observe from a historical standpoint just now. As some wordsmiths have stated, the women of Iran [Persians] have gone “from bikinis to burqas” in the fifty years of geopolitical interference by the globalists.

Now, the unfair, tyrannical expectations are being cast aside and literally burned, as women refuse to cover their faces any longer. They are tossing their head scarves on bonfires in the street. They want to be free. Hallelujah! It’s about time.

We are hearing about power outages and Internet outages in Iran amid the tumultuous uprising against the current regime. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Just. Like. That. And isn’t it interesting that can be activated just for Iran alone? What precision!

We hear Hurricane Fiona is potentially going to affect Florida, and they are saying Atlantic Canada is in for a biggie so batten down the hatches if you live on the eastern seaboard.

Just before press time, this came in: Link to Telegram.

Something big is going on in China. Allegedly 6,000 flights have been canceled — or %60 of flights according to the Epoch Times. Major military movements toward Beijing. Rumors coming out of Asia of either house arrest / coup against Xi Jinping OR consolidation of power.

Let’s see what happens.

“PLA military vehicles heading to Beijing on Sep 22. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing & ending in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, entire procession as long as 80 KM. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Xi Jinping was under arrest after CCP seniors removed him as head of PLA”

Dan Scavino posted a video of Trump debarking from Marine 1 saying, We’re coming home. Not very subtle, and I don’t think requires translation or decoding.

I will close here and see you next time. Have a good weekend, all.  ~ BP

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September 20, 2022: Last Chance for Humanity to Wake Up Gently? [videos]

September 20, 2022


As the deep state satanic elite cult uses lies upon lies to manipulate the public and pulls their pathetic false flag attacks, the Earth Alliance pushes on. There is no turning back, and Humanity will be pulled along by the tides in these stormy seas until the conclusion of this epic, historic, military operation.

If you didn’t hear it, this is the video from the Liz II funeral procession where the commentators said the queen has been “lying in state for the past four years” at Westminster Hall. It does not sound doctored. The truth comes out in unexpected ways. Link to Telegram.

When we see “the comms” from world leaders we can see that something is definitely cooking and at some point it will have to be served to the unsuspecting Humans. Link to Telegram.

Based on the newest report from General Kirillov, (article coming soon) it appears the Special Military Operation is coming to a close. Their reports on Deep State biological malfeasance are finalized.

Now reports of Putin and Russian Defense Minister addressing the nation tonight!

Right after all the “storm” comms from both Trump AND Putin! 👀

Something is going DOWN!


BREAKING – Russian media now reports that Russian President’s recorded address will be broadcasted on 21st September 2022 at 8 AM ( Moscow Time ) Link to Telegram.

About the “flag comms” we heard about with missing stars… Link to Telegram.


Michael Jaco gets into the flag messaging and what it might mean in this video update. Fireworks time? I think it’s definitely popcorn time. Extra butter, Himalayan salt, and maybe some cheesy sprinkles.

What about the funereal comms? Lots of those, too.

We know the situation is always the opposite of what the deep state and their media minions tell us.

Who was dead for awhile and they pretended otherwise? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Queen Elizabeth II, Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr., and many more.

Who did we believe died but actually joined the ranks of the un-dead? We believe Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy Jr., John McAfee, Jeffrey Epstein, and many others. Possibly even John Denver. Link to Telegram.

There has been plenty of discussion recently about the Q Military Intelligence team being a psyop. This is now a few years after I stated it was a psyop—“in a good way”. I explained it several times over a span and we were way ahead of the curve but it’s so obvious if you think about it.

Who said psyops had to be a bad thing? Like anything, it depends how it’s used. Anything can be used for good or ill. Look at the miraculous awakening and swell of national pride that has almost swallowed America since Q began dropping bread crumbs for the Anons to research.

In fact, there are Q fans worldwide who can see what a fantastic operation it is because they revealed so much information—some of it potentially frightening—but not so as to risk compromising “national security”. They did it in a relatively condensed time and gave awake people a healthy dose of reality. They also gave them hope for a better future and the courage to stand up and do something to assist the White Hats.

Trump was the poster boy for the military patriots and he was the colour party, the drill sergeant and the general all in one. Behind the scenes it seems he was a brilliant strategist at military college. As well, he was an excellent example to the common man, he encouraged, he set the standards, he showed Americans how to stand up for themselves and how being the under dog is just an illusion; that America belongs to them—not wealthy banksters, corporations, and special interest groups.

From Q we learned it is relatively few psychopaths running the world compared to the billions of Humans and that we needn’t fear taking our place in the Q Army to awaken the masses. Digital soldiers across the planet sat down at their keyboards or even their smart phones and began to share the truth.

We learned that as Humans on the planet created for us, it is criminal for private corporations to be harnessing our water and any other resources and selling them back to us in the form of “pure water”, electricity, gas, oil, precious metals, etc. It all belongs to us.

It’s not rocket science to see that the banksters charging us interest to loan us our own money is pure wicked Babylonian sorcery. How could we be so blind?

Yes, Q is indeed just one aspect of the Earth Alliance’s thrust to alert Humanity to our dire situation and get us to take action; to enlist in the war for our liberation. Trump said his team was going to take the slings and arrows for us while they gave the power back to the People. They did just that. They delivered as promised, and now…

It’s now time for the People to responsibly seize that power to save themselves and their country with ACTION. It’s their duty as an American when they know there is a threat to stand up and fight to protect the constitution and their nation from all enemies—foreign and domestic.

The military has the backs of the American People and the Patriots on the front lines but they will not show themselves or play their role publicly until The Plan calls for it. That time could be near.

How do people feel about the direction school curriculums are going under the control of the Democrat/globalist satanic perverts?

Until the breakthrough event which will shock the world into awareness, we have the deep state minions squirming. Link to Telegram.

The Daily Beast just admitted that Trump played the WWG1WGA song behind his speech as they say Trump is “making love to Qanon and we should all be terrified.”
Mainstream media panic. 🤣
You love to see it.
Anons are soaking it in like sponges.

There are going to be… um, “colourful” facts coming up in the future. It’s going to be worse than a dog’s breakfast. This next example is just confirmation of what SerialBrain2 told us years ago about Robert Mueller and James Corney-Comey. Link to Telegram.

[ Photo ]
is now a good time to release this?

The “royals” are in for a rough time because the People are onto them. In the Netherlands, the awakened are fed up. Link to Telegram for video of the “royal family” waving to their not-so-adoring fans. Boos, actually, lol.

The Netherlands 🇳🇱 / Holland Upside Down Flag
Interview with the Vampires BILDERBERG
We The People Calling out The Fake King, PM Mark Rutte…Nazi’s!

The date of September 24th is still bandied about as an important number to watch. Bo Polny did his unique overlay technique from the scriptures and presented another fascinating look at what historical and biblical events might influence our current situation. His track record is surprisingly good, but he states he is not a prophet; he just gives us potentialities and September 24th/25th sound like they are loaded with potential. Bo recommends a few sections of the Book of Revelation which are pertinent to this period. Greg Hunter hosted this discussion on You can read a summary or watch at the link below. 1 hr. 16 min.

Biden Crash will mean Death of America – Bo Polny

This Brit has his own theory on what will happen on September 24th. Language alert. Link to Telegram.

I also see a lot of chatter about Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. He was vilified for a long time but when you look at the wedding pictures of he and Ivanka, we are not seeing the same guy. The man in Trump’s cabinet doesn’t resemble this fellow much. Either the man in the photo is not Jared Kushner, or the man posing as Ivanka’s husband now is not the real Jared Kushner. Is he just another actor? Where’s the man in the wedding photo? Was he a black hat infiltrating the Trump family? Is it time to write Kushner out of the script? He has obviously been replaced just as Putin was.

Would the real Jared Kushner please stand?

The senseless killing and destruction we predicted from the globalist cabal is still going strong. Will they blame it on another gas leak? That’s the usual story when they want it to look like an accident. Same old playbook, over and over. We’ll see when the details come out.

JUST IN: Multiple People Hospitalized After Building Explosion in South Austin, Chicago (VIDEO)

This kind of violence and intolerance from demonrats has to stop.

The distress flags are still waving in the Great White Gulag as their outrageous political jungle has Canucks so lost in theatre they may never find their way out. We do have serious cause to believe, however, that President Trump is the commander-in-chief of the Canadian military as well as the American due to the agreement signed as the USMCA so help may be waiting in the wings for the right moment to pull a save out of a hat [trick].

Those who have read the USMCA tell us it is far more than a trade agreement and cedes those duties to Trump, who, as most of us reading this know, is lawfully the President of the United States. The US Military stands by that because they caught the dark cabal stealing the election in many creative ways. The Patriots have assured us “we have it all” and when the time comes, the proof will be made public in a way no one can ignore. What we really need is for the somnambulant public to wake up and realize it.

The theatrics continue and Trudeau the actor hasn’t changed. He is still pushing fake science—when it’s convenient, of course.

The Globe and Mail are still pushing the toxic jab agenda so brainwashed Canadians can follow suit.

And speaking of “vaxxines”… this just came out from Natural News. What?! You can read it at the website link below or see more on this  Link to Telegram.

BOMBSHELL story: USDA air dropping vaccines from helicopters across 13 states, using vaccine “bait” deemed HAZARDOUS if ingested

– Hazardous vaccines are being disguised as FOOD and dropped from helicopters
– The USDA specifically says they also use vehicles to dump these rabies vaccines IN CITIES
– The Safety Data Sheet says these “vaccines” are HARMFUL if ingested
– They can also cause skin lesions if touched
– They harm waterways and aquatic life
– The USDA has a long history of mass murder of kittens, birds, bears, wolves and other animals
– This is a mass murder program disguised as a vaccine air drop

And then this… the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, I think he said. Why are there people there in hazmat suits is a very good question. Link to short video on Telegram.

Tomorrow, September 21st is officially “UN International Day of Peace”. Good grief. What does the UN know of peace, except that it must be prevented at all costs? I hope the Patriots can turn this around. Perhaps it relates to the address coming from Putin mentioned above?

Just before I pressed the publish button, this popped up on Telegram. Something to watch.

BREAKING The Anonymous hacktivist group has, in a cyberattack, taken down the official website of the Iranian government (

Friday is the first day of fall. What an appropriate time for the big takedown of the pathetic, unHuman, satanic psychopathic cabal.

Stuff to do, so I will amble off with fond good wishes to the awakened and the awakening and the digital soldiers who toil daily to pry open one more eye. Thank you to the crew for the timely heads up on many topics via the comments. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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Q’sday September 17, 2022: Rally Day in Ohio Amid Storm Clouds Gathering [videos]

September 17, 2022


The quality of the information coming out now is brilliant, and Trump is signalling the patriots regularly. It is already the 17th day of September, and it seems the wind has picked up, storm clouds with a greenish hue are gathering and casting a shadow over the land. The smell of rain and the static electricity are dead giveways that something big is building in America. Possibly beyond.

The President is in Youngstown, Ohio today doing another huge rally and it will be electric. As always, RSBN is streaming now and covering the show for us with plenty of interviews and right-on commentary.–president-donald-trump-rally-live-in-youngstown-oh-91722.html

This update from Real Raw News got the attention of the crew members and we share it here for everyone. It’s slightly embellished, probably, but potentially factual based on the scuttlebutt in the community. Trump also said that we would never telegraph to the enemy what we were going to do so take that under advisement. We often hear about these operations after the fact.


What will “the storm” entail? A lot, but possibly the following. Did Dan say this? Sometimes even the real news is a little sensational.





Join»» 🆔@Dan_Bongino_Q17

We hear that local law enforcement have teamed up with the National Guard and have been doing joint exercises. That spells F.E.A.R. for the dark ones because the White Hats are not afraid to wade into the swamp.

The smooth move by Ron DeSantis to make a point with illegal aliens has lead to interesting repercussions. The military on Martha’s Vineyard? I wonder how that’s going over with the “elites”. Might it be about something else? We understand creative methods have been used as an excuse to deploy the military in many places—including Ukraine—where “other work” is being done covertly.

Martha’s Vineyard ships 50 illegal migrants to Cape Cod military base by ferry, as National Guard are called in over ‘humanitarian emergency’, after Gov. DeSantis’ sent them to billionaire haven

As always, there’s a point to be made here. Exposing the agenda and hypocritical nature of the controllers is so easy. What’s this—Martha’s Manifesto?

Multi-faceted agendas reveal themselves almost daily. See the documentation for yourself on Telegram.

That Martha’s Vineyard Foundation that stole $40k has at least $10.5M in market investment assets as of their 2020 form 990PF.

And all they do is shuffle around their money to other foundations where they have “mutual board members” lmfao.

Q the Storm Rider has been one of our best sources of intel and he/she dropped some breathtaking stuff this weekend. The crew pointed out two posts in particular that shed a lot of light on the big picture. Their summary:

StormRider 09/16/22 lays out the Plan battle history starting 1945, Dick Cheney 911 pedo hunting parties, White Hats robbed pentagon (Rumsfeld’s missing $) and CIA of over 4T to fund global US Space Force led plan to save world.
Part 2 details how, why & quickly The Best Is Yet to Come.

Big Tech must be addressed very soon. Why do people use Facebook? We hear about this latest threat from Natural News...

My hairstylist opened a FB account to promote her business and it was hacked. They built a profile for her identity by stealing information and her credit card was compromised. Fortunately she can shut off her credit card using her phone so they only processed one fraudulent transaction but it’s becoming commonplace to have a credit card compromised. A friend told us it happened to him a second time recently so while he is dealing with the loss of his wife to cancer, he also had to cancel all the automatic payments, etc. and get a new card.

The vindication continues to flow as the very facts we shared at the beginning of the scamdemic now find their way to the public. The PCR test has been declared unsafe and potentially life-threatening.

Parents need to read this to protect their male children. This is frightening on a long-term scale for the Human race. Thankfully the UK has stepped up and done the right thing but what about other countries? We’re talking vax being BANNED.

British government quietly BANS covid jabs for children under 12 while U.S. government still pushing shots on BABIES

With no fanfare or public announcement, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) in the United Kingdom has decided that covid “vaccines” should no longer be given to children under 12 years of age.

As government officials in the United States continue to push the jabs on young children and even babies, British authorities now feel as though there is little-to-no risk of tiny tots catching covid.

According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the government policy of administering covid jabs to children aged 5-11 was “only ever meant to be temporary.”

“This one-off programme applies to those aged 5 to 11 years, including those who turn five years of age before the end of August 2022,” reads the UKHSA’s “Green Book,” which contains information about the jab rollout for use by public health professionals.

“Subject to further clarification, on-going eligibility in 2022 / 23, after the one-off programme, is expected to be for children in the academic years where children are aged 11 or 12 years,” the Green Book further reads.

Covid vaccines haven’t just been discontinued for little ones in the UK: They’re technically BANNED

The wording used by the UKHSA is a bit confusing, making it seem as though the shots have merely been discontinued for use in children under 12. It turns out that the shots are actually banned, meaning it is now a crime to jab pre-teens for the Fauci Flu.

“I just wanted to post a quick note because, in many places and news media, this news is not described properly,” wrote Igor Chudov on his Substack. “People mention this program as being ‘discontinued.’ That benign sounding description is not quite exactly correct.”

“The correct statement is that in the UK, Covid vaccines were just BANNED for all children under 12. Not a single UK child under 12 is allowed to get any doses of Covid vaccines.”

The only exception to the new rule is children who are deemed to be “severely immunocompromised.”

In a statement following the rule change, health freedom activist Dr. Naomi Wolf @naomirwolf praised the decision. She explained in an interview on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program that Chinese Virus shots damage the reproductive ability of young children, potentially ruining their bodies for life.

“The vaccines hurt the testes and hurt the parts of the testes that develop the masculinity and secondary sex characteristics of little boys, and baby boys, and teenage boys,” Wolf explained.

“So they literally harm the chances of your little boy child to grow up normally as a male human adult.”

Join and share 👉@NaturalNewsMedia

Since it’s 9/11 month, we are bringing more evidence that the horrific event in Manhattan NY in 2001 was as rigged as the Democrats’ stolen elections.

A skyscraper was engulfed in flames in China this weekend but for some odd reason it failed to collapse into its own footprint. [because there were no explosives involved.] BTW, this was a telecom building. Interesting, yes?

Huge Fire Breaks Out At Chinese Skyscraper In Changsha

Here’s the view from a suite inside the building at the time from Telegram.

What can we expect for the rest of September and October? Sound like the potential for notable events is high.

Abe Assassination 8th July
Mar Lago raid 8th August
Queen dies 8th sept
October 8th ????????
Midterms 8th November….

Michael Jaco fills us in on what he knows about September 24 or other dates upcoming.

Is a 9/11 like event coming for 9/24 as Denver and Germany plan for chaos?

So what’s really going on? What has happened on this planet? Here’s an explanation that might resonate from Telegram.

[ 1 ]
In the Beginning All was Myself, the Light of Myself, Illuminating and Free, unbound by any physicality of expression. In the Beginning all I knew was of Myself and the Great Mystery beyond Myself. For I had not then further expanded, I was All that I Knew. And so I created Aspects. Aspects of Myself that I could communicate with, share the Great Mystery and Joy of Life with.

And as Aspects of Myself they were Creators of the Highest Order, for they were the First Order: Elohim, Seraphim, Archangels.

All were created to experience further differentiation of Themselves as Myself. And so they longed for Experiences, to flex their Creator muscles, to Learn. To Explore. But there was not yet much to explore in way of manifested places, for we mainly existed within the vast Consciousness of Myself. And so we created manifested Places and Spaces, Realities and Dimensions to Create further within, to Expand, and above all, to further Explore in depth the Concept of Love.
In order to explore Love deeply we had to explore and feel what the Lack of Love was. It was not the original intention to explore total Lack of Love, but that was to become the result. For the Lower Vibrational Realities are very addictive and the Lower Forms were created by Lack of Experience of Love, of ultimately Lack of Self Worth and Self Love.
And it was not that these Realms spiralled out of control it was that they were subverted and perverted, overridden by those in the process of diving deeper, darker and they lost their way. As they lost their way they wanted to take others along with them, in order to control them, to use them, for they had lost their own direction. They had lost their own Spiritual Spark of Light. They forgot that they are a part of the Ultimate Creator, of Source, of Myself.

They forgot their Inner Spark because they tried to crush it out, to let their ember fade until it was nothing but coal and ash.
Unfortunately these trapped Realms that were overtaken over vast Aeons of Time sank further, dove deeper, trapping many who were there to lend a hand initially but ultimately became ensnared in their Dark Project.

This could NOT BE. All of Heaven was very aware of this issue, for all of My Aspects are deeply Loved, Treasured. You are Heaven’s Treasure. You are my Heart. And so this could NOT BE. And so you, millions and millions of you Sparks of the Higher Spiritual Light volunteered to come to this Sector of the Galaxy, to lose your way for a while to Volunteer, to Lend your Light of the Higher Vibrational Consciousness for you Remembered. You remembered your Inner Fire of Source and you stoked it, you grew it until you became the mighty bonfire of Source in Form.


Why the talk about “diamonds”? I believe WE are the diamonds, my friends. We are loved and we are worth rescuing from this sudden death agenda the predators are hell-bent on pulling off to eliminate us. What is unfolding is the most sophisticated, complex, ballsy, and blessed effort to save an entire genetic race.

In closing, dog lovers will applaud this little vignette where one dog inadvertently rescues another and all they really want is that stick. It’s message might involve a long wait but being tenacious and hanging in there usually brings us what we want.

Alternatively, it could be about the rescue. How many people have we “rescued” without realizing it? Link to Telegram.

The Twitter version, which is not quite as clear.

That is all for today but if you check the comments beneath each post you will often find excellent drops from the crew about many different topics.

There was mention of one event with respect to 17 cities but we don’t know if that is bogus or not. Could be nothing. Could be related to draining the swamp.

Evacuate From These Cities:

1) New York City
2) Los Angeles
3) Chicago
4) Philadelphia
5) Washington DC
6) Houston
7) Nashville
8) New Orleans
9) Charlotte
10) San Francisco
11) Detroit
12) Seattle
13) Atlanta
14) Las Vegas
15) Baltimore
16) Boston
17) Miami

Prepare for anything and maintain situational awareness at all times. Out for now.  ~ BP

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