CGI’s Liam77: The Solar Flash event

CGI’s Liam77: The Solar Flash event

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Date: Sunday, 2-Oct-2022 15:19:49

A post submitted by CGI member Liam77.CGI is RMN’s reader’s forum.**********************************full Q & A:

Question: My question today is about the Solar Flash. Is it coming? If yes, how long does it affect us?… instantly or days? What impact does it leave us?Answer:

Thank you for your question. This is a hot topic in the minds and subconscious minds of many Light workers. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about it.Is the solar flash coming? Perhaps, it depends on which choices Earthlings make.

The flash will be near-instant, but it will take days before most Earthlings will have more or less stabilized from the flash.It will be a flash of very high and intense energies.

It will cause a wave of remembrance and it will shake loose a lot of illusions that people currently have.

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