NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – Oct 01 2022

Ain’t No Stopping Us Now


We’re On The Loose

Group K recently received the following message from a private researcher who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. 

This is his independent investigation into many of the real-life activities of Neil Keenan over the past 14 years or so, up to and following the theft of his FRN notes which launched his bell-ringing USD Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and Neil’s pursuit of the Cabal perpetrators and phony players along the way.

This is Anonymous personal confirmation of the hard-hitting exposures belted out by Neil over this last decade. He reveals new facts and insights, so read on and enjoy his journey following THE ONE, M1/N1, AMANAH NEIL FRANCIS KEENAN.

Let the Fishing Begin – Anonymous

I have been reviewing historical posts regarding our battle with the ‘Cabal.’ 

After much research and the accruing of enormous phone bills I have come to the conclusion that most people are delusional.

I have so many questions that have never been answered and probably never will be, but there is one individual out there who takes you right to the heart of the matter whether it be upon mountains, within jungles or cities; it does not matter. 

He caught me almost from the outset and I later realized that I had been following the wrong people for many years.

Well, there is no more doubt, he only wishes he could do more posting at this time in terms of the battles he fights and how he sees things. 

I will bring the work of this person to the forefront here and then you may be able to answer some of the questions for yourselves. No one else surely other than this person has been able to.

So, let’s get into the observations of the only one whose work should count.

The Real Deal

It began years ago with the theft of $USD 135 Billion dollars worth of Dragon Family bonds. 

The thieves were the Western ‘Cabal’ including the World Economic Forum and one called Daniel Dal Bosco of Italy. It started off with his swiping of the notes from Mr. Keenan who had them in safe keeping.

This was over 13 years ago and today the matter is more relevant than ever. 

The fake money transactions which cornered the European continent turned out to be more than fake given that the EU never had any money to back any transaction. They were bankrupt. 

They played with IOU’s but would eviscerate currencies by levying a tax on all EU nations.  Therefore, Europeans paid all the bills to the EU and they themselves had nothing to give to the people other than swipe positions within the national administrations. 

Alongside the EU came the World Economic Forum which was never referred to as a political party but considered themselves to be front runners in political elections.  

Today they consider themselves front runners in the New World Order. Just some old-timers running around in Pampers ready to call themselves leaders of the New World Order alongside the Bilderberger crew.

Are you ready to let your world go so easily – or are you ready to fight and take back what is rightfully yours? 

Fighting back is easy enough especially when Neil Keenan, the “One”, who has the ability and wherewithal to literally take them apart. As a matter of fact, he can do so much more than this. He and his merry band can do many things with a little help. 

I have researched and studied Neil Keenan and he has opened all the necessary doors to walk through. Others make claims but I have learned that they have done literally nothing for us but scream for subscription payments and have seduced many with their yarns. 

The way to look at this is to reflect; return to a time when they make claim to have gone to a nation that has assured them of assistance in preventing the Cabal from penetrating our living world, thereby preventing them from annihilating the planet we call home. What you find is absolutely nothing.

Not much more to say than this. If we ever woke up, we would be in the driver’s seat, but how many times does one have to beep his horns to get the people on this planet to understand that if we do not take this seriously, then we really are, and will be fodder for the garbage can.

They will succeed in eliminating 90% of the people on this planet without nary a blow.

I am not going this way, I have researched all that matters and it all comes down to Keenan and his putting together a team to prevent this from going any further.

We have our guy and this is the road we must take.

For you who do not have any idea what Neil Keenan and his team have done, let’s elaborate.  (And I have seen many articles from others where they denote the heroics of Neil and his Team.)

Here we will just lay out a few of the happenings where Keenan has taken on the Cabal. To top this off, I have heard that the necessary funds required to complete the next steps just might be on their way to Neil. 

If not, I understand that Neil might have other options – although some of them would not be to our liking, and to date Neil has refused such offers.

Someday, Neil will not be able to refuse them and then what happens? 


Neil Keenan and his legal team filed legal actions on the 23rd of November 2011.

It was the shot heard around the world and even more so became the action known as Financial Tyranny no less than Pandora’s Box. 

Those involved in the theft of Keenan’s $USD 1.35 Billion in Federal Reserve Notes (owned by the Dragon Family are still being watched and soon they will pay compensation for such an act.

To continue reading the full article click here…

Neil F. Keenan
Legacy Portfolio. Heaven’s Gate Exclusive Edition
August 1, 2022
I’ve Finally Made It to Heaven’s Gate
Neil Keenan was elected as Amanah of the Global Accounts by the SULTAN and
Indonesian Elders in August 2018 upon completion of the seven spiritual rituals.
Amanah Keenan was exalted to The One as M1 mastermind of the east-west financial
systems in December of 2021. He had arrived.
“Victors we will be, and to take a page out of the Rothschild book, we all know that
“To the Victors Belong the Spoils” – Amanah Neil Keenan
It was coined best when Amanah Neil Keenan was called a “One man wrecking
crew.” When Keenan perceives an attack, his offensive tactics kick in and he hits back
hard. All action, Keenan never quits. Never knocked down, but always in strategic
offensive pursuit.

Click to access NK-Researcher_Article_October_2022.pdf

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