The Extreme Danger Of Continuing To Hide The US Government’s Psychopathy

The Extreme Danger Of Continuing To Hide The US Government’s Psychopathy

Posted By: SpaceCommando [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 5-Oct-2022 16:14:37

By Eric Zuesse – October 1, 2022Every psychopath is well practiced at lying; anyone who tolerates that person’s lying is not only encouraging psychopathy but is, oneself, psychopathically unconcerned about the public’s welfare, because any such encouragement will, itself, facilitate the further spreading of lies and deception of the public. This is how psychopathy, which is a merely personal disease, becomes spread and pandemic, thereby producing a dysfunctional society, widespread deception. It happens not only due to the presence of psychopaths, but also due to their passive assisters, who fail to call-out the lie and the liar and to expose them publicly so as to assist in penalizing them, instead of to assist the lies and liars, for those to spread and thrive.Being a member of a society is to have both rights and obligations within it. Silence in the face of lies that one knows are false is a failure of such an obligation: an obligation to avoid willingly spreading a social disease — the disease of spreading those lies and that falsehood, to a rampantly and ever-increasingly contaminated public.This was how it came to be that in 2003 the U.S. & UK Governments busted and neutered the U.N. by invading and occupying Iraq solely upon the basis of lies, and never prosecuted for having done so. Neither the Governments (their leaders) were prosecuted for it, nor the news-media (their controlling owners) that were controlled by the same group of billionaires (America’s billionaires, of both political Parties), were prosecuted for these international-war crimes. None of those leaders and their propaganda-organizations (or news-media — their owners) were prosecuted for having done, or assisted in doing, this. That clear fact has established a precedent which been followed, ever since, by constant international lying by those same two psychopathic regimes, and now it is heading toward production of a World War III on the same basis, of constant Governmental and news-media lying and spreading of lies. It is for “regime-change in Russia” instead of for “regime-change in Iraq,” but, just like before, the regimes that desperately NEED to be “changed” are the perpetrators of this enormous fraud, the ones that are in the United States and in the United Kingdom. The United Nations is sadly incapable of doing this — it has been virtually nullified ever since 2003 — but it must be done, before the end-result will annihilate us all.The psychopathy of America’s leadership is now posing a mortal danger not only to the residents in one nation (Iraq; or, say, in Syria — there are so many other examples) but to the residents in all nations (WW III); and, if it is not stopped now, then the world will be stopped, and soon . . .[SNIP]


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