October 5, 2022: The Comms Before the Storm [videos]

October 5, 2022: The Comms Before the Storm [videos]

October 5, 2022


Big news came out via Brian Cates later in the afternoon my time on Tuesday: Link to Telegram.

This is vindication for True the Vote team of Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips.

BREAKING Konnech CEO, the company at the tip of the spear in TrueTheVotes PIT last August, is ARRESTED in Los Angeles for Theft of Personal Data!

Catherine and Gregg were right. WELL DONE!!! And a HUGE Shoutout to t.me/KaneKoa for his incredibly deep research on this!!

NY Times literally JUST wrote an article about this company and called us all conspiracy theorists. Like, TODAY.

Are we now seeing the results of LEOs acting on the sealed indictments? What is the count now?

FBI Conceals Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Election Software

And here’s another “ooops”. Must have miscounted, misspoke, misremembered… we’ve heard it all.  Link to Telegram.

CNN & MSNBC be like 🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯👩🏼‍🦯👩🏿‍🦯

2020 Census Overcounted Democratic States, Undercounted GOP States, Affecting Number of Congressional Seats Certain States Were Allotted (https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveforbes/2022/09/29/2020-census-overcounted-democratic-states-undercounted-gop-states/?sh=734accdd1e40)

the 2020 census looks to be one of the worst ever. It vastly overcounted the populations of certain states, mostly Democratic ones, and significantly undercounted other states, mostly Republican ones. Texas, for instance, may have had as many as 985,000 more people than the official count. New York, by contrast, received as many as 1 million extra people.

Texas & Florida should each have received an additional seat in the House. Rhode Island & Minnesota should each have lost a congressional seat—but didn’t. Colorado was given an additional seat it didn’t deserve.

Here’s more from Forbes magazine.

2020 Census Overcounted Democratic States, Undercounted GOP States

Q said they were saving Israel for last. Does this mean we’re nearing the end?

And this just in: dropping like flies. Link to Telegram.

JUST IN – Former Israel’s PM Netanyahu rushed to hospital after reportedly feeling chest pain

Follow @insiderpaper

Also in Is-Ra-El… Link to Telegram.

23.01.22 – Earthquake in Israel!

there have been 3 of them in Israel and Palestine!

not only Jerusalem is completely riddled with tunnels and DUMBS, but almost the whole country……

interesting the quake is exactly on the border to Jordan,
depth: 10 km! Underground border traffic




Did you watch the videos Ben Fulford included in his Monday update—the ones of the 150K Jews celebrating the sacrifice of a child to their effigy of a bull? If you didn’t, you should have. It’s difficult to win a war if you don’t know who your enemies are.

Yesterday’s We the People update includes some of that footage in the opening moments. Check it out.

We understand Elon Musk is going through with the acquisition of the Twitter platform. The crew shared these possible repercussions. Link to Telegram.

If Elon buys Twitter, he’d own EVERY piece of intellectual property that goes with it.

Including the Data Servers.
Where are those data servers?
What happens if they’re located at the CIA HQ in Langley?

Interwoven 🧬 into those very servers, would be EVERY piece of intelligence from every CIA / FBI / DoD station around the world

If Elon owned the servers, that’s hard, legally obtained data to be used in military court.

The bots Elon is exposing is just simply how these Twitter propagandists get paid to shill Fake News for the CIA.
Fake bot click on ads to get paid by the CIA via “3rd party.”

Every Social Media / App that has “Log in with FB / Twitter” will likely be interwoven into the same servers

Elon wants the servers, ran out of the CIA. He’d have every single piece of CIA intelligence after that.

Big Tech would immediately fall – also would immediately implicate them in the coup d’etat against President Trump – being run directly out of & at the behest of the CIA.
They can’t allow this to happen.

When have we ever heard such bizarre things happening? We saw a man at Queenie’s funeral toppled in a dead faint next to her casket, and now we hear there was a death.

Royal Guard Found Dead in Barracks After Service at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

The crew linked to additional freaky behaviour from people who appear to see something, raise an arm, turn around, and then seem to collapse, spasm, and die. Greg Reese of Infowars has a video about it. We still don’t know why these particular people. Is it related to the “vaccines”, 5G, CERN…? Are demons involved? Watch this 4 minute video on Telegram from We the People News.

Who can explain the decision in the Great White Gulag to mandate the jab only for the military now that no one else has that being rammed down their throat?

This business of Hillary Clinton running for President in 2024 is utter nonsense. Why would Americans elect a 75-year-old witch as President when all she does is lie and laugh inappropriately? We are so thankful the house took her out in 2016.

We see this guy is posting about the Podesta brothers on Twitter. We understand the brothers have been dealt with… some time ago.

Their personal art collections spoke volumes. Why do the “elite” have such odd taste in “art”? Because they are pedophiles and pedovores. Freaks. Monsters. Liz Crokin knows.

In Florida, it seems the biggest threat now is the illegal aliens. Despicable, ungrateful opportunists. They don’t care about America or Americans; only themselves.

DeSantis tells it like it is.
3 out of 4 people arrested for looting have been illegal aliens in the aftermath of the hurricane:

Here’s the true American spirit on full display.

In her October 3 update video, Rose of Yellow Rose for Texas explained some of the misleading language used to trick Humans and the spells it can cast. This article on Wake Up Kiwi gets into the misleading language, terminology and “word magic” a little more. Hopefully if people innerstand it better, they can avoid the traps. It’s a deep subject and serious research goes into the etymology of the English language created for us.

The Zombie-Like Lives Of Sheeple From Birth To Death

It doesn’t make sense that people who harm others can get away with their crimes simply using trickery and dishonesty. It certainly doesn’t bode well for justice but no one ever said life was fair. The twisted minds of the predators say that if they tell us what they are going to do and we don’t tell them to stop, then our free will chose it. That is their justice, but their trickery will no longer be tolerated and we are eliminating them permanently from our world.

They should understand that we told them we would do this. If they refuse to surrender then their free will has chosen that they perish.

This story is shocking and so wrong. How can energy companies get away with this?

I have witnessed our power supplier sending out their men to intimidate people when they wanted to switch our meter to a “smart meter” and had to shut off our power to do so, obviously. When you have home businesses, servers, etc. and are uploading or downloading data, you can’t interrupt so they asked and got testy when I said no, it’s not convenient today and threatened to charge another service call if they had to come back. New World Order thugs. Won’t they be shocked when they are out of business and Tesla energy takes over?

Next time you hear about the rising cost of energy, oil, gas, etc., remember what you learned in this video. Like everything else, it’s all a trick to get more money out of we, the serfs, to make the bloodline families rich. There is no shortage and we are far too gullible. 8 min. with Col. Prouty will set you straight. Damn straight. And check out the notes under the video on Themtube.

Fletcher Prouty Explains Invention and Use of Term “Fossil Fuels”

You know, it’s really not funny.

China is a nightmare. Good Dog shared this horror story on Telegram.

[it’s no more ‘spoonful of medicine helps the medicine go down]

Their ESG scores are not allowing travel – and they are collecting ESG positive victims – never to be seen again. The people are screaming “are you gonna kill us all?”

Tell me again how it’s about the “Science”?

We may be in the end stage of this war but there are a lot of loose ends to tie up yet. Everything is connected. The 2016 election, Seth Rich, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, the Awan brothers, Debbie Wasserman Schultz…

New Court Order On Seth Rich FOIA Lawsuit. A majority of the citizens understand Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC for leaking their emails to Wikileaks. What happens when this case is reintroduced into the conciousness of the masses after they just discovered the FBI had field offices at the lawfirm representing Hillary Clinton & the DNC & orchestrating an illegal raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home to falsify evidence against him?

Did they pick up Debbie Wasserman Schultz yet? The Internet says she is going to run again in Florida. I don’t believe they’ll have her. She was involved in the murder of Seth Rich according to some reports, like this video from Sean at SGT Report.

In fact, some say Seth Rich wasn’t mortally wounded by his attackers via the gunshot and was lucid and talking when he was transported to hospital. Shortly after he was admitted, as the story goes, Debbie Wasserman Schultz arrived to visit him and next thing we know, he was pronounced deceased.

In the video above, we hear Jerome Corsi state that Q revealed Schultz called for the 187 on Rich. And what happened to Federal Prosecutor Whisenant who washed up on a beach in DWS district? There are plenty who covered these stories back in 2017, like this one because they didn’t buy the official narrative. I would hope that any appearance by DWS now may involve an actor or clone.

Justin in regarding the Red October operation in play… Link to Telegram.


The freaks and creeps and scary things are out early this year in New York City—robbing subway riders. Here’s an example of not only apathy, but “the bystander effect”. Or is it zombies?

On a happier tangent… Italians can run their vehicles on moo poo. Link to Telegram.

Italian farm making cheap fuel from cow waste.

On that note, we will close for today. We’re over the hump and what an interesting week it has been.  ~ BP

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October 10, 2022: A Day of Thanks, Appreciation & Gratitude On the 10:10 Portal [videos]

October 10, 2022


Thanksgiving reminds us that gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions. Use generously. We hope the Canucks have a wonderful weekend with family and friends.

There was an interesting intel update involving a so-called “climate change-related false flag event” from an Anon Patriot. It is from early September and might have been referencing the hurricanes Fiona and Ian which the lying, treasonous media keeps saying were caused by climate change, which Humanity is causing, of course. Below is the October 8 update [32 min] if you want to listen and perhaps subscribe. I am just beginning to listen but he speaks about purposeful “misdirection”. More on that below.

I like this Anon because he delivers the information clearly and without frills and distractions. Just the facts, Jack. He only has initials—SGAnon—because it’s not about him. He doesn’t try to sell us anything or do anything but impart information and his informed opinions and insights.

MAJOR False Flag Event is Coming | Separate Theaters of War are Converging | Turbulence Ahead

We also had word about 17 cities that would be involved in certain situations and it looks like they were linked to football games. Link to Telegram.

Who knows how much of any of what we get is valid intel or not because there is plenty of fear porn. I wouldn’t worry.

There was mention today of cyber attacks at multiple US airports. Who dunnit? Russians, of course!

Some of the nation’s largest airports have been targeted for cyberattacks Monday by an attacker within the Russian Federation, a senior official briefed on the situation confirmed to ABC News.

Cyberattacks reported at US airports

And… Link to Telegram for more info.

While most of us heard about the “Russian Hack” on US Airports today, the reality is that it’s China that’s experiencing major flight cancellations. The screen shot above was taken by me, at around 3:30 EDT Today 10.10.22. You can see that some of China’s largest Cities have very high cancellation rates raveraging around 25% and as high as 47% in Beijing. Very Interesting.

I was really glad I tuned in to the RSBN broadcast from down south where they were covering the Trump rally in Mesa. It was outstanding, with terrific speakers. I learned a lot yesterday as I had it on for hours while I worked away in the kitchen.

Ric Grenell and Kash Patel made a great team and I had my first taste of Blake Masters and Abe Hamadeh. Impressive. It looks like the Republicans in Arizona have a no-lose ticket and the Grand Canyon State is gonna kick ass.

The strategy they were stressing in this broadcast and probably others, is this:

Get everyone you know out to vote.

Vote Republican all the way.


Vote ON election day, November 8, only, unless you are physically unable to vote in person.

This will overwhelm the demonrats and will make it impossible for them to anticipate the number of votes they would have to overcome to manipulate the system and steal the election.

And if anyone tells you there’s a problem, you can’t vote that day… to go home… STAY PUT until you get to cast your vote.

They also said if you receive a ballot in the mail you didn’t ask for, take it to the polling station and if they tell you that you have already voted, TAKE IT DIRECTLY TO THE SHERIFF. Not the police. The Sheriff is the ultimate power by county.

Father Frank Pavone told listeners that voting day shouldn’t be the first time you see what the ballot looks like and who is on it. There are websites you can visit to see the ballots and what they should look like so you know exactly what to do when you arrive at the polling booth.

What jumped out at me were the speakers who used the terminology “satanic” and “demonic”. Gradually more truth is seeping in to common addresses and people will internalize it, even subconsciously. Of course “evil” has been used for some time but the masses will have to come to terms with the literal connotations and with the extreme contamination of our society from the unseen.

An observation from Twitter

Behind the Scenes at The Rally:
Scavino has been gradually showing more ‘behind the scenes’ videos at the rallies. IMO that is no accident.

The last 2 rallies he’s put out videos that seem to purposely show the dozens of Secret Service Agents surrounding 45. In both you can also see the MILITARY security that’s in the stands. (This video you can see military at the :31 second mark).

I do believe there’s a message they’re trying to clearly convey:

“Just open your eyes, America. Look at this scene. THIS is the REAL President of the United States.”

IF Trump is arrested, it won’t be the real one, that’s for sure. Clones R Us would step in and ensure that 45 is always 100%  insulated, as Q promised.


Dec 10, 2017 11:32:52 PM EST

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: be6798 No. 70088 

False flag(s).
Expect fireworks.

That brings me to the “misdirection” info mentioned above. Personally, I feel like all the pointing to the arrest of Trump is a “misdirection”. As I mentioned previously, there is so much talk of the arrest of Trump that it doesn’t feel legit to me. I feel like the White Hats are pushing that narrative because other plans are on the agenda. Remember Sun Tsu strategy from The Art of War says, “appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

I think the White Hats want the enemy to underestimate them and what is to come. Juan O’Savin is used to put out information AND disinformation and arresting Trump is not a viable option in my view.

It sounds to me like the military are deploying to keep the peace because the election has been overturned by SCOTUS, as far as we know, and the blowback from the enemy will be substantial when that is announced.

The Anon above says the information given to him is that SCOTUS has cancelled the midterm election. We’ll see what happens in less than 30 days. We have often heard from Trump himself as well as Juan O’Savin that we can’t deal with 2024 until the 2020 fraud is addressed—and what do we know?

“Fraud vitiates everything.” Of course all the Republicans and the Trump team are going forward as though the election is going ahead as always.

I believe the White Hats are light years ahead of the dark in this war and are very confident in their operations. I am one hundred per cent confident in their ability to to this—and spectacularly.

Here’s the SGAnon October 8 update. Very pertinent.

Supreme Court Cancels USA Midterm Elections | 45 & Scavino Pointing us to US Military Domestic Ops

The dark’s structures are crumbling; imploding in on themselves like Building 7 at the WTC on 9/11.

Whoa! How many? Drain that swamp!

If the following is true, we can see why this process has been so protracted and the swamp is so difficult to drain.


FYI, if you’re on Telegram, Trump recommended this channel:


This is an interesting comm, too, about 10-10 and Kayleigh McEnany [Kennedy]. Link to Telegram.

There’s also the 10-10 portal today.

Remember when Trump Tweeted about CovFeFe, the media said he misspelled “coffee” and everyone was researching to find the meaning?

Eventually someone said it was Arabic for I rise up off my knees, or something like that, which satisfied most of us. Here’s another meaning related to something else. Hello? McFly?

CoVFeFe is also the key to the flux capacitor.  Linked to time travel in the movie ‘Back to the Future’. Qincidence? Link to Telegram.

Scene from Back to the Future film.

We were told to observe the behaviour of animals at this time. This happened off the coast of Vancouver Island near Victoria, British Columbia. Apparently it’s a rare exchange.

Agent A1 pointed out this news item. Died of Covid? No he didn’t. Most of you know about the Pickton Pig Farm murders in the Vancouver area that were covered up because they were ritual killings, etc. by the psychopaths. They pretend to find the responsible ones and bring justice but no one ever prosecuted the real criminals. They probably took the money to shut up and frame Robert William Pickton. It took awhile, but it looks like some justice was done. He must have got what was coming to him for covering up the murders of countless victims, the remains of which they fed to the pigs. Link to Telegram.

Here’s the decode for those who need it.

Gotta make my punkin pie. Signing off for now.  ~ BP

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October 8, 2022: UPDATED; Walking Within, Our Salvation and Respite from the Storm [videos]

October 8, 2022


This post will be shorter as it is my Thanksgiving and I have extra things on the go. It is 20 degrees cooler now in the Valley of the Sun with most welcome clouds and unexpected breezes so our walks have been the ultimate enjoyment. If only the cacti turned colour…

Here’s the update to the portion below:


That won’t take long, did it?

Many people are talking about the latest move by PayPal which is an open threat to patriots. It’s more heavy-handed censorship but I don’t hang out on PayPal’s platform and avoid using it whenever possible so I don’t understand what they plan to censor that might occur there. I go, I transfer, I leave. No conversation. It will be interesting to see what happens.

The policy applies to actions taken using PayPal’s platform.

New PayPal Policy Lets Company Pull $2,500 From Users’ Accounts If They Promote ‘Misinformation’

Bottom line: We need a brilliant, creative alternative, folks, to beat these greedy so-and-so’s who control nearly everything with their well-established systems. Just as everyone should have left YouTube back when the threat was first recognized, people need to leave PayPal in the dust immediately.

You don’t suppose Elon would consider buying PP, do you?  ;0)    Number One is checking out Stripe.

Kash Patel

Kash Patel was a guest on Dave’s X22 Spotlight this week and in this 36 minute interview at the link below he shows how creativity and courage are changing the landscape. He clarifies a lot of things we have heard and are hearing and it’s well worth the listen. Kash helps keep people from getting too serious or sinking into the depths of despair over the current situation—the war with the cabal. Not many top security clearance folks come out and speak frankly this way so he deserves a big hand for keeping it real.

Kash Patel-The Story Is Being Told,Phase I Almost Complete,Phase II On Deck,Low Level Arrests First

James Gilliland posted a great article in September many will want to read. I have pasted below from Shift Frequency.

Satanic/Luciferian influence in almost all positions of power

James Gilliland – It’s been a while since the last newsletter mainly because we have been building rock walls fences keeping out pigzilla along with his friends etc. We have also planted a lot of fruit trees, gardens, and are making a food bank out of the land to add to the already abundance of fruit. Not a lot of time to sit at the computer.

Kilauea is erupting with a swarm of quakes, she is just making the island bigger. The contacts have continued and we have been receiving a lot of information about the days to come. It is important to realize that according to them they have been working for over 80 years on the planetary liberation with those of noble virtue.

There is a prerequisite for contact and few have the moral foundation and integrity to work with the spiritually and technologically advanced off-worlders. There are many however that will work with the regenerate ETs with promises of fame, fortune and power. That network is coming to an end.

Most cannot fathom how dark and corrupt the leadership, the music and movie industry even major religions have become. It has also infested the UFO and Spiritual communities preying on people who lack discernment and inner sensitivity.

There is without a doubt a very powerful Satanic/Luciferian influence in almost all positions of power. This is all going to be exposed and dealt with shortly in the days to come. The kick off has started and the white hats look like a team of rhinoceros heading full steam ahead.

Trump said he is Spider Man, right? https://dribbble.com

The last holdouts, the tunnels and dumps, deep underground bases have been eliminated or under control of the white hats.

There are lots of rumors about the cabal surrendering. They don’t know how to surrender or keep their word so don’t count on that. Here is a little hint, the Ukraine is their home base, the Ukrainian army has within it the Azof Battalion which are NAZIs. There are extreme bioweapon labs controlled by the NWO which were necessary to reach their 80 to 90% reduction in population. The Russian army is taking out those labs and putting an end to the Nazi’s replete within the NWO, New World Order AKA Global Elite/Cabal. Not what the global elite owned politicians and mainstream news is telling you.

Queen Elizabeth

The “public announcement” of the passing of the queen, the most powerful person on the chessboard is the pivotal point signaling the end of the tyrants.

The child and sex trafficking as well as ritual sacrifice is real. The scope of which most people cannot comprehend. Those who cannot comprehend the magnitude of this degenerate behavior are going to have a real eye opener they cannot deny.

There was a mysterious voice that came out of nowhere that said, “She’s gone, we cannot retrieve her, she is trapped.” being scrubbed off of you tube.

These tyrannical leaders cannot return to Earth. There has been a 7th dimensional intervention. No ritual is going to bring her back!!!!!! As we have said before this is a multidimensional war. As above, so below. We thought the goat representing Baphomet was an obvious message for the critical thinking and research impaired leading her funeral procession.

Nazi Haunebu craft, Antarctica https://www.hackthematrix.it

UFO Community

We want to address the chaos in the UFO community. This is orchestrated and carried out by the regenerate ETs and other dark forces.

The UFO community is replete with planned opposition, shills, a controlled narrative along with many with agendas other than service to humanity. They are in service to self, their own egos, fame, fortune. in some cases they seek power over others creating a following. This is the goal of their handlers.

They will give you 80 to 90% truth then spin the end with their agendas. They are trapping you in the intellect and taking you away from your heart, your God connection where the real discernment needs to happen.

Names, images, stories fade away, change like socks, what does any of this have to do with your enlightenment, your ascension, how does this raise your frequency, put you in touch with direct knowing? This is becoming epidemic along with all the drama and competition.

God IS!

There are no go betweens with God/Great Spirit/Creator whatever name you want to give it. There are no drive-in enlightenment franchises. Each person has to make their own personal God connection and so it goes with Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off-Worlders.

If those masters, teachers and healers are not empowering you to heal yourself and make your own personal connection they are a distraction and that distraction is diverting your ascension process.

It is all about raising your frequency, empowering the individual, dealing with our own shadow side, releasing the past and knowing who we are rather than someone telling us who we are.

Little hint – you have the genes of the gods. There is no separation in omnipresence the Creator is omnipresent in all Creation which includes YOU. There is nowhere to go but within. The one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions is within. It is the unified field in which we all reside, the Masters, Saints, Sages, higher vibrational beings and yes the ETs all exist in that field.

Expand in awareness and become the field. That is why the Buddha said you are the Universe, the whole Universe resides within.

Do you think the higher vibrational beings engage in all the competition and drama, the rumors and gossip, the planned opposition, controlled narratives? On the flip side do you think the regenerate ETs, darker forces inspire and influence it?

All will be revealed and many will be shocked to see their icons are not what they believed them to be. We are making popcorn watching it all unfold. That is why I for one have removed myself from most public venues spending a lot more time in nature.

We are entering some rough times. Prepare on every level. We don’t have the luxury of denial and lessor agendas. Imagine sitting on a beach, swimming in the ocean, walking in forests, planting trees and gardens working with nature while all this other nonsense is unfolding with a big grin on your face. That is where you will find us.

Be well, James Gilliland

SF Source ECETI Sep 2022

Things are getting dicey in Germany where they are telling the People they used too much gas last week. What kind of a winter will it be?

JUST IN – Klaus Müller, head of the German Federal Network Agency and former Green politician, tweets that private households again consumed too much natural gas last week.

“The situation can become very serious if we do not significantly reduce gas consumption.”

Signing off for this long weekend and wishing everyone a safe and happy time by choosing your frame of mind. Back soon.  ~ BP

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October 7, 2022: Giving Thanks for So Much; Gratitude Is Bottomless

October 7, 2022


Another Friday has rolled around and another Thanksgiving in the Great White Gulag. South of the 49th we’re well into October, pre-election events, rallies, Boom!s, DEFCON 1 status, and a dizzying political world to keep up with. As “creepy clown” season approaches, the witching hour, ghouls and goblins, and warlocks are casting spells on the unsuspecting Humanity, there is far more unfolding in the background than any of us know.

The comms are really flying this weekend, folks. Mike Pompeo has been tagging a lot of Q drops and Dan Scavino posted the image below where Trump’s hand is the only thing in the light. There’s more, but I won’t get into it all. Telegram is the place to collect those kind of revelations.

The President has a busy rally weekend on Saturday and also Sunday when he will be here in the Valley of the Sun and the forecast is for a high of only 88. Glorious autumn weather.

I wonder if that signifies this hand to be played. What is the Trump Card, do you think?

Elon Musk has signed the deal to purchase Twitter, and already people on Telegram are criticizing him because the algorithms set up by that corrupt entity are still shutting down accounts for speaking the truth. Do they think that signing a document automatically negates the entire programming running Twitter in an instant?

Here in Phoenix there are more lawn signs than before as the US midterm elections draw closer. This development may impact that election.

BREAKING BIG: Delaware Supreme Court Rules Mail-In Voting Unconstitutional and Strikes Down Same-Day Registration

All cities and towns in America need to do this, says General Flynn.

Virginia County Stops Using Chinese-Linked Konnech Election Software Following CEO’s Arrest for Sending Data to China

Sean Hannity is getting it out there and setting the tone for the red wave.

Almost three years later, and we’re still pussy-footing around, selecting age groups, blah, blah, blah on a fake pandemic and the genocidal fix the psychotic world controllers sold to us.

The American People are getting the message and sharing it. They are waking the dead and unifying.

Meanwhile, the Khazarian mafia is throwing their satanic drivel in our faces in their opening ceremonies again. Birmingham, UK. Remember the bull in the videos Benjamin Fulford shared this week?

This was Barcelona. It’s easy to see in hindsight, isn’t it? Look at those “Covid viruses” and the “clots” doctors pulled out of victims’ veins… How does this have any place in an opening ceremony for a sporting event? Yet they do it, time and again, to tell us what they are going to do. When we tell you these things are planned decades in advance… this was thirty years ago now. We told you they knew exactly what they were doing and what the outcome would be. Link to Telegram.

The Barcelona 1992 Olympic games opening ceremony – Those who have eyes can see the message behind this “interesting” ritual with predictive programming. 👀 Let that sink in.


You had to know there would be more on this questionable incident. It was just weird. Maybe the White Hats switched Harris with a stand-in.


What the world isn’t going to want to hear is that their movie heroes are pedophiles and freaks. Unfortunately, many of these people are raised in families that shape them into these monsters. It goes generation after generation and not many break free.

Frodo Baggins Arrested for Child Sex Crimes

The entertainment industry is being exposed on all fronts.

Ex-‘Scrubs’ producer Eric Weinberg faces 18 counts for alleged sex crimes

Every now and then I encounter odd tid-bits of trivia that are important but I have never seen anyone point to before. This is one. Talk about “hidden in plain sight”. Link to Telegram.

— The ceiling of Saint John’s Cathedral in Den Bosch, Netherlands, contains a painting with the Illuminati eye, which we all know from the images of the top of the Illuminati pyramid. — The Symbols are hidden everywhere. — https://t.me/QSPARTANWARRIQR

If you’re on Truth Social, have you seen this about Zelensky of Ukraine? (1) @TrueGenFlynn’s post | Truth Social

Everywhere we turn, the cabal freaks are exposed. They have controlled everything.

To close on a humourous note, we have advice from a Florida sheriff. I love it.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd:

“I would highly suggest that if a looter breaks into your home… To steal stuff, that you take your gun and you shoot him, you shoot him so that he looks like grated cheese.”

It’s been an exceptionally busy week with more trips to the airport and filling in for my other half while he’s away and other important stuff. I will post as I can.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canucks and Monday is Columbus Day in America… for now. Enjoy the weekend everyone and we do give thanks for this brilliant opportunity to turn Earth around, to ban satanism, and to evolve as we were mean to do so long ago. Lifetimes ago.

It’s going to be a very exciting ‘fall’.  ~ BP

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October 4, 2022: Step One—the Threats [videos]

October 4, 2022


Well, it has begun. The colourful yarns they are spinning to enable the Earth Alliance to covertly get troops into position to make the mass arrests and awaken the general populace of the planet have been kicked off like the fall football season and the situation has gone nuclear.

The world has been presented with real threats.

North Korea reportedly sent missiles flying on Monday and air raid sirens were going off in Japan while emergency meetings took place.

BREAKING: Air raid sirens sounding in Japan following reports of North Korea missile fire, missile reportedly overflew the country and landed into Pacific Ocean

UPDATES: https://insiderpaper.com/north-korea-missile-likely-flew-over-japan-pms-office/

Under the guise of an orchestrated WWIII scenario, Planet Earth/Terra is going to undergo a revolution, a mass awakening, a series of carefully engineered events culminating in the unmistakable pitcher of ice water which, when dumped on Humanity will wake up all but the most hopelessly mind controlled.

Good Dog’s posts today are hints, I think. Link to Telegram for the text of JFK speech excerpt.


OCTOBER 5th 1960

Followed by this “PSA” which is a ‘public service announcement’, so consider this your heads up. Link to Telegram.

Benjamin Fulford’s update we shared yesterday left nothing to the imagination and confirmed that the White Hats have the evil cabal in their sights and if they refuse to capitulate and stand down, they will be eliminated. Poof! It’s on them. Child sacrifice to Satan is not acceptable to Humans and it’s going to stop.

I find this news around imposter VP Kamala Harris today very interesting. I doubt it ends here and is probably a thread they’ve pulled in the sweater of DC coup accomplices that will lead to more unravelling. Very creative. Will she suffer a concussion, brain aneurysm… use your imagination. She has to be removed somehow, some way, some day.


An SUV @VP Kamala Harris was riding in Monday morning on her way to the White House overcorrected and crashed into a curb. @SecretSvcSpox tells me out of an abundance of caution, Harris was transferred to another vehicle & the motorcade continued on.

Guess what we have for you, Hitlary…

We have discussed how this entire big picture operation will be conducted lawfully and with as little bloodshed as possible. While Trump was in office a great deal of unravelling of the cabal’s system took place. New laws, executive orders, etc. were drafted and sealed and the military’s Law of War manual was updated as well, as previously discussed. All the “i’s” were dotted and “t’s” crossed.

Ezra Cohen works within that tight circle and posted the following on Twitter.

Trump calls them “animals” but the henchmen for the satanic cabal are more like monsters. Listen to what happened to a patriotic American woman on January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol at the hands of these fake Capitol Police. They’re a cabal army.

In Riveting Interview: J-6 Victim Victoria White Describes Unbelievable Bare-Fisted Beating by DC Police on Jan 6th and the Nightmare that Followed — MUST SEE VIDEO

Yellow Rose for Texas fans will want to hear the October 3 update the crew brought to our attention. It’s in response to comments she has received and her material is always fascinating. Rose does a fair bit of basic review in this one so new listeners will benefit. She gets into the nature of the AI and construct where we have been incarcerated, the origin of negative thoughts, our entrapment, spell-casting, the fact that we are about to or are in the process of our exit from the matrix, and more. It’s a lot to think about. 1 hr.

Get Ready Update 10-3-2022

If what Rose tells us is true and we need to curtail our use of the NWO system, we do need to stop supporting them financially by being the consumers they want us to be. She says now, when we are exiting, it is very important not to make big purchases or buy luxury items, etc. and to keep it basic. She is very explicit about why.

She also says we need to prepare emotionally for the reunion with our families. It will be a highly charged event when we see them all again, when we go “home”.

What has Trump been saying? He said “We’re coming home”. And then he said we’re back or something to that effect.

At times Trump speaks in terms of different timelines, as he did when he said he caught the swamp. He caught ’em all. We believe that is because he either visited or viewed the timeline where that had come to fruition.

What about now? Is he speaking only about coming home to the White House, or could it also refer to coming home to our true families on another timeline after our exit? Just the wild musings of a died-in-the-wool conspiracy analyst.

Rose says we will finally meet The One, and I happened to see this on Trump’s Truth Social page. Qincidence? Crazy? I have wondered for awhile if Trump is One, because he certainly seems to love us. He is fighting for all Humans on the planet and is loved worldwide. Check out this article Trump referenced.

He’s Still the One

This is an interesting post from a Canadian patriot on Telegram regarding the election win of Jaire Bolsonaro in Brazil and a Q drop. Link to Telegram.

Bolsonaro is a marker. Coming home to a clean house. Done in 30

Link to Q drop.

House cleaning.
WH secured.
Final stage.

As most are aware, there have been violent storms all over North America in the past two weeks. Canadians and Americans need to take care of their own. Fort Meyers, Florida was levelled—but let’s be clear: this is not about “climate change”. The lunatic left blame everything on climate change.

David Nino Rodriguez put this out: Link to Telegram.

Hurricane Relief!!!
Please read the entire post!!!

As we all know the west coast of Florida was hit and destroyed by hurricane Ian. 360 Tactical, STG LOGISTICS, BuckleUp! Podcast, Arez Consulting services and S&E Performance have partnered up in efforts of helping our fellow Floridians. These families have lost everything. It is time to bring our communities together and help all the families affected by this storm. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We will be collecting essential goods (List below)

On Saturday and Sunday Oct 8-9 from 10am to 6pm at STG Logistics 8503 NW 80th street, Medley, Fl 33166. We need people to donate their time and efforts at the collection point as well as a caravan (pick-up trucks) to drive and assist at the drop point at Ft. Myers, FL

If you are interested in donating essential goods, your time and efforts, it will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Rolando 786-314-0471, to coordinate. The caravan heading to Ft. Myers, FL will depart from STG LOGISTICS on Saturday October 15th at 8 am sharp. Please, Please, Please repost and share this with all your friends and family. Let’s make this go viral and help our Brothers and Sisters in West Coast Florida.

List of essentials needed.
Baby wipes
Baby formula
Baby food
Baby bottles
Canned foods
Bottled Water or gallon water
Women hygiene products
Deodorant (man/woman)
Paper towel
Paper plates
Plastic ware
Toilet paper
Bar soap
Liquid Soap
Tooth paste
Tooth brush
Flash lights

As the mid-term election draws ever closer, we have more good news out of Arizona election reports.

Wow, check this out. OAN rides in like the cavalry. Twitter believes it’s important to warn that this is sensitive material. Morons.

It’s laughable how they rig technology. They’re so desperate.

I have had issues with my technology the past couple of days with the blog and today with Proton mail. Access to the servers is the problem so service is intermittent but just occasionally, not often. It always seems to be when I’m about to publish and it prevents me from saving my work so I have my fingers crossed that I don’t lose it. I also had issues accessing images today. We can expect more interruptions, I assume.

Twitter is really slow this afternoon—possibly because Elon Musk bought it! The deal is going through but I can’t pull up a notice as the search tool wasn’t available. I did find this. We’re meming like cats and dogs.

So… if Musk owns Twitter, Trump might go back to posting there—if only for the long-awaited, “My fellow Americans…”

There are some very interesting posts from Good Dog. Like this one. Link to Telegram.

[and these machines are still in place]

sure would be a shame if the power went out the night after the election?

In Commi-fornia they continue to batter the awakened. Link to Telegram.

NEW: A former LAPD officer who was fired for taking a stand to department vaccine mandates, has just received a letter from the city saying he doesn’t qualify for unemployment because the departments vaccine mandate was “a reasonable employer rule”.

Former Officer Michael McMahon says he plans to appeal the city’s decision.

“It’s wild. You don’t take the shot, now you don’t get unemployment. Covid [mandates] and the LAPD are keeping me form being compensated”

I interviewed former LAPD officer Michael McMahon who is now running for CA Assembly District 41, and how after 14 years in the department, he was fired for what he believes was an unconstitutional and unethical city mandate, Anthony Cabassa reports.

Full interview: https://youtu.be/u5CMG0Zqpsk

Down under, they too seem to have turned a corner and doctors are coming on mainstream media and saying what pro-vaxxers probably don’t want to hear. Link to Telegram for video clip.

Chief Health Officer of Victoria, Australia says you can’t tell the difference between Covid and flu, unless you’ve been jabbed and it’s much worse

In the Monday PIR update, Phoenix stated there is a rumour circulating that Biden is going to demand a two week lockdown. So far it is strictly a rumour, but it would make sense if the White Hats want everyone safe in their homes with their weapons holstered while they take care of things outside.

Phoenix also pointed out that regardless of whether that scenario unfolds or not, failure to prepare to shelter in place at this point is irresponsible and reckless. If we prepare for the possibility of being confined to our homes with no access to food, gas, bank machines, pharmacies for any amount of time, we can relax AND avoid the chaos and possible dangerous situations that can arise when people panic and find themselves dealing with dwindling food, water, supplies, and empty shelves.

The unaware may very well have to deal with that at some point in some places. We don’t have to participate.

Have you ever wondered how the gentle Chinese People got so compliant? How can they be complacent when they are so utterly controlled? The culture has been modified to suit the zoo keepers. America is a different story; different culture. The monsters within the Chinese Communist Party have been brutally herding the Chinese for so long most probably don’t even realize they aren’t free. They don’t know anything different.

REPORT: China uses psychiatric institutions to suppress dissent

FYI… Trump’s next scheduled rally. Is the above meme prophetic?

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will deliver remarks at a HUGE Rally in Mesa, Arizona.

DATE: October 9th, 2022
TIME: 4:00 PM, Doors open at 11:00 AM
LOCATION: Legacy Sports Park, 6321 S. Ellsworth Road, Mesa, AZ

That’s it for today. Stay chill, watch the show. It’s going to get wild and woolly but we are prepared. See you next time. If I don’t post, it’s because I am unable for whatever reason.

Thank you to the crew for keeping the shares coming via the comments. So much interesting information is coming out now. ~ BP

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October 3, 2022: The Hunt is On [videos]

October 3, 2022


Titillating headlines continue to tease us about what is coming. What is red? Leaves, a submarine, satanic cabal shoes, blood, the wave that rushed over America in 2020 when Trump was elected in a landslide election… and sometimes the White House as it appeared when Trump was in office.

This is an interesting development, particularly in light of the information further down.

‼️NATO has sent an intelligence note to member countries warning about the mobilization of the Russian nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod, which is carrying a Poseidon nuclear missile, also known as a Weapon of the Apocalypse-🇮🇹La Repubblica

The only language they understand pic.twitter.com/ZkHaHgvG4S

— AZ 🛰🌏🌍🌎 (@AZmilitary1) October 2, 2022

Man, it sucks to be Putin when you look at all the BS put out about him. His people keep electing him and he has the respect of so many. He is a threat to the evil cabal because he tells the truth about them and that is why they mercilessly attack him.

Q told us “the hunters have become the hunted”—and hunt us those bastards did, according to victims. Now they pay. Now they are the prey. No quarter. It’s on.

9th Circle Elite Satanists Child Sex Sacrifice Cult Rule Europe – and engage in child trafficking, put on “human hunts” where kidnapped/drugged children were stripped naked, raped, tortured, hunted down by horseback in the woods, and killed ritually by nobility and their guests (who drink their victim’s blood). These powerful few also turned to cannabalism and ate parts of their “offerings” to the demonic deity they revere. Witnesses who survived came before the Brussels International Common Law Court of Justice in 2014. 5 judges/27 jury members weighed the evidence.

Witnesses stated child sacrifices occurred regularly in the Vatican, catacombs of Catholic cathedrals, private estates, groves and gov military bases in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, England and United States. The children came from detention centers in Belgium/Holland, according to a former member of Octopus (Netherlands criminal drug cartel)

Link to Telegram

I need a vacation  but it’s so exciting to see the updates all day every day, who can take a break? I think the “Red October” refers to the eyes of the ones who are paying attention and can’t sleep. It also refers to the eyes of the cabal because they can’t stop crying as they see the contemptible, evil world they created falling like a house of cards.

The globalists’ Central Bank system is going down.

Via Nicholas Veniamin Telegram from ABC Australia:

We have Information from a Crypto Hedge Fund manager who told us that two huge investment banks collapsed on Friday 30 September, 2022 during US market hours due to over-leveraged positions. This is the start of the collapse of the banking system.

And there’s Credit Suisse…

And check this out. India’s central banks will be closed most of October. Can you guess why?

Bank holiday: In October, banks will remain closed for total 21 days

October will be a big month, for sure. Juan O’Savin recently stated…


Wow—I didn’t even get to publish that one before it disappeared. Nino says he has to pull a lot of vids from his channel but they wind up on Rumble where you can watch/listen at this link to Nino’s Corner. I can’t embed this one from a week ago.

Sunday Funday Q & A [with Juan O’Savin]

I would just say that Juan is in a key position to provide information and DISinformation, so we will keep this in mind as a possibility. It seems unlikely that the White Hats would alert the deep state to their plan so… they may put out dates just to psych them out, make them reckless… panicked, so they make mistakes and show their hand. Rarely does a date bring many noticeable headlines…

…however, it was the predicted 23rd, 24th of September that the intel came out of Ottawa, Canada that the unmarked black vehicles and US Marshals were seen en masse at the parliament buildings and that the Privy Council may have been arrested, including Bill Blair. And that one hundred foot deep excavation at Parliament Hill… very interesting, wouldn’t you say? No one can say that’s a conspiracy. The media turds are saying it was about “renovation” and focus on the historic relics they unearthed.

Just because developments don’t happen in the US doesn’t mean nothing happened. We’re all in this together; the whole world is pulling to bring about the fall of the cabal. Don’t expect the lying, treasonous CBC to report it in Canada.

Many operators would like to dash our hopes on the rocks and pretend nothing is happening, like Jordan Sather did. I don’t pay any attention to them because they’re irrelevant. Link to Telegram.

Nicholas Veniamin 

Elon said New Quantum Internet by end of Month.
Regulation has also said to be by end of the month.
The Three Gorges Dam and Big Pharma Labs will start the Black Swan
The EVENT to trigger EventsThis Event triggers Everything.
The RV, Transfer of Wealth
Freedom, 6000 cures
You name it.
This EVENT is going to change the world forever.
Now you have seen the Starlinks
You have seen the Earthquakes along the Yangtze and Floods.
You have seen all the Seizures of BTC mining all throughout the world. Nothing is stopping this.


Phil G. stated the US 2020 election has already been overturned by the SCOTUS; those judges are still under protection, and that Donald Trump will be reinstated as the second-in-line to replace Joe Biden. There will be no special election, he says.

The above makes sense to me, and also would account for the military movements we’re seeing. There will be unrest, so we’re not out of the woods yet. The cabal’s minions and sleeper cells, ANTIFA, whomever they have at their beck and call will try to make life miserable for us. They will never surrender, as I said years ago, and they have nothing to lose now.

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

This one is time sensitive for TODAY:

There was an emergency broadcast from Phoenix on the Patriot Intel Report [PIR] and Laura Walker which has some very compelling information in it that may come into play. It’s a hunch based on the information provided by a Russian on Telegram. Thanks to the crew for sharing this. Laura’s insights are always interesting.

The text for the basis of the emergency for today, October 3, from the Stop Hating Russia Telegram channel is pasted below.

PIR 10-02-22 Special PIR ALERT!

“Valentina Matvieko has hinted to us the whole world can wait until October 4th while until October 3rd until 3am negotiations will proceed between the Washington bosses and the Kremlin via Riyadh.

If they agree on the fate of Ukraine then the USA, Russia, EU, and Ukraine will set at the negotiating table. They will sign a document. This document will be ratified very quickly through the UN Security Counsel, and this is Plan A. Plan B exist also. Plan B is sad though, because if they don’t agree, Ukraine will be given an ultimatum, within 24 hours, if Ukraine does not comply with the ultimatum, Russia will officially declare war on Ukraine. In the first 72 hours, all critical infrastructure will be destroyed. There will be no electricity and no water. Ukraine will return to the 18th century.

Then all of the bridges across the Dnieper River will be destroyed, and a rain of fire will fall on the cities of Odessa and Nikolaev. There will be assult forces and high-explosive bombs, there will be carpet bombing. And people will get a “taste” of real war, not a special military operation but a war.

Should the Poles decide to interfere, one has long been training to take off strategic bombers from the territory of Belarus, and the aircraft will carry nuclear weapons on board. If this doesn’t work, if the USA decides to interfere, then for this case, Russia has a nuclear shield.

I’d like to remind you that Russia’s nuclear potential is seven thousand nuclear warheads. Each of them is twenty Hiroshimas. If anything doesn’t work in this case either, then recall that Russia has a perimeter system, also called the Dead Hand, in case all the command post personnel serving the nuclear potential, all of them are destroyed, then the system will switch on, and nuclear strikes will be preformed automatically on all the pre-planned targets, and this will be an irreversible process.

So my friends, I want you to understand that right now we are facing a crisis that makes the Caribbean Crisis (Cuban Missile Crisis) look like a baby talk at a kindergarten party. So my friends, I want you to understand what really goes on in the world right now.” Alexander Kondrusik.

The Earth Alliance is not backing down either.

Scott Mowry also returned from a break for an emergency Miracles Intel conference call on Sunday night which was very good, we hear. I listened to part of it so far and Scott reminds us that the WWIII scenario may seem desirable to the satanic cabal but it won’t be what they think.

Scott told us long ago that his military sources stated the tables will be turned and the world will be making the arrests of the Khazarian mafia psychopaths under the guise of war when the military are in the streets. The extreme situation will also serve to wake up a lot of those still in a trance.

Scott reported that both Blackrock and Vanguard filed for bankruptcy in Louisiana, as we mentioned from a Charlie Ward update.

No fear, folks. Those soldiers are going to save our bacon, but as usual, only we awakened ones will realize it until later.

Ben Fulford’s Monday update is available in part at this link. The gloves are off and the Patriots mean business. It’s open season on the deep state psychopaths and their sadistic army.

Shoot to kill orders issued for Khazarian mafia bosses

The situation in Iran is getting very bloody. These poor folks, but they are determined to take their country back and we support them in that. We hope it happens mercifully quickly.

Who knew any sentient Being could be so cruel? They have to be soulless creatures.

There has been so much pain and suffering on our planet at the hands of the psychopaths. No truer words were spoken by Q than, “These people are sick.”

BREAKING: The founder of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia ‘Gender Clinic’ was recruiting kids at a homeless shelter for her research

We failed the children. They have been preyed upon and betrayed for ever. We have to end it now.

FBI Protected Woman Who Made $200 Million Selling Up To 8,000 Children Over 40 Years – She Got 3 Months Minimum Security Prison Sentence

The situation in the island province of Prince Edward Island has not improved since the tail end of Hurricane Fiona moved through as a downgraded storm. It seems they still have no power. What is their fearless leader Turdeau doing? What all turds do; vacation.

More than 20,000 Nova Scotians still in the dark 10 days after Fiona, most schools reopen

What a difference a governor makes.

How much worse could it get? Thankfully these psychopaths have been contained.

The medical industrial complex will be one aspect of the reformation that people won’t be able to ignore or argue with. The results will be gargantuan. Link to Telegram for video clip with English subtitles for the molecular explanation.

[ Video ]
HYDROGEN Peroxide (H202)Kills Germs, Viruses And Cancer Cells Just By Rubbing…

The controllers on this planet have always known exactly what they were doing. They know everything about we Humans. Much more than we know about ourselves.

Pharmacists will fill prescriptions for medications without checking to see if the patient is on a different drug that is contraindicated to be taken together with the new drug, fill prescriptions for highly addictive opioids with black-box warning, and fill coprescriptions for highly addictive opioids. But they won’t fill prescriptions for Ivermectin or HCQ, two of the safest drugs ever developed if prescribed for Covid.

Read more at the link below from the Brownstone Institute.

The Hypocrisy of Modern Pharmacological Ethics

That’s our summary for a few of the many things that aren’t happening. Hope you liked it.

It’s going to get intense, my friends. Most of us have never been in situations in this lifetime like we are about to see. People from Hungary, Poland, Russia, Venezuela, Iran now, and other areas where the fascists sunk their claws into their nation may be very familiar with what we understand is coming. Gee, even Canada was getting close there for awhile but it seems they turned a corner so a shift has taken place for a reason.

I would say buckle up, prepare for disruptions in your cushy little life—because most of us have had it very easy compared to many unfortunate people in the world—and expect that while things may get shocking, disturbing, unsettling, and downright inconvenient—we will be safe and should be thankful we understand what is happening and why.

We’re making history here and it will be apocolyptic because that means a great revealing—not a catastrophe.

Apocalypse depicted in Christian Orthodox traditional fresco scenes in Osogovo Monastery, North Macedonia Apocalypse (from Ancient Greek ἀποκάλυψις (apokálupsis) ‘ revelation, disclosure’) is a literary genre in which a supernatural being reveals cosmic mysteries or the future to a human intermediary. [1]

It’s not a bad thing, but it will be difficult for many who have not had the luxury of time to slowly assimilate the truth about life on the farm as we have.

When we come out the other side, we won’t recognize our lives because they will be shockingly different—and better in so many respects.

We will wind down with this highly shareable compilation from the Joe M videos which are some of the best ever produced. If you know someone who is just beginning to wake up, this is a good place to gently add more information for them to think about from a most credible source. Thanks to the crew for bringing this to our attention. It’s top drawer, but on Telegram. 44 min.

If anyone finds the source somewhere else, please let us know in the comments so more people can see and share it.

Some folks have problems joining Telegram. If you try to join you have to make sure you are getting the authentic Telegram app, not the corrupted ones that can be censored. I have a knock-off on my iPad from the Apple Store, but it’s not a big deal because my desktop version allows me to view all the channels.

Official Telegram app logo  Telegram.org

The icon for the authentic Telegram app is a blue circle with a white paper airplane in the center as above.

corrupted Apple Store Telegram app logo

The censored app icon from Apple has a white square behind the blue circle and you will see a lot of fake Telegram icons on the Internet so be selective. You need to download it here at Telegram.org, whether for iPhone/iPad, Android, desktop, etc.

Since Hallowe’en is approaching, I like to veer into the lanes of the woo-woo and look at the wild side and this ol’ thang popped up. What do you make of this old photo in Washington, DC? Humans in Hallowe’en costumes? That’s not the story for this photo taken in Congress. It looks like a delegation of off-worlders to me. Very Star Trekkish.

Here’s your laugh for the day.

Signing off for now. Exciting days ahead. The Internet could go down at some point this month and Scott Mowry reported that we may even hear air raid sirens. We just don’t know but whatever happens, it’s all planned, the military is in control, and we are equipped to ride the storm.

We may get a Tweet from the President and EBS/EAS and television sets will be taken over by the Patriots to inform the public where loops of 8-hr pre-recorded disclosure updates will play for days while global martial law will be declared. As you might imagine from the above developments with Russia, anything could happen any time.

I lost my connection to the server for the second day in a row. So bizarre. Hope this gets out soon.  ~ BP

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Your Sunday Digest for October 2, 2022: Humanity on the War Path [videos]

October 2, 2022


It’s almost impossible to take a day off when you’re a conspiracy analyst because as we keep saying, “so much is happening”. We understand most of the “heavy lifting” has been done but when you see what appears to be unfolding on our planet, you might give pause to wonder just how bad was it when they started.

For those who think nothing much is going on, it’s taking too long, we don’t need to stock up on supplies, etc…. I hope you’ll keep reading.

This just popped in.

BREAKING: President Trump Talks About His Upcoming Arrest!

If you don’t watch Trump rallies, they can be very telling. It is the President’s only opportunity to speak freely and uncensored. Once it’s out of his mouth, no one can do anything about it except censor subsequent replays. They certainly want us to believe his arrest is imminent—but is it?


There are words and phrases that are repeated by various players again and again and recently I’ve heard a few saying “they’re sick”. Trump and Candace Owens, for example. Sick doesn’t begin to describe the twisted minds and habits of the globalists but does “sick” have another meaning? I still wonder if the vaxxx will have an, um… interesting effect on the reps.

In Toronto, the Canucks are paying attention to world events.

If you’re not subscribed to Telegram, you’re missing a great ride. Some of you have been unable to get on Telegram and I can only bring you so much. Q the Storm Rider channel on Telegram is a wealth of information and intel and today one of the posts went like this:

in [ DC] [ DS] …

Here’s another:


The escalation of looming NUCLEAR WAR and provocation by the CIA , Biden administration and several [DS] HALF CONTROLLED > 3 LETTER AGENCIES are in turmoil and MAJOR INFIGHTING as the obvious [DS] U.S. Mil. Commanders loyal to OBAMA and Rockefeller regimen blew up the NORD STREAM PIPELINES and this DARK MIL. OPS has divided the PENTAGON. As lead commanders and heads in the Pentagon loudly disavowrd the NORD STREAM Operations.
MILITARY heads in DC also talking openly about the NORD STREAM OPERATIONS and they are tired from all this [ DS] operations taking place, and known.
_Inside>}CABLES; Reveal several Wires> went out to officials through the PENTAGON that gave the Notions of MiL. Interaction being prepared to take place.
>The/ROCKEFELLERS DEEP STATEs plan to take over USSF
through [ INFILTRATION ] was STOPPED! > BACK CHANNELS from RUSSIAN/ CHINA white HATS and ALLIANCE wanted the head of USSF REMOVED AND WANTED >Air Force Gen. Anthony Cotton To lead STRATCOM, which oversees the nation’s NUCLEAR ARSENAL’S

On September 29 , 2022 USSF
New commanders were installed to take the helm of the Space Force and U.S. Strategic Command
>Lt. Gen. Bradley C. Saltzman will command the Space Force, becoming just the second chief in the young service’s history, >Air Force Gen. Anthony Cotton will lead STRATCOM

As the New commanders in USSF take their place, The failed deep State Operations inside PENTAGON has the [ DS] operatives in PANIC as it’s becoming imminently obvious their Will be a >Military coup within a Military coup<
As PUTIN gave his 45 minute speech he did take time to mention Ukraine in great detail but Spent long moments detailing the U.S military involvement with Nord Stream.
He spoke at length of the western CORRUPTION and kept calm as he described the United Satanists of America leading the world into chaos .

>}CABLES: It was important to replace the USSF head in charge of NUCLEAR ARSENAL’S.. This ♟️ CHESS Move gave PUTIN/ China reassurance WHITE HATS REMAIN IN CONTROL OF USSF

September 26 ,2022 NORD STREAM ATTACKED

September 29, 2022 heads of USSF REPLACED

Constitutional judges are targets.  Here’s another judge; COD not released.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Dies SUDDENLY Just Months Before Retirement

The crew brought us a one-month-old video from Clif High that is a must listen, in my opinion, esp. if you’re an American, but he does distinguish between the US law/situation and the European a couple of times. Not all countries are in the same boat.

In this video, Clif mentions the judges getting erased, and does the best summary I’ve yet heard as to how the DC democracy and union republic were formed, how they did it, how it affects Americans today, the weaponized court system, and how the Law of War manual was modified in 2016 and why. Just a brilliant presentation and easy to understand.

Narradigm Investigation : LAW

Many have been screaming for the military to outwardly get involved. We hear Germany will have soldiers in the streets any time now, UN people have been seen in London, and things are amping up but be careful what you wish for. If you thought soldiers would quell the ANTIFA hissy fits when they announced Trump won the election, etc. and then they’d disappear and life would go back to normal, you might want to read this, below from Telegram.

Q the Storm Rider posted the following important information today for those who care to prepare. Believe it… or not.

I have WARNED you so many times as did some very important Truth Speakers .. We would come to the brink of losing everything…..[ NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT]

Many thought I was fear mongering.. But I was truly Warning you so you could be prepared for the collapse and WORLD PANIC. U.S. MASS PANIC that WILL set in……

Now as you have seen we are really in a NUCLEAR standoff .. Just because the mil. Or MSM isn’t reporting it openly doesn’t mean it’s not happening
We are in super COLLAPSE
as countries are in Economic collapse. Government collapse
Vaccines deaths.
Bio-weapons deaths to third exposure to COVID-19 SARS

Now we head into IMMINENT

The military WILL step in to stop the CIVIL WAR about to erupt.

Watch the marker’s.
Stock up on food supplies…
We are at the critical STAGES _ EVENTS

It’s evident that in the public eye international relations are strained. The stage is set for “nuclear war” WWIII and the near-extinction event. I pity those who don’t know, don’t care, and will be blindsided by these events. It’s going to be rough.

In Brazil the current status of their election is that Jaire Bolsonaro [Trump of the Tropics] is nearly 500K votes ahead of the nearest competitor. Good news for Brazil. Maybe they actually have honest elections there. Link to Telegram for dynamic updating on those figures.

Something else I’ve heard at least a couple of times recently is “waking dream”, and that is intriguing terminology. Coupled with the fascinating accounts recently telling us that WE are the Elohim fallen angels and that we are currently in the tunnel to 5D may seem like pipe dreams to some but I believe there is some truth to these inside peeks we’re getting. It might not resonate with everyone, but perhaps we’re not all ready to hear it. Are some of us about to “blink out” to 5D?

If you subscribe to Tesla’s statement that the the Universe is all about frequency, then it stands to reason that as our resonance increases and we consistently hit those high notes, the fat lady just might be singing and we could make the leap when that goblet shatters. Those are just my thoughts. I believe it’s possible. Perhaps even likely.

For now or in the interim, we get interesting information via social media about things we don’t normally see.

Tore Says channel posted this:

Why are all the REWARDS programs from companies all ending on NOV 1?
UBER and more?
WHAT is going on?

I’ve no time to look into that, but perhaps you will connect the dots when you encounter other updates.

It is time for me to close this post and the best advice I can think of is:

“Never assume it’s a raisin.” Sorry. That’s all I got for you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  ~ BP

P.S. Just before I was about to publish, I lost my connection to the server, which is rare so I had to postpone. I hope this gets out okay… later.

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October 1, 2022: Trump Rally in Michigan; Is it the Last? [videos]

October 1, 2022


We never know what kind of sensational headlines we will wake up to and this morning, a big one was waiting that many will not want to hear.

The theme today seems to be “infiltration”. We have heard whisperings about the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have we not? Outwardly, and until now, he has been the model governor but the drama isn’t over yet.

Since we have spoken of the role of FEMA recently and what they have done in past disasters in America, this should come as no surprise. The rest of America has to be made aware of what FEMA, the Red Cross, etc. are really about. It looks like Trump’s next project is exposing FEMA.

It’s odd, because we don’t normally vilify someone who has done great work for the People because of one action or one thing they may have said. However… I agree that carte blanche to FEMA is very dangerous unless FEMA has been cleaned out. Has it? Floridians may be about to find out. More on that further down.

Trump: DeSantis is Deep State

And this theory is more common now:

MICHIGAN: Trump’s Final Rally Before His Arrest?

You can watch the aforementioned rally on RSBN. Streaming now, as always, to give you the flavour of MAGA and the mindset of the American voters. Trump is scheduled to begin at 7 pm ET, but of course he is always fashionably late.

LIVE: RSBN kicks off Trump rally pre-show in Warren, Michigan

We have seen examples of a certain narrative—including from the good guys—seeming to lead in one direction when the reality is actually something else and it goes in another direction entirely. I wouldn’t bank on anything because disinfo is the name of the game. What happens, happens.

Good Dog published this on Telegram. If  you listened to Juan O’Savin’s update with Nicholas Veniamin we shared, you get the matador reference.

Original Air Date: 30.SEP.2022
7:00PM EST

There is a holy card game now being played – and it’s not pinochle or poker – it’s a game called TRUMP. The very last card played in any Trump game is called the Matador, and right now there is a bull fight on the floor of our political coliseum. We are about to see this Matador take his final bow – leading to the “Scare Event” and Q’s 10 days of darkness. The winner takes all!

PODCAST | WATCH LIVE (https://rumble.com/v1m6qw0-613-show-your-cards-live.html?mref=2lydb&mc=d2ucq) | WEBSITE (https://www.gooddog-usa.com/) | @GoodDog_USA | JOIN ELEMENT (https://www.gooddog-usa.com/discord) | TRUTH SOCIAL

On the FEMA topic, we have these two articles. Of course if the psychopaths engineered or pumped up Ian, they would be ready to swoop in and do their worst wherever they could.

Special Forces Save Child from Evil FEMA Agents

Special Forces Fight FEMA Brigands in Storm-Battered Southwest Florida

The crew pulled up this most excellent one below. Perhaps you didn’t believe me when I said FEMA is a rogue agency. In disaster areas among the awakened, FEMA is a four-letter word.

Some may recall the foreboding tales back when Texas was the target for the flooding and the warnings went out to people to refuse to go aboard the FEMA barges. The word was, they were prisons and if you got on, you’d never be seen again. Perhaps the cautions will be more respected now.

Navy SEALs Sink FEMA Barge Headed to South Carolina

With Canadian Thanksgiving weekend scarcely a week away we are seeing interesting developments in the Great White Gulag. Hopefully one day soon I can cease referring to it that way. How convenient that the travel restrictions regarding the fake PCR testing, useless masks, and fake vaccinations were lifted beginning today, October 1—except for the military. Just insane.

Even the CBC is reporting real news. [S]elected officials are so often the real criminals.

Infiltration… reported by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger on Telegram. Watch the video at the link below. That’s the cabal’s Navy, not the honest patriotic portion, of course.

New podcast (16 min) All signs of Nord Stream pipeline destruction point to the US Navy


Atlantic Canada after the tail of Fiona passed by

I don’t know what kind of Thanksgiving they’ll have in parts of the Atlantic provinces because they might find it difficult to do a turkey with no power. We hope all is restored very soon. REMEMBER—DO NOT DONATE TO THE RED CROSS. Find a church or some local charitable organization who will ensure the money and supplies/donations get to the victims and do not ultimately line the pockets of the criminals.

Nancy Pelosi has her eye on the “disaster relief” funds already. Link to Telegram clip.

Pelosi: ”Disaster relief fund, some of that needed right away for Iran…..

Fairly often we get to report on the delivery of justice. Here’s another example.

Perhaps these folks want justice, too. Let’s hope these are the good cops. We don’t want corrupt cops infiltrating the government.

More than 100 current or former police officers are on the ballot this year for federal, state and local offices, with more than 90 running for seats in their state legislatures. Nearly all are running as Republicans.


For some good news…

Another royal on the way out.

For those unaware, here’s the significance of that announcement. I’ve lost count of number of globalists/”elite” we’ve heard about.

We are destroying FEMA and the FBI. We don’t like the “F” words. Kash Patel enlightens us about what’s coming regarding the activities in the upper echelons of the FBI in this clip. Link to Telegram.

Before I close, I want to share this interesting post from Kabamur, a Pleiadian team player, for lack of a better term. He shares a lot of interesting information. He isn’t the only one to speak of the “shift” or “ascension” occurring in the blink of an eye. Link to Telegram.

[In reply to Kab]
Why are elites in such a hurry to get their agendas in place?

We’re nearing the part of the story where much of the population blinks to a 5D paradise Earth with full disclosure.

The controllers know it. The astral demons they serve know it. Everything has been leading to this.

He also posted the following, and occasionally negative comments appear so we urge everyone to choose wisely. Change the way you see the world and the world you see will change.

So many truth seekers give imaginary power to dark forces while completely denying the power and presence of the Light.

The Light has power and Dark has illusion of power.

Those choosing dark/fear-based info over light-based info will manifest those experiences for themselves.

Off I go. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Stay safe, and stay positive. Our hearts are with the people trying to pick up the pieces after the storms.  ~ BP

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September 30, 2022: On the Cusp of Dynamic Months [videos]

September 30, 2022


The normies don’t see the hulking black locomotive careening down the track toward them and this planet is going to have a massive cleanup effort after the momentum of the impending train wreck sends the oblivious into the stratosphere.

It’s Friday again. Unbelievable how time is flying. Tomorrow is October! Below we have some of the best updates available on what is unfolding in this end of times battle between Light and dark.

Juan O’Savin did a revealing interview for Nicholas Veniamin and missed his flight to do so. I recommend this for a lot of good background. He says many Americans are not going to take the “delay” in the midterm election well, among other things. Trump is visibly baiting the deep state and it sounds like Juan expects they will swallow it—hook, line, and sinker. This will give you a very good idea of what is likely to be coming down the track in the next few weeks.

Juan O’ Savin Discusses Trump: “Make Me President” with Nicholas Veniamin


Simon Parkes did an excellent 2 hr. show on September 25 which is also helpful for grasping the current events. Watch on Rumble at the link below.

2022 09 25 Connecting Consciousness

Charlie Ward also did an important update in which he assures us we don’t need to worry about our money in the banks. This is why I don’t focus on the financial side. It’s a lot of fear porn and the cautions to get our money out of banks and invest in precious metals, etc. or we will lose it is perhaps financially sound as the metals are a good investment, but the masses don’t know what’s coming and they must be protected.

The purpose of this financial reset is to remove the power of the criminal Central Banking System and switch to the Quantum Financial System.

If the White Hats thought they could suddenly tell the world they saved us from extinction but the bad news is we lost all our savings and investments I would be concerned about their sanity.

This has been an excruciatingly complex achievement for the good guys but I know in my heart that after the “shock”, “the best is yet to come”. Humanity has some lessons to learn, but after being slaves for decades there is no way any benevolent Being would strip them of their assets and expect a healthy society to rebuild and mature.

As Charlie states, the White Hats have everything mirrored in the QFS and whatever we have in the bank or retirement funds now, will still be there after the switch. The point of all this is to bring a new, abundant and fair world to Humanity and they will settle for nothing less. That is my firm belief.

The Earth Alliance is not going to allow the cabal to steal everything and leave Humanity destitute and for many, suicidal. It will be done fairly and transparently. How rocky it will get in the interim, I don’t know. We will have to wait and see but from what I gather, as long as we have prepared with some extra food, water, meds, and cash, most of us will weather The Storm just fine. Of course we will help others who need it as best we can.

I remind everyone that when the military cleaned out the tunnels and DUMBs, they found years worth of clean, safe, well-preserved food and supplies for an army—a city! This is where the “El-ites” thought they would be living for awhile after they decimated the planet and Humanity in their planned extinction-level event that isn’t coming. They probably had far better quality food stored than most of us eat on a daily basis, so I don’t worry about food shortages.

The military and the Q Team take great pride in this liberation effort and they would not allow millions to starve. What would be the point in all this if they did? This has been in the works and underway in some respects for twenty years. “Trust the Plan” is very good advice, but do what you can with prudence when you know potential disruptions are coming.

Watch the video at Before It’s News and thanks to the crew for the share. 1 hr.

Charlie Ward’s Intel Insiders Club September 28th (Video)

As Charlie said, Vanguard and Blackrock are broke. Here’s an article that popped up on Telegram about the insolvency of Blackrock.

BlackRock Insolvency

you will find the history of the Chapter Eleven insolvency petition of BlackRock, executed on January 11, 2022.

Listed are more than 60 single steps, underlaid with individual documents.

Just search for:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Western District of Louisiana (Lafayette)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 22-50015


Also check:





Here’s a notice about a bank in Oz called ANZ and planned outages. Link to Telegram. And this one.

The “power elite” are not who we think. Richard Branson travels [on his airline] in privileged circles as per this meeting in Ukraine. Link to Telegram or… see below.

Have you seen the new ad for his Virgin Airlines?

That was no surprise, as the owner set the tone long ago. Of course they said it was a “promotional” getup or something as cover. These people are sick. And yes, Branson’s name appeared on the passenger manifest for at least one trip to “Epstein Island”. Note the red shoes.

These are the freaks running the world. There are no men or women unless they choose it. Many of them are AC/DC gender-fluid creatures who are trying to terraform the planet and our society for their comfort and convenience—and food supply.

Obviously Bill Clinton has a thing for blue dresses. Monica’s… or his own. Note the red shoes. Human leather. Sorry.

Bill Clinton, painting in New York home of Jeffrey Epstein

This is a wo[man] who is NOT on our side. “What has it got in its pocketses?” I wonder how many Kiwis know its secret.

Who’s the bad guy? Putin has always said it like it is.

I have not yet listened to or read the transcript from Putin’s speech but you can if you wish. He is announcing the annexation of areas to Russia and for the People, that is a good thing. Be willing to leave the old behind. It didn’t work for us.

Putin’s HISTORIC SPEECH – The Accession of The Donbass Regions To The Russian Federation. (rumble.com)

This is said to be a must-read on Telegramhttps://bioclandestine.substack.com/p/putins-speech-analysis-bioweapons

The pedophiles/pedovores who have almost destroyed our planet and our civilization are desperate to keep their darkest, dirtiest skeletons in the closet.

HUGE: Coolio Was Working To Expose Sex Trafficking Right Before His Death!

Recently the death of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain surfaced again accompanied by an acclaimed “biography” which spins his life away from any thought that he, too, may have been about to spill the beans on the satanic monsters, as some have suggested. The problem is, a number of celebrities like Kate Spade died with red scarves around their necks and doorknobs aren’t the best method for suicide, now are they? The red scarf speaks volumes and ties these sudden “suicides” together. The symbolism of red.

Hallowe’en approaches, and the witching hour. The satanic psychopaths ensure they have a supply of babies or children on hand on All Hallows’ Eve for their Human sacrifices. Never let your children out of your sight as abductions are very high at this time; including probably all month.

BREAKING: First Arrest Made in Utah Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse Case – Authorities Expect More Arrests Coming (VIDEO)

The predicted WWIII scenario is ratcheting up and the headlines are getting juicy.

Yup, the louder and louder wakeup calls are going out to the snoozers but many aren’t hearing them. We continue to share the New World Order agenda in attempts to get their attention. The cabal loves disasters. It doesn’t inconvenience them because they have foreknowledge and it makes them richer. That’s what the Red Cross and other charitable organizations are for; money grabbing and money laundering. Humans willingly hand over even more of their slave pittance when there’s a disaster.

Weather weapons are targeting human infrastructure, aiming for Extinction Level Event (ELE) via mass famine and collapse

BIG, BIG things are happening in Canada if you missed our previous posts this week. Norm Traversy gets my trust every time and he confirmed the 100 foot deep excavation at the parliament buildings in Ottawa as well as US Marshals on site this past weekend.

In the video update with Norm and Guy Brummell [aka Agent Margaritaville] who is STILL in the jail in Lindsay, Linda Paris shared more confirmation of this activity we reported on from a video from Laura. Her channel is Laura’s View and Tarot too. Her short video on the Ottawa story was interesting enough to share as a standalone. I wouldn’t use a tarot reading as a sole source of information but as backup confirmation along with several other trusted sources it is certainly viable.

Are U.S. Marshals in Ottawa?

We are making progress draining the swamp. Every day. Even CNN is reporting on it.

Ex-Democratic congressman sentenced to prison in yearslong Pennsylvania election fraud scheme

We can’t not talk about the scamdemic so I want to add this excellent update from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on the committee investigating the pre-meditated genocide of Humanity in the form of the Covid psyop and experimental injections called “vaccinations” and what is next. There are some changes. Link to Telegram.

Or read this article.

Reiner Fuellmich: On His Recent Separation from the Corona Investigative Committee

For the dog-lovers…

Eli in holding pattern for his dinner; 9 months

Eli turned nine months old yesterday and since Dad has us doing the chauffeuring to and from airports three times this week, we took advantage today and did Eli’s first walk in the raw desert at sunup. His sniffer was going at warp speed and to my delight, he didn’t eat horse droppings. It wasn’t a long walk but Eli decided when it was time to turn around and a drink was waiting back at the truck.

The next stop was Le Starbuck patio where Eli had some dog biscuits and a pupaccino; also his first. He was a really good boy while we shared some trail mix in the fresh air and sunshine and was very well-behaved in the truck while waiting for me to pop out a few times to shop. When it’s only 75 F we can do that. Hello fall!

We visited our holistic vet on Monday for a three-month checkup and she gave Eli a number of chiropractic adjustments as a result of his flying leap from the truck a few weeks ago. After using her kinesiology technique she advised us to discontinue the nutritional supplements including her own formula and to continue only the homeopathic Heartworm nosodes as well as Nano Soma one spray each morning as it is keeping his immune system strong. We got another hair analysis scheduled and in three weeks or so we should see how his previous aluminum levels are doing.

These past seven months our skinny 7 lb. 8 oz. bundle of love caught up to the average weight chart for male Goldens and is now a healthy, filled out 66 lb. teenager with a gorgeous, soft coat. When those Goldens or Golden Doodles get together at the dog park they have a rip-roaring party and it’s satisfying to see Eli open her up and run full tilt.

The big black spot on his tongue has company as a second one is now beginning to form. Eli is definitely a departure from our previous three Goldens and unique in his own right. He looks adoringly at me every day and then chases me around the house trying to hug my leg. I used to corral him in the kitchen to keep him out of mischief but now I keep him outside the gates and me safe inside so I can get dinner unimpeded.

We can’t give Eli any dog beds or he wrecks them, towing them around the house, scraping at them with his nails and biting them to fold them over so he can mount them. It’s exhausting, poor guy. His hormones are going to be raging for a few more months until we decide the benefits are significantly reduced and we can… regrettably… emasculate him. I hate to do it but want what’s best for his future health and integration into our family and society in general.

That’s it for today. Thank you to the crew for helping to keep us in the loop. So much is happening we can’t begin to touch on it all but will have interesting developments and perspectives to share each day, nearly every day.  ~ BP

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