Scientists Have Detected a ‘Completely Unprecedented’ Burst of Energy in Space – Oct 12 2022

Scientists Have Detected a ‘Completely Unprecedented’ Burst of Energy in Space

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Date: Wednesday, 12-Oct-2022 12:28:05

The gamma ray burst is the brightest ever detected in X-rays, according to scientists, and could shed light on the most energetic phenomena in Becky Ferreira
October 11, 2022,Scientists have spotted an “unprecedented” explosion of energy in space, known as a gamma ray burst (GRB), which appears brighter at some wavelengths than any event of this kind observed so far.Gamma ray bursts are enormous eruptions fueled by intense cosmic phenomena, such as the deaths of huge stars, and they produce some of the brightest spectacles in the universe. News of this particular burst began rippling across social media following its detection on Sunday by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, both NASA missions, with some astronomers describing it as “an extraordinary event” and potentially “the brightest GRB ever.”Phil Evans, an astronomer at the University of Leicester who works on Swift’s X-ray telescope, colorfully described the burst, known as GRB 221009A, as “stupidly really bright” in a tweet on Monday.

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Reader: “The bright lines are magnetic, the dark lines are the dielectric. This is the very nature of this universe which modern physics refuses to acknowledge to the public.”

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Date: Thursday, 13-Oct-2022 06:33:15

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(Thanks, s. :)Reader s. writes:=====I wanted to respond to your article 209258, which was titled, “Scientists have detected a completely unprecedented burst of energy in space”; but there was no provision to respond with on that posted article.I have posted a video link to Ken Wheeler’s video on magnetic fields which he shows in his Super cell which uses ferro fluid between 2 flat glass plates which brings up the magnetic field of any magnet.The reason for posting this video is because what scientists call “Black Holes” is a misnomer. What is in the center of every magnetic field is an area where there is no magnetism. The center of any magnetic field is devoid of any magnetic properties so what is left is a dark spot which physicists claim is a “Black Hole”.Current physics claims that Black Holes swallow up everything including light, so why do we see gamma and X-ray light coming out of the so called Black Holes? Because it’s not a black hole as described by today’s physicists. It’s an anchor point that the galaxy itself is anchored into the Ether.The Ether theory is thousands of years old but physicists today abandoned the Ether theory and replaced it with particle physics instead, which is absurd because this universe is electro magnetic by its very nature and not made up of particles.So why do we see enormous amounts of X-rays, gamma rays and material coming out of these “Black Holes” when they should be swallowing up everything? Because they’re not black holes.The Ether is a hidden veil of limitless energy that sits hidden behind all physical matter, to which all physical matter is anchored directly into it. The Ether can be subdivided into 2 basic properties, magnetic fields and dielectric fields, which by the way those 2 fields combined together is what electricity is made of. Any decent electrical text book will verify this.Ken Wheeler’s video below will show you the constructive and destructive lines of the magnetic and dielectric properties that the field is made up of. The bright lines are magnetic, the dark lines are the dielectric. This is the very nature of this universe which modern physics refuses to acknowledge to the public. Stars don’t die and become black holes, they only shed off part of their mass into space and are reborn. X-rays and gamma rays come out of the nucleus of every galactic center. But what is more interesting is hydrogen is also being manufactured from those galactic centers at a rate of hundreds of trillions of tons per second, which is how this universe expands. You don’t need a big bang theory to understand how this universe expands, nor do you have to invent faulty black holes to understand how the universe operates. Ken Wheeler has written 3 books on magnetism and knows more about how this universe operates than todays modern physicists.Link*************************************************************

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