CGI’s Liam77: Toxic Manipulation; The Archonic Alien Agenda – Oct 13 2022

CGI’s Liam77: Toxic Manipulation; The Archonic Alien Agenda

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Thursday, 13-Oct-2022 09:52:09

A post submitted by CGI member Liam77.CGI is RMN’s reader’s forum.*****************************Read: we look at the larger Galactic picture of consciousness enslavement we see the negative alien agenda targeting the brain, the central nervous system, our thought forms through the promotion of trans-humanism brought on by the hybridization and synthetic integration of our species. All to keep control over our central nervous system and brain.But, what’s becoming apparent is that our brains are neurologically wired with empathy which connects us to higher consciousness that has a spiritual connection. This negative Archonic agenda is made up of artificial intelligence synthetic infected beings and are missing the bio-circuitry that gives them empathy.They are targeting our central nervous system with toxic chemical agents and low vibrational frequencies trying to create a human being without empathy. Like I’ve said many times as long as we are an emotional being they cannot completely control us.An artificial intelligence network will try to mimic the functions of the central nervous system and brain of living things, people and animals. Basically, we continue to fight this genetic modification/manipulation by beings on and off planet. The genetic modification of the human being is big business and very dark business. It’s called bio-neurological enslavement. So, when the human race realizes that the beings of this very dark agenda who are coming from a very non-empathetic way… it’s very easy to understand and it becomes very apparent how they can do this to us.

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