X22 Report — Episode 2897: New Economic World is Emerging, Every Asset Deployed

X22 Report — Episode 2897: New Economic World is Emerging, Every Asset Deployed



 -Wednesday, 12 October 2022, 23:01 PM

Ep. 2897a – Biden/[CB] Fuel Plan Confirmed, New Economic World Is Emerging

Ep. 2897b – Scavino Sends Message, Small Steps, [DS] Not In Control, Every Asset Deployed

X22 Report
Published October 12, 2022


The entire world can see that the energy crisis is being driven by the [CB]/[WEF] and the corrupt leadership. Putin says that the EU can get gas from Russia. Climate Gate is a fraud. Confirmed, SA admits Biden wanted them to wait to cut production after the midterms. The news system is being born.


The [DS] is not in control, they are panicking, all assets deployed. Every agenda of the [DS] is failing and being exposed at the same time. Durham is proving that the entire Russia hoax was concocted by the [DS]. This is treason. Scavino sends a message. The plan is on schedule, small steps gets you to where you want to go. 

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