October 16, 2022: Onward, Digital Soldiers [videos]

October 16, 2022: Onward, Digital Soldiers [videos]

October 16, 2022


It’s hard to know where to begin each day with all the interesting developments arising at a pace that leaves us out of breath, and sometimes words.

The coverups have been historic. When the cabal infiltrated sufficient portions of the military and secured control of the big media, it was nearly game over for Humanity. Is there doubt in anyone’s mind at this point that vaccines are toxic and are linked to genocide? Link to Telegram.

1960s news. Flu vax found to be ineffective. Whistleblowers censored or fired. Military mandated Adenovirus vax which caused cancer in animal tests and took 3 years for it to be pulled from market.

Vaccines certainly seem to contain cancer-advancing ingredients as fast-growing cancers have been reported by doctors since the mandatory in some places “Covid vaccines”. In my sphere of existence, a pet and a friend have died of sudden cancers after getting jabbed in the past year.

Anyone who gets a shot for anything at this point is playing Russian roulette, in my opinion. You might be okay, but you might not.

Trump stated early on in the scamdemic that the military was going to deliver the vaccine. The following is an excerpt from Good Dog’s post on Telegram.

Second-highest ranking member of the US Senate, and listed in-line succession – should Scratch, Nancy Pelosi crap out of the game – and before Secretary Blinken gets his chance to run the United States in the ground …

HOSPITALIZED. It is rumored he took the Jax (not the placebos that most in Washington took – but, was mistakenly given the death shot).

I still believe that the “vaxxine” was to eradicate the reptillians and pedophiles/pedovores. The psychopaths had their genocidal agenda and the Earth Alliance had theirs.

We know that the dark ones had biolabs all over and collected our DNA so they could devise race-specific bioweapon “vaccines”. They are based on the DNA element of our makeup. If the bad guys were doing it, so were the good guys.

I would hope by this point that most understand that the only way the Alliance could pull off this genocide of the predators was through the Covid scam. There was no ideal way to do it where the good guys would look lily white and the bad guys black as their sins. Trump took the fall and sacrificed himself in that regard and is still taking heat for it today. Remember Q’s statement: “It had to be this way.” It didn’t only apply to the 2020 election.

Only when evil is forced into the light can we defeat it.

Only when they can no longer operate in the [shadows] can people see the truth for themselves.

Only when people see the truth [for themselves] will people understand the true nature of their deception.

Seeing is Believing.

Sometimes you can’t tell the public the truth.




This is not another 4-year election.



This bad dream is nearly over, but there are some difficult days ahead. We can and will survive the promised pain that is coming. Once the house cleaning is done, our world will be almost unrecognizable and we will realize just how much of our life was controlled, manipulated, and poisoned by the predators. We will innerstand how much of it was created to make us miserable and continually under attack in so many ways.

Unspeakable things have been done and the perpetrators must be punished to the full letter of the law. Some of those laws have been updated, like the death penalty reinstated by Trump.

In other countries it is more lawless than the West. There was a fire at Iran’s Evin prison this weekend. Is this really how they deal with dissidents? The death toll could have been much higher.

Four inmates killed in fire at Tehran’s Evin prison: State media

At least four people killed and 61 injured after violence and fire inside a high-security Iranian prison.

My first news of it came from Telegram. Video at the Tommy Robinson channel.

Evin Prison in Iran, infamous for holding political prisoners is currently on fire and gunfire ringing out

The Americans Held in Iran’s Notorious Evin Prison

Tower of London and Tower Bridge, London, UK

In London there are more fires. It’s interesting how often CEMEX comes up now, isn’t it? Link to Telegram.

This is without doubt tunnels being destroyed as this fire is close to University Hospital Lewisham, The Tower of London, Canary Wharf, Rotherhithe Tunnel, several primary schools,Cemex Stepney Concrete Plant & London City Airport.

We are aware by now that truth is stranger than fiction, and the crew pointed out a portion of Ben Fulford’s October 7 video update pertaining to Kimberly Ann Goguen who has divided people with her lies and manipulative videos and Trump-bashing while claiming to be the guardian of Earth and the highest position in the kingdom. She has also stated that only she and her team are working in Humanity’s best interest. No one else. Bollocks.

Ben also speaks of a fake Trump and his intel may or may not be true, but we could do without the fake news and propaganda from that Goguen operative. Now she has gone from being the 99% pure DNA of Eve to A.I.

Crazy. Take it for what you will. Ben shares what he’s told and his assumptions but his intel isn’t always in sync with what I believe. His overall message is positive and always has been, but he gets “odd intel”, from my perspective, however he’s in a better position than I to know who is who and what is what.

I was only able to access this video on Ben’s website and via Firefox. When I used the Brave browser or tried to view it on Rumble, I got the “private/restricted” label. Ben does a 17 min. intel update followed by the Q&A. 25 min.

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video 10/7/2022

We also have an interesting update from Kevin Annett of Kanata on the “royal” known as the soon to be annointed “King Charles”—so they think. Not happening, but listen to what Kevin has to say about the “royal” pedophile.

This relates to the mass graves of many indigenous children unearthed in Kamloops, British Columbia recently. You know… the graves that don’t exist according to True North and more recently Rebel News but part of the genocide that Turdeau apologized for. Why, if it’s just a conspiracy theory? 13 min.

King Charles linked to death of Kamloops children and William Combes– Witnesses describe rituals

Also in Canada, the commies are still trying to vilify the patriots at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa this past winter. This video clip shows the theatre of the absurd imaginary crimes these psychotic people blame on the convoy activities. Fortunately for her, snowflakes live longer in the Great White North where it’s cooler. Can you believe she’s sitting there with a friggin’ mask on? Less than 2 min.


Regardless of who you believe the real Donald Trump to be, a Trump in control of the Truth Social social media account penned a detailed letter concerning election facts and the Unselect Committee set-up to besmirch his reputation and render him unelectable. You can download the whole thing, perhaps a 5 minute read, from Simon Parkes’ blog [below] or from the Truth Social post. It is a super, concise summary of the election rigging by state in five key states as well as remarks about what happened on January 6th which the Select Committee has neglected to address. Good stuff.

Trump Letter to Select Committee Chair Bennie G. Thompson

James Corbett and Mr. Pilato get into pertinent and important discussions about the financial shift, the PayPal con and the patriots’ response, and an interesting story about a public works employee who gradually reduced the amount of fluoride in the county water supply about four years ago. This would be a very good piece to take the time to listen to if you like to be informed.

People STRIKE BACK Against PayPal! (and alt media) — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato

For your friends and family who consider the items you send them “conspiracy theory”, they may benefit from reading the following historical update from Wake Up Kiwi.com illustrating how they have fallen into the trap set by the enemy, causing them to disregard the evidence in front of their face of the crimes perpetrated for decades.

American Pravda: How the CIA Created Conspiracy Theories

Is it a conspiracy theory that they are trying to poison us?

Arizona Border Patrol agents seize 2,100 fentanyl pills hidden inside tamales: official

Who bailed out Credit Suisse? Does anyone wonder how the rich bankers go bankrupt and where the bailouts come from? What have they done with our money? Isn’t a bank supposed to hold our funds in a safe place on our behalf?

For a little fun, we occasionally have intriguing clues about the future. It’s not as easy as one might think to decode them, because there are multiple meanings for everything.

For example, the King is important in the 5D chess match, yes? As well, we are quite certain that JFK Jr. is alive, along with his influential family members incognito, of course. The globalists aren’t the only ones with family members renamed.

A bit of background on young John from an old friend stated she nicknamed him “King” for some reason. We are also quite certain that John has been working with the Trump administration to undo the damage the cabal has done and to further the agenda of the patriots who are running the liberation process for our planet.

Then there’s the biblical connotation to the events. Some are convinced there will be a second coming of Christ. Some consider Christ the “king”. Others say the second coming is about the “Christ consciousness”, not the man.

We don’t know much for sure, but Trump has posted on Truth Social another reference to the Return of the King, about the “king of the jungle”. In addition to the video referenced, The Return of the King is also the name of one third of JRR Tolkien’s trilogy, Lord of the Rings so we have much to consider. One thing I feel confident in prognosticating is that Prince Charles the imposter will not be King. The future will be exciting, regardless of the truth.

RETURN OF THE KING: Cryptic Trump Post Has Everyone Talking…

There’s more titillating possibility in this article with a prophecy in video form.

Barry Wunsch: Powerful Vision Of A Future Event

Here’s your parting smile for today. The Great Pumpkin would be proud. Link to Telegram.

A volcano on Hawaii’s biggest island formed a smiley face with its lava, as seen in helicopter footage of the event. The volcano, called Kilauea, has been active since 1983.

Farewell until next time.  ~ BP


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