X22 Report — Episode 2900: Trump “Taxes have Consequences”, Deep Dark World is Being Exposed



 -Sunday, 16 October 2022, 22:10 PM

Ep. 2900a – Trump: Taxes Have Consequences, [CB] On Deck

Ep. 2900b – Deep Dark World Is Being Exposed, Freedom Of Information [truth] = Game Over

X22 Report
Published October 16, 2022


The people around the world are rising up, the more the [CB]/[WEF] push the worse it will be for them. The Biden administration have lost the economic narrative. The [CB] is in focus, another [CB] is removed for illegal activity. Trump mentions taxes and that they have consequences.


The [DS] is struggling, J6 is not working the people are not buying what they are selling. The [DS] is struggling and they want Trump indicted before the midterms. They have deployed everything they have but it is not working. Truth social is the bull horn, its getting strong and stronger as the truth comes out the people will learn that world they live in is deep and dark and those in control are criminals. Once the people learn the truth the game is over.

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