TRUDEAU testifies the Emergency act

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🔴 Trudeau Testifies Emergency Act (Court Case)

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This Is Embarrassing

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Witness Claims Trucker Honks Were Confused..

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Telling Truckers To Go Back Where You Came From

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Sleeping With Mask On Because Of Freedom Convoy

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The Right Is Winning #shorts

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Sexual assault in Canada if you’re drunk #shorts

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Ottawa Doesn’t Trust Police Anymore #shorts

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Putting a price on pollution #shorts

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National police organization stands against Trudeau #shorts

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Liberals Throwing Money at The Weather #shorts

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She Gets Emotional Testifying Against Freedom Convoy

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freedom convoy truckers were egged #shorts

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FRIGGIN “DOG and PONY” show….,

onvoy organizer grills witness #shorts

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Ottawa Police Lies About Emergency Act #shorts

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Trying to DebunK The Convoy, Quickly Backfires

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Trying To Blame Trucker Convoy On Businesses Closing In Ottawa

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This Person “Stalked” Truckers At The Convoy

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Freedom convoy was loud #shorts

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Wanna help? Cancel the tax #shorts

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🔴 Trudeau Testifies Emergency Act (Court Case)

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