Qsday October 17, 2022; Who… is Q?

Qsday October 17, 2022; Who… is Q?

October 17, 2022


Since it’s the 17th and a Q’sday, there is talk of Q and the QAnon Phenomenon as it used to be called. He doesn’t know; he’s just throwing theories out there. Link to Telegram.

Grant Stinchfield comes out of the closet as an anon 

Go watch the full  interview with Praying Medic here: https://rumble.com/v1njads-the-truth-about-q-and-the-qanon-movement.-plus-the-untold-fbi-heist.html

Here is a clip of Grant stating he believes that Q is “part of the Trump Team psychological operation to expose government corruption and enlist those moderates who needed to be informed that the government was not out there to help them….”

He also suggests that Q might be Scavino

In case you thought the PayPal drama was over… as always, things boomerang around to create confusion so people don’t know what to believe. Praying Medic brought us a Sunday afternoon update. Link to Telegram.

PayPal has removed “misinformation” from its list of prohibited activities that can trigger a $2,500 fine, but still includes “intolerance that is discriminatory,” “the promotion of hate,” and “items that are considered obscene.”

It sounds like thousands of people have already closed their PayPal accounts and that is wise. However, it might be difficult to find a company to replace them that won’t resort to the same tactics at some point.

Unless we scare people, they probably won’t want to make changes, as we know because it’s inconvenient. The good news is… the new Quantum Financial System will not tolerate any fraud or fascists tactics whatsoever. We can’t make that switch soon enough.

It seems like some people are afraid to expect the best and all the redress we deserve and are pooh-poohing NESARA/GESARA, med-beds, etc. It’s unfortunate when people tell others not to expect these because in some way, shape or form, we will get this and even better. This operation to liberate our planet is so massive and so successful that we really should appreciate it for what it is, and what is to come.

It’s time we stopped being satisfied with barely better and the scraps they toss to us and expect the best. Thoughts are things. It’s going to be glorious. The funds the criminals have stolen from us for thousands of years will more than fund a Golden Age and the reparations owed. Technologies are coming that will reduce our need for wealth and we will reevaluate “money”. Everything is going to change.

Hopefully our online connectivity will be better. I am experiencing lag and delays again this afternoon.

GoodDogUSA posted the following on Telegram:



ON OCTOBER 4th 1957 at 7:28PM Moscow Time, The Soviet Union launched Sputnik. Sputnik changed everything: Media, Movie Icons/Idioms, US & UN Foreign Policy, Technology, Education, Supply Chains, everything. The launch changed international policy – and opened the DOOR OF ALL DOORS to the domain of Space.

In the United Nations, in September 1957, it was argued that Territorial Disputes ranged from Earth to Heaven – essentially going into space forever – above the country in question. When the Soviets launched their shiny silver ball into space, it sent out a radio beacon announcing it’s presence – an action declared LAW OF THE SEA domain to apply to all space territories and applications. And everything – ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING – changed as a result. The Communist Red’s unknowingly opened the door of all doors.

Here’s the rub – the US had space launch capability – under US Army directive and von Braun technology – going back to 1954. Yet, the US did not launch. And while the US did launch it’s first orbital satellite, Explorer 1, on January 31st 1958, the US Launched a counter-space media campaign that feigned “incapacity” – going into 1961 – and a new presidency – FOR A REASON. The US very publicly exploded 12 rockets on the pad and in mid-air – surrendering leadership in space to the Russians.

The Russians were allowed to go where no man had gone before – and for nearly 4 years. Once the Russians had opened the door of doors, they set PRECEDENTS: Freedom of access and transit to space, ability to perform trans-territorial travel – and even established the definition of “Space Frontier” as the Kármán Line. In Kármán’s 1956 paper, he established that border at 275,000 MSL (above mean sea level) – a definition which describes the maximum altitude where winged aircraft can generate lift, given the technologies available in 1956. It also describes the legal “roof” of nation states. Beyond this “roof”, or border, is a land without borders.

The Kármán Line was officially proposed at the UN’s Geophysical Summit of 1958 – but, wasn’t formally adopted until 1964. It was accepted to legalize the Russian’s technological achievements and brash political advancements. But, it has vast implications for spy satellites and other endeavors to this day – which are about to change the shape of our world.

Now, think about what has happened over the last two years. What has been allowed to happen in politics? Raids on President’s Lawyers? Raids on President’s Homes? Raid’s on President’s Libraries?

Obama took 33 million pages of classified intelligence – and put them in the back of a mini-mart – before securing them after Trump’s Raid. Obama is a Communist (just like his Russian and Chinese benefactors). The FBI has now been proven to be Liars – not interested in Law Enforcement – but, POLITICAL RETRIBUTION.

These Deep State morons have now firmly established a whole host of new PRECEDENTS – which can, and will – be used against them in a Military Courts Of Law (that is public – and not subject to Chinese Communist manipulation). Washington DC is a Captured Flag operation – and we are living under foreign occupation by a malevolent, genocidal communist power with their Quisling accomplices who’ve stolen the reigns of power. And, they’ve stopped pretending otherwise.

The Game of Trump is about to be played – but, instead of a pair of Jacks (booted thugs) the Deep State thinks they have – they really only have a few Jokers – that ain’t worth a plug nickel. And Trump has a Fist Full of Trump Cards. And he has yet to play even one.

But, first, they must arrogantly (and foolishly) arrest Trump – which will eventually express this toxic boil of treason. And that appears to be what’s coming next?

We will be seeing a lot of things that may be difficult to believe, but the players in this chess match are more than capable of pulling off an                operation of this scale.

You might want to consider the following as relevant to the spiritual war. Some may believe it rubbish, but for a long time I have felt that Trump is a Being that is far greater than they let on. I don’t think he’s “just a guy” the military asked to help. Link to Telegram.

As We Have Shared Many Times, Archangels Do Incarnate, Other Angels May Manifest Briefly To Be Seen To Inspire, Or To Look Human And Assist. Many Have A Difficult Time Understanding Donald Trump Is The Identity Chosen By Archangel Uriel! He Will Return To Majesty With A Host Singing, ‘Well Done!’
All Of You Are Magnificent Souls! You Arrived For The Experience, Of Expanding In Light And For The Love Of Being Human For A Moment, Even With All The Pain, There Is Glory And Grace!
Subscribe: https://t.me/CodezVII

And… possibly…

Melania Is His Beloved One Here On The Planet In This Moment. He Also Agreed To Live A Story As You Have Lived. He Knew He Would Be Lied About And Abused. For This Reason He Gained Much Power On His Own Before Leading In Such A Mighty Way. His Strength And Courage Surpass Most That You Will Know About. Melania Is One That We Honor Both Here On The Planet And On Our Planet Of Friends Of Great Power And High Technology. Melania Is Goddess AIMEO Of Arcturus.

Link to Telegram

Here we have the “war games” to justify large military deployments and movements as cover for having assets in place to make arrests and/or protect civilians when SHTF. It would also serve to support the fake WWIII “scare event” that goes along with this strategy to wake the normies. Link to Telegram.

US B-52 long-range bombers and dozens of other military aircraft to fly over Britain, Belgium and the North Sea as NATO nuclear war games start TODAY
– NATO began military drills practising the use of Europe’s nuclear bombs today
– US B-52 long-range bombers and 60 aircraft will take part in training flights over Belgium, the UK and the North Sea today as part of exercise ‘Steadfast Noon’
– Nuclear drills – which do not involve live bombs – come after Putin said that a clash between NATO and Russian troops would lead to ‘global catastrophe’

It’s time to stop thinking small. Anything is possible.

The bad news from Russia… they hit an apartment building. The pilots ejected.

Why was there a training exercise near civilians?

We continue to get the real stories behind events in Ukraine and they are nothing like what the media would like us to believe.  Case in point from Telegram:

CABLES; The terrorist ATTACK on the Russian bridge was a MASSIVE FAILURE.

_Through the Russian channels the chatter is UKRAINE/ NATO/ U.S. FORCES IN UKRAINE has no power left as they resorted to using a Truck bomb to try and bring down the Crimea bridge.
There was NO REAL military high grade explosives or missiles used and MI6/Ukraine forces resorting to truck bomb was the laughing stock of the week in the military chatter…
YET one who did not laugh was PUTIN and his New General in change known as General Armageddon< .

As Nordstream one is back in service. Russia offered Germany gas but they declined on the behalf of the Davos group….
Weekly protectest through Germany increases in All major cities and Google, Facebook, YouTube censors the gatherings and BLACKOUTS the footages

When you think about it, it’s a miracle we’re still here as a race at this point after decades of intensive poisoning of everything in our lives, including the minds of so-called physicians. Food, water, air, clothing, furniture, herbicides and pesticides, sunscreens, cleaning products, radiation diagnostics, travel security technology, pharmaceuticals, our electronics, mattresses and pillows—you name it, it’s probably toxic.

We really need to make a concerted effort to stop buying cabal partners’ products and services and find safe alternatives. Even when we think we’re doing something right, it can go wrong. The chemicals used to render infant and children’s wear and bedding flame retardant is toxic. Rugs and other flooring materials can off-gas harmful fumes. Now we hear that our hi-tech athletic clothing is dangerous. Toxic threads! The link to the article below at Epoch Times may or may not work but you could do a search.

The CEH has sent legal notices to Athleta, PINK, Asics, The North Face, Brooks, All in Motion, Nike, and FILA regarding sports bras, and The North Face, Brooks, Mizuno, Athleta, New Balance, and Reebok for its activewear shirt collection. Testing conducted on branded clothing showed that individual wearers were exposed to 22 times the safe limit as permitted under California law.

“Studies have shown that BPA can be absorbed through skin and end up in the bloodstream after handling receipt paper for seconds or a few minutes at a time. Sports bras and athletic shirts are worn for hours at a time, and you are meant to sweat in them, so it is concerning to be finding such high levels of BPA in our clothing,” said Kaya Allan Sugerman, director of the Illegal Toxic Threats Program at CEH.

Investigations by the agency have discovered BPA in polyester-based clothing with spandex, including socks made for infants.

Popular Athletic Clothing Brands have High Levels of Hormone-Disrupting Chemical BPA; Watchdog Group

What else is dangerous? Woke educators in the system who are corrupting children. These sickos are obsessed with sex and children and grooming.

This might be an indication of future events. Will “Batman” swoop in and save the day? Link to Telegram.

It’s starting to happen. Even the Left-wing media are starting to recognize that Trump is going to resolve this situation and be the hero.

Notice the extensive “nuclear” talk creeping into all echo chambers. The public have been conditioned to believe we are at threat of nuclear war.

Enter Trump stage left.

Trump brokers peace, and the sheep will have no choice but to accept that Trump prevented nuclear war.

All controlled.



An awful lot of people pulled this off, or soon will have pulled it off. The Great Awakening was a team effort and it’s time for a major breakthrough and some vindication.

When will logic seep into the minds of Humanity?

For this Q’sday we will part with a little wisdom from the Q who does the talk radio circuit occasionally. He reminds us it’s not constructive to live in the past or to have regrets. We should make NOW our point of attention and focus on what we want to create for the future. He advised us to spend time doing what brings our highest joy and excitement and plan to manifest that in the future.

Must sign off for today. Ciao for now.  ~ BP


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