Tulsi Gabbard & The World Economic Forum . . . The Whole Story – Oct 19 2022

Tulsi Gabbard & The World Economic Forum . . . The Whole Story

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Date: Wednesday, 19-Oct-2022 14:37:48

By Pam Ho – October 12, 2022After Tulsi Gabbard renounced her relationship with the Democratic Party yesterday on the Joe Rogan show — and on the first episode of her new podcast, I kept seeing a lot of people wondering about Tulsi Gabbard’s relationship with the World Economic Forum. That is because back in 2015 the WEF put a picture of Tulsi on their website while claiming she was one of their Young Global Leaders. Here is everything you need to know about the WEF, their Young Global Leaders, and what Tulsi Gabbard has to do with them.Tulsi was informed that she had been chosen as a Young Global Leader (YGL) in 2015. Not really knowing much about them she then sent a tweet thanking them.That is commonly how people become a World Economic Forum YGL. They select people whom they believe can add some benefit to their organization and then email them telling them they have been selected. We know the process of what happens because a young popular politician like Tulsi Gabbard but from Canada, went through the process and then wrote about it. This is from MP Michelle Rempel Garner:In January 2016 I woke up to an email with the subject, “You Have Been Selected as a Young Global Leader (YGL)”. I thought it was likely spam, but upon opening it I realized it was no joke. The YGL program is a big part of the broader WEF programming. Businessweek magazine described it as: “the most exclusive private social network in the world.” This is an overstatement; but members do include the likes of Sergei Brin, Ivanka Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Amal Clooney and many of the top up-and-coming political leaders in the G20.That is typically what happens. It happened to Tulsi Gabbard and also to Congressman Dan Crenshaw who explained how out of the blue he had been chosen with no contact before or since. MP Michelle Garner continues:At my own expense, I went to a meeting of the community in spring of 2017 to check out what being a YGL was all about. The meeting was no different in feel from an academic conference, if a bit more global in nature and with more high-profile politicians and CEOs in attendance.In January 2018, like many other conservative Canadian politicians have in the past, I attended the annual WEF meeting in Davos. To make it affordable for myself, I rented a tiny Airbnb about a 30 kilometre drive outside the conference site. I packed a lunch. I trudged through the snow in a parka and boots while the motorcades of world leaders drove by. I watched Justin Trudeau give a speech to an empty theatre with members of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery who had travelled to cover the event.At both these conferences, and in a subsequent session I attended in New York, I attended sessions and respectfully debated with others. Everyone I interacted with was professional and thought-provoking. When I interjected with my right-of-centre leanings, no one ejected me into the streets.The WEF is certainly elitist, but, to my eyes, it fell far short of being a cabal bent on global domination.So why all the conspiracy theories?First, the content, timing, and title of the Great Reset document was blissfully naïve and arrogant at best, and flat-out crackers worst. Video also emerged of Klaus Schwab implying that the WEF had influence over attendees who had secured roles in the cabinets of several countries, including Canada. When I saw it, I was shocked at the presumption of the claim that he had influence over Canadian lawmakers by simple virtue of giving them an award. I guess this was done to increase the WEF’s prestige, or to convince companies to fund the organization — in other words, it was marketing — but it showed incredibly poor judgement and eroded his credibility.And I have been harassed ever since.Where conspiracy theorists are correct to note that the WEF is elite and opaque; that is its nature. It literally bills itself as an elite club. Rather, they are wrong to assume that a legislator in Canada could be influenced in all matters simply by attending a conference, receiving an award, or reading a badly conceived white paper. In Canada’s democracy, we are accountable to the needs of our constituents.Why does the WEF choose people to become Young Global Leaders? Well, you first need to understand — the WEF is a business . . .[SNIP]



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