Daily News and Updates for October 16th, 2022: “Mark Zuckerberg’s “META” Is a Flop – After Billions Spent – Less than 200,000 Users on its Virtual Reality Universe”

Daily News and Updates for October 16th, 2022: “Mark Zuckerberg’s “META” Is a Flop – After Billions Spent – Less than 200,000 Users on its Virtual Reality Universe”

Mark Zuckerberg’s “META” Is a Flop – After Billions Spent – Less than 200,000 Users on its Virtual Reality Universe

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Texas Sheriff Forced To Build ‘Makeshift Morgue’ To House Dead Bodies Of Illegal Immigrants

Ghislaine Maxwell Speaks From Prison, Says Woman Plotted to Kill Her in Her Sleep

Wife of Radical Dem Senate Candidate John Fetterman, Wants NBC News Reporter Punished For Revealing Her Husband Needed Closed Captioning Aid to Communicate

California Teacher FIRED For Not Reading LGBT Books To 3 YEAR OLDS

Japan Pushing Biometric “My Number” Digital ID to Include Health Insurance Cards, Driver’s Licenses, and More by 2025


Joe Biden Says Economy ‘Strong as Hell’ During Trip for Ice Cream


Fauci: For People to Say I’m Political Is ‘Completely Crazy’


Dutch Farmers Promise Fresh Protests After Govt Backs Plan to Forcibly Seize Farmland


U.S. B-52 Stratofortress Bombers to Lead NATO Nuclear Drills over Europe


Mel Gibson set to testify against Harvey Weinstein in rape trial

Chinese leader vows to reunify with Taiwan, by force if necessary

From Durham to CIA, evidence mounts FBI was warned Russia collusion story might be disinformation

Can comic canceled for ‘right’ reason light the way for those canceled for wrong reasons?

Biden Admin Charts Path of No Return with China – What Was Once Considered ‘Unthinkable’ Is Now Reality

Parents in VA Could Face Charges For Refusing to Affirm Their Child’s Gender Identity if Dems Get Their Way

FACEBOOK IS SPYING ON YOU: Facebook Suspends Wife of FBI Whistleblower Steve Friend After She Responds in Private Message to Post Asking if Family Needs Help

SIMPLY THE BEST: Kari Lake Challenges Katie Hobbs to Debate on The View with Joy Behar and Whoopi as Moderators

Biden Questioned About Pardoning Julian Assange During Event — Says No

They Weren’t Gaffes – Joe Biden Did Exactly What He Campaigned On

Banks on the Brink: Is Your Money Safe?


“No Borders, No Countries” – Biden Regime Calls for North American Union – Rep. Matt Gaetz Responds

The FBI Ordered Informant Igor Danchenko to Erase All Evidence from His Phone of His Role in Their Attempted Coup of President Trump

Minnesota Medical School Students Recite Quasi-Religious “Woke” and “Anti-Racism” Pledge 

TGP EXCLUSIVE Interview With Kash Patel At Save America Rally In Arizona: “We’re On The Brink Of A Possible WORLD WAR”

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