X22 Report — Episode 2905: European Union Imploding, If the Lights Go out Remember the Patriots are in Control



 -Friday, 21 October 2022, 23:26 PM

X22 Report — Episode 2905: European Union Imploding, If the Lights Go out Remember the Patriots are in Control

Ep. 2905a – EU Imploding, [CB]/[DS] Direct Funding Was Just Cutoff, Watch The Market

Ep. 2905b- DOJ, FBI Panic, If The Lights Go Out Remember The Patriots Are In Control, November Surprise?

X22 Report
Published October 21, 2022


The EU is imploding, more and more nations are waking up and going their own way, tick tock. The people are not buying the fuel story, the people know that the [WEF]/[CB] are pushing this agenda. A Judge has ruled that the Obama created CFPB can not receive funding directly from the Federal Reserve. Watch the market.


The [DS], [FBI], [DOJ] are panicking, they are completely exposed and now they must push their agenda. They are now going after Trump via the J6 committee and the Mar-a-Largo raid. In the end this will not work out well for them. They are planning for chaos most likely after the election. The patriots might bring chaos to the D’s /[DS] right before the midterms, It could be an Oct/Nov surprise. As the [DS] loses control they will try to shutdown the system so people do not get info plus it keeps them busy with no power. The patriots are ready with countermeasures.

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