Daily News and Updates for October 24th, 2022: “Trump Vows To ‘Take Back Our Magnificent White House’ In 2024”


Trump Vows To ‘Take Back Our Magnificent White House’ In 2024


Video: Virginia Mom Schools Youngkin’s State Education Board

Hate Hoax: Black Teen Arrested for ‘White Power’ Terror Threats

Hate Hoax: Black Teen Arrested for ‘White Power’ Terror Threats

Big Tech Profits Set To Fall Most In Three Years


The War On Crypto Privacy Intensifies Amid OECD’s “Massive Overreach”


These Global Cities Show The Highest Real Estate Bubble Risk


Why The Censors Fear Information Freedom


Lawyers Prepare To Sue Any State That Requires COVID-19 Vaccination To Attend School


“There Is Too Much Debt In The World, So They Must Inflate It Away, Which They Will. That’s The Only Thing You Need To Know”


Watch: Pelosi Admits Democrats Need To ‘Change The Subject’ From Inflation


LGBTI*’ Daycare Centers Opening in Berlin; Pedophilia Advocate on Board

‘I’m Not Talking About That’: Nancy Pelosi Snaps At Question About Leadership

Rumors Swirl Trump’s Twitter Ban May Be Reversed As Musk Takeover Nears Competition

Biden Makes Shocking Admission In Interview on His Age And Health

Democrat San Francisco District Attorney Booed Out Of Debate

SCOTUS To Hear High-Profile Cases On Election Law, First Amendment In December

Republican Dies In House Fire After Heroically Saving Wife

Threats of a Dirty Bomb in Ukraine Reminiscent of Obama’s Red Line in Syria

Unhinged Climate Activists Smash Cakes on King Charles III’s Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds in London (VIDEO)

You Have ONLY 4 MORE DAYS To Log in and Watch “The Real Anthony Fauci” Movie FOR FREE — SIGN UP NOW!

Former EcoHealth VP and Whistleblower Andrew Huff: US Govt. Is Trying to Cover Up Origins of COVID-19 Because Dr. Fauci and US Were Funding Wuhan Lab’s Gain of Function Research (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Says It’s Wrong for States to Ban Puberty Blockers and Sex Reassignment Surgery For Children (VIDEO)

The New York Times and Washington Post Suddenly Concerned About the Upcoming Midterm Elections

The State of New California Takes One Step Closer to Being America’s 51st State

Newly Sworn Alberta Premier Plans to Make it Illegal to Discriminate Based on COVID-19 Vaccination Status

The Problem in the US Is the Media Won’t Talk About the Massive Corruption in the 2020 Election – President Trump

US Still Denies Entry to Unvaccinated Legal Travelers but Not Illegal Aliens Walking Across the Open Border

Dominion Voting Systems CEO Caught in Major Lie on ’60 Minutes’ on His Voting Machine Capabilities (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Gets Handsy with Black Effeminate MSNBC Reporter – No One Is Off Limits to Old Joe (VIDEO)

Happening Again: Election Drop Box Spotters Catch Man Covering License Plate In Arizona

Japan Undertakes Biggest Military Buildup Since WWII; ‘Landmark’ Moment in Pacific History Underway

“Young People are Just Dying These Days” – Red Hot Chili Peppers Lead Vocalist Talks About a Fan Who “Died Suddenly” on Joe Rogan Show

21 States Where the CDC’s Push to Get Covid Vaccines Mandated in Schools is ‘Dead-on-Arrival’

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