Fulford preview 10/24 (very short this week): “China announces new 100-year plan while the West descends into chaos”

Fulford preview 10/24 (very short this week): “China announces new 100-year plan while the West descends into chaos”

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Date: Monday, 24-Oct-2022 08:50:16

Mr. Fulford has only provided a very short preview this week. The full newsletter which we will post on Thursday has 5 images and 15 videos. Source:
https://benjaminfulford.net/2022/10/24/china-announces-new-100-year-plan-while-the-west-descends-into-chaos/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ October 24, 2022 China announces new 100-year plan while the West descends into chaos By Benjamin FulfordWeekly Reports 6 Comments

The Khazarian mafia-led “rules-based world order” is descending into anarchy and civil war. By contrast, China has just announced a new 100-year plan to enrich their nation in harmony with nature. Unless the West overthrows its Satanic KM leadership, China is going to rule the world, whether it wants to or not. Before talking about China, let us start by looking at the civil war raging in the West. What happened there is that after the murder of Queen Elizabeth II (head of the committee of 300), the KM installed either a blackmail-compromised King Charles III or else a puppet look alike. MI6 sources say the murder of Elizabeth was German DVD revenge for the execution of George Bush Sr. and his family. The murder was likely ordered by Heinz Kissinger, according to Asian royal family sources. Here is a message I sent to MI6 about Kissinger: Heinz Kissinger tried to have me killed around the time I first started exposing his boss David Rockefeller. He is also the guy who set up the so-called trading platforms that spoof the financial system to create money out of nothing for the Nazi group he works with. He, therefore, has the strongest motive to prevent any attempts to wrest control of the financial system away from his group, hence the murder of Her Majesty as well as so many other leaders over the years. He needs to be taken in, interrogated and then put on trial. Kissinger and his deputy Richard Haas, head of the Council on Foreign Relations, ordered the murder of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, according to Japanese military intelligence. For that reason, an international arrest warrant has been issued for Kissinger, who is a well-known serial killer of world leaders. Haas has already announced he is quitting the CFR, presumably because he has already been arrested or executed. https://nydailypaper.com/richard-haass-council-foreign-relations-html/ Needless to say, their Rockefeller family bosses are also in trouble. According to a senior CIA source: “The Rockefeller foundation and the family are going to be thrown under the bus. The rest of the Elites have decided that the Rockefellers will be… ~~~~~ END OF PREVIEW ~~~~~ Check back Thursday for full report

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