Massive Protest by Aussies against Sending Weapons to Ukraine – OCT 23 2022

Massive Protest by Aussies against Sending Weapons to Ukraine

Posted By: MaryMaxwell [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 23-Oct-2022 15:36:31

Massive Protest by Aussies against Sending Weapons to Ukraineby Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLBThe new-ish prime minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese (nickname Elbow), is sending a half-billion Oz dollars to the Ukraine, and proposes to send solldiers “OT” too.The folks are in the street saying “We’re not having it.”Aussie Cossack, who recently did a prison sentnece, is being told he must not show the flag. But which flag? The union jack?I recall the March 2003 protests aginst Prime Minister John Howard’s plan to send soldiers to Iraq. Every citizen opposed it, on the streets of capital cities. I lived in Adelaide and did not know such crowds were possible. That was on a Sunday. On the Wednesday Parliament met and approved it.Let’s see if 19 years makes a difference.Check out the Aboriginal bloke at 1.57 minutes. He says “This a collective.” Too right, Mate.And you have heard today that Trudeau banned the sale or transfer of guns?


Posted By: The_Fox [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 24-Oct-2022 02:28:40

In Response To: AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE (01:56) (The_Fox)

Thank you Sharen, who writes;We can’t believe any of them, they all lie , if they didn’t they wouldn’t be there. We have to create a new way to govern ourselves. We never needed them. We need to run not walk away from the whole thing. They have a strong hold on people because they give so called free food stamps and health care . The more free stuff they give, the more freedom we lose.They are snakes in the grass, poison snakes. It isn’t going to be easy, but it would be worth it. Families need to help each other, that is the only way out. Most of all, get out of the matrix, it is a huge trap. If you have to downsize then do it. You will be glad you did. Let us get serious about it, before we are so trapped we can’t get out.———Fox.
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