(Reader: Betty Boop) Response to KS “The Nerve!”

Reader Post | By Betty Boop


I commend your guts to actually speak up and lay it all out there. Those with a lick of sense have also come to the same conclusion as you and over 33.6 million from Trumps base have had enough of this low grade off Broadway play and cut their support for the “Actor with many faces”. I’m nauseated to hear his voice knowing full well every word is a damn lie, that’s not conjecture that’s a fact. Worst president in history to be transparent from day 1 to the people. All he has left at this point is his Rally Sheep to constantly feed his enormous ego.  I’m from the belief that there is never a time to lie, deceive, embellish, stretch the truth….ever!! One lie breeds thousands. There is NO credibility as a liar, for anyone to be allowed to accept this behavior has NO self respect. I don’t give a damn who the hell it is, every lie is an insult to my intelligence, a literal slap in my face. Trump created this huge snowball of lies that he closely guards with secrets and deceptions.

Never should the People have ever allowed him to manipulate us from the very beginning by keeping information, his actions, cover ups, shady deals, criminal legalities of not only him but his nefarious grown children. His tactics are no different than what Obama did after being elected. OPTICS!! Obama is gay, Michael Vaugh is a transgender, the 2 girls are not theirs, he is not an American, not a Christian, he was SELECTED not ELECTED to destroy this country. Liar to the people. Trump is not a conservative but a devoted Freemason Democrat, not Christian but Jewish, wife #3 filed for divorce disgusted over all his sexual assault lawsuits, advised to settle lawsuits of his Trump University Scam on 100s of Americans. Just to scam 100s more from new lawsuits in 2020 by draining his supporters credit/debit accts  over his endless email donations.

Americans put the worlds worst con man into office, and like EVERY president before him, he took advantage of his obsession for greed to enrich his bank acct by unloading his Merchandise of the Trump brand with countless advertisements to buy anything and everything with his name on it. Its despicable.

Trump is not a savior, he wasn’t sent by God, he is not the chosen one, nor is he a King, like he sees himself. Trump, the Military, White Hats, advisors must be reminded they are ALL CIVIL SERVANTS and work for “WE THE PEOPLE”. Is this not what he announced at his swearing in? To give the people back their power to govern our Government?  Its our Constitutional Right…..our duty to demand answers from our servants? The People are the rightful owners of Federal Reserve, IRS, NOT TRUMP. The People should be in control of the UK, Canada, Australia  as part of America by collapsing the Stock Market…NOT TRUMP. This has nothing to do with some damn grander plan, he’s doing the job we elected him to do. As badly as he wants it all to be about HIM and his delusion, Q and the rest work for us. We are looked at as entities a PART of their movement, the almighty and powerful OZ retains the control. By flooding us with disinformation, misinformation, deception, secrets, mind games. We the People are left to bear the brunt of this country’s hardships, high gas, food, housing, deaths, suicides, homelessness, no money, suffering, struggling, destruction of our lives, both mentally and physically.

The Nerve of these arrogant and wealthy servants continue year after year to watch millions be used as collateral damage, unable to hold on to any hope of our God given rights to live as free men and women and our pursuit of happiness and liberty, to travel freely without unlawful papers that need NO permission by any other man. As free highly intelligent(I use that loosely) people that are far more able to unite and work together have no need for a corrupt and unjust government. Only the people can make changes to live as it was always meant to be. For the brain dead lazy sheep you have 2 options; 1) Learn and understand to be responsible for your own lives and well being as a free person, to work together with other like minded people…OR. 2) Continue to be part of your comfortable flock unwilling to think for yourself and follow your corrupt criminal terrorist leaders and be sacrificed. Removed away from free men and women. Your choice.

FYI; When Rumsfield announced on live tv that 2.3 Trillion dollars was missing the day before 9/11….The White Hats planned to steal the money. They were aware of the Twin Towers going to be blown up by Israel Mossad agents who had wired the buildings with Thermite, a week before. Not only did they steal the 2.3 Trillion but also another 2 trillion. A large part of being taxpayer money. Think about that!!  They knew people would die and did nothing to stop it!!  Money used for the Space Force!!!!!!!!

Thank you KS.

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