The Arcturians: Time to Celebrate Visible Success

The Arcturians: Time to Celebrate Visible Success

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We are with you!

We are with you, we are with you, we are in the midst of you, we – THE ARCTURIANS.

For a long time we have been among the people as star-born and many of us have entered the life with a solid body. They have chosen this so that they can assist you in this crucial struggle. What is decided now is the ascension of a galaxy – and for this it needs the united forces of light and the whole power of heaven and earth.

Also from the subtle planes we are ready and at your service.

We are the ACRTURIANS!

Beloved people of this earth!

We have already done a good part of our work and the best part of our work is now ahead of us.

It is the time when we begin to celebrate visible successes and when our intentions have an effect. Healings of unimaginable magnitude are given, because this earth is embedded in the breath of God and it is guarded by the ONE who is ALL.

The upheaval is carried by us, the great brotherhood of light and is determined by us. Another view on this time event is pure illusion.

Level of self-empowerment

Now we come to the level of the self-empowerment of the people, to the level on which the people strip off their victim status and reveal themselves as active creator beings. This fact changes everything!

The awakening has begun with certain people a long time ago and only now this can have an effect on this time line – it becomes visible for all eyes and in front of all eyes.

The old unsustainable system, the old undesirable circumstances and the old life of lack are history.

This is exactly why the remaining forces of darkness are trying everything to hide this change from you, to cut you off from your own power and keep you away from your true power and strength.

Everything is being done to delay the collective awakening of humanity, just so that these forces do not have to confront reality – and the reality is: the game is up!

Trainings and instructions

Many people are currently being instructed and inspired to establish the NEW HUMANITY based on divine principles. Training on the subtle level is taking place and this is now having a direct effect on the way people live together.

Ideas are conceived and new possibilities – to repair the damage done to nature, environment and people – are born. New or long-created inventions are coming to light – so the planet and humanity are finding healing.

Long, very long have you waited for this moment. Long, very long we had to hold back and had to remain in the observer role. Because for the great change it is necessary to be ready and this had to be waited for: Now you are and we are with you! Now the upliftment of this galaxy is underway and it has begun on this earth.

Even if it sometimes seems otherwise: All evil dissolves in the light of God.

The earth is now rising and people are healing in all their limbs.

Eternally joined by love, eternally fed by it, we are – the people and the Arcturians.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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