LEAKED!!! JUAN O SAVIN sings “2020 It’s NOT Over Yet”

LEAKED!!! JUAN O SAVIN sings “2020 It’s NOT Over Yet”

Posted By: jensingr
Date: Monday, 31-Oct-2022 11:52:34

“LEAEKED” on purpose and definitely meant to be a morale booster while we wait for the storm!They don’t take themselves seriously but it is a sweet attempt at singing. The “Drano swamp girls” is a great idea for back up singers.Sarcastic and funny at the same time.I think Jennifer is reincarnated from the the 30’s or 40’s. Her style is very vamp!LEAKED!!! Juan O Savin sings “2020, It’s Not Over Yet” with Jennifer Machttps://rumble.com/embed/v1o2yhy/?pub=4https://rumble.com/embed/v1o2yhy/?pub=4__________________________________________________________***In case you don’t know, Juan and Jennifer are engaged. They are quite the quirky couple! I am sure they will have a big wedding in Nevada somewhere after the storm has settled.And this rules out that Juan is JFK jr. wearing a suit theory, although it was plausible with all the rubber masks, suits, etc.but…JFK jr. DOES wear disguises!!!


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