X22 Report — Episode 2912: The Call Goes out to Audit Politicians, Dismantling of the Deep State Protection in Progress



 -Sunday, 30 October 2022, 22:53 PM

Ep. 2912a – The Call Goes Out To Audit Politicians, Economic Truth Is About To Be Released

Ep. 2912b – Dismantling Of The [DS] Protection In Progress, Dog Comms, Control Returned To The People

X22 Report
Published October 30, 2022


The [CB] is now trying to convince the people that inflation comes from nowhere, it just showed up. Fuel companies are now putting out warnings about diesel fuel shortages. Twitter is now fact checking Biden economic tweet. DeSantis, let’s audit the politicians.


The [DS] system is now being dismantled right in front of their eyes, nothing can stop this, nothing. Scavino puts out dog comms right after Paul Pelosi alleged attack. Its time finish what we started, it’ time to take back the country. The control is returning to the people and the people are now pushing the truth out and the [DS] cannot control the narrative. 


operation disclosure official

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