Hakann: Manifesting and Returning to Earth with a Full Grown Body

Hakann: Manifesting and Returning to Earth with a Full Grown Body

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Question: I have a question for Hakann.

Let us say there is a soul who transitioned from Earth into the higher dimensions, and they want to manifest a body and return to Earth in full grown form, to support their family or whatever the reason may be. Are there laws which would prevent them from doing this? Would they need to seek permission from the spiritual hierarchy or some type of a council? Or can they just go ahead and return, manifesting a full adult body and enter the world again?

Answer: This is Hakann speaking. This is a great question.

If an average Earthling transitions, they do not have the ability to manifest a fully grown body on Earth. Theoretically a more evolved being could help them to manifest a fully grown body, but that more evolved being would need to have a very good reason for that. In practice this rarely happens.

Now let’s suppose that an evolved Earthling transitions, whom has given his life over to Source and whom has gently let go of his inner barriers and blocks. For example, a being such as the one who you call Jesus. In this case, this being can manifest a fully grown body without asking permission from anyone. However, this being will very likely only do that either after asking Source and getting approval, or if this is needed to fulfill a request given to him by Source.

While the following principle is not always true, it’s often the case that people only develop certain potentially-destabilizing abilities after they have gained the wisdom to use these properly. For example, many abilities only unlock after resolving your own inner peace and genuinely and consciously surrendering your life to Source.

Evolved beings whom have surrendered themselves to Source, don’t write laws for other evolved beings whom have surrendered themselves to Source. Their only principle is serving Source, and such beings can communicate with Source whenever they wish, so why would laws be necessary?

For those rare cases that such evolved beings are caught in an ego trap, there are beings who keep watch and who could theoretically block someone from manifesting a full grown body on Earth. For example, Archangel Michael has blocked a good-hearted but misguided being from manifesting a body once. However, in practice this is rarely necessary.

We Pleiadians do write a very few rules for less evolved beings, such as “don’t directly harm other people.” However, we also don’t see a need to write laws for those beings who have genuinely surrendered themselves to Source and cleared their distortions.

For example, I personally don’t respect other people’s free will because this is a written-down law. I do this because it is Source’s will that I do so.

I think that right now it is hard for Earthlings to imagine how pleasant and how efficient a society is in which most beings have genuinely committed themselves to serving Source, and as such, no laws are necessary for them. Also, everything that needs to be done gets accomplished harmoniously, without some central institution forcing people to do certain tasks.

You will be able to see for yourself how pleasantly such a society flows when we make open contact. And it is likely that one day Earthlings will build such a society too.

This is yet another reason why we think that the highest priority for Earthlings should be the raising of their level of consciousness. Love is tied strongly to that – love is the fertile soil in which consciousness can bloom.

Thank you for your question.

**Channel: A.S

**This is exclusively shared with EraofLight.com

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