X22 Report Ep. 2921a & b – There Are Always Casualties In War, [DS] System Is Coming To An End, Taking Control (a, 18min; b, 45min) – Oct 09 2022

Financial Report
Ep. 2921a – Biden Admin/[CB]/[WEF] Are Ready To Continue, If Not Economically Awake Now, Just Wait (18 min)

The energy crisis is hitting Europe and the criminal syndicate leaders are causing the problem. The people are feeling the pain, the economy is imploding and the [WEF] is ready to continue since the midterms are over, now the real pain comes and the economic awakening.

https://rumble.com/embed/v1qfap8/?pub=9ceev ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Political/Geopolitical Report
Ep. 2921b – There Are Always Casualties In War, [DS] System Is Coming To An End, Taking Control (45 min) The [DS] is cheating in the midterms as expected, remember we are war (@), there are always casualties in war. Those that lost were expected. The main mission was to take back the house and the senate, this is the battle. Trump also baited the Elite Republicans into coming out the shadows. This is not about election, popularity, this is about exposing and bringing down the [DS] system, taking back control, this is what this war is about, and the [DS] is not going to surrender, they will fight to the end using every dirty trick in their system. But the patriots are winning. https://rumble.com/v1t1enc-ep.-2921b-there-are-always-casualties-in-war-ds-system-is-coming-to-an-end-.html?mref=9ceev&mc=ewucg

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