Fulford full newsletter 11/7: “Rothschilds and Rockefellers seek to surrender as Germany joins planetary liberation alliance”

Fulford full newsletter 11/7: “Rothschilds and Rockefellers seek to surrender as Germany joins planetary liberation alliance”

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Date: Thursday, 10-Nov-2022 09:15:18

https://benjaminfulford.net/2022/11/07/rothschilds-and-rockefellers-seek-to-surrender-as-germany-joins-planetary-liberation-alliance/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~November 7, 2022Rothschilds and Rockefellers seek to surrender as Germany joins planetary liberation allianceBy Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 32 CommentsThe Khazarian mafia stranglehold on the planet earth is finally ending. Germany and Japan have joined Russia, China and England in the planetary liberation alliance. This has forced the Rothschild and Rockefeller families hiding in Zug, Switzerland to contact the White Dragon Society to negotiate a surrender.However, until the United States is liberated from the Khazarian mafia, the war will continue. The key is to prevent the theft of the mid-term US elections by the KM during the blood moon eclipse election day of November 8th. The US military white hats promise to declare war on the KM if the election is stolen.


This is why: The banks that own the FRB are bankrupt. For example, in recent weeks Wells Fargo banks’ loans are down 90% from a year ago. This is certainly true of the other big banks too. No company can survive a drop in revenue like that without going through bankruptcy proceedings.


Remember, they lent money created literally out of nothing in order to enslave people and now people are refusing it. In other words, the West and much of the rest of the world is about to be liberated from Babylonian debt slavery.

This does not mean the battle is over yet though. The KM are using their man Elon Musk, for example, to try to play the role of hero and savior of the people. The photos below show Musk coming out of the closet and showing the world he is a Satan worshipper.

Musk is also one of the greatest con artists in world history. Here you can see a NASA (Not A Space Agency) news release saying one of Musk’s SpaceX rockets has gone to the International Space Station.,


Next, you can see one of the “astronauts” being interviewed aboard the International Fake Station.

This is nothing more than the use of fraud to steal money from the American people. Musk has also used FRB funny money to become “the richest man in the world,” while forcing American taxpayers to subsidize his electric car and other businesses.

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