November 12, 2022: Breaking Through the Mind Control with Truth [videos] – Nov 12 2022

November 12, 2022: Breaking Through the Mind Control with Truth [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 November 12, 2022

Yesterday was a big day that most people missed. It marked the end of the Q clock, a massively detailed disc of timelines, events, markers, and auspicious dates that have guided us in the process of the Q Team and military operation since 2017, I believe. If that phase is now over, then it stands to reason that we are entering the next phase of the liberation, and it has certainly been kicked off with a bang.

The elections in Brazil and now America have had staggering results. The steal is so blatant, so obvious, they are daring the Earth Alliance to deal with it and they want it to get bloody.

If you are stuck in 3D, can’t see anything happening, say there were no arrests and no evidence of them, and generally want to bring everyone’s vibration down, you are in the wrong place. This is a 5D realm and we have the Big Picture of what is happening, why, and we are reasonably satisfied with the evidence and intel we are getting.

If you think that all the arrests and all the operations should be spelled out in the mass media for your satisfaction then you have missed the whole point of a covert operation and don’t see the potential danger.

Here’s a reminder from SGAnon’s Truth Social Account, where he also shares some amazing decodes from brilliant minds who really know how to connect dots.

Louder for your sleepers in the back -> Joint military coalition running “Search and Destroy / Search and Capture” operations WORLD WIDE.

These people are DOOMED. We will find every last roach. They tried to exterminate us.
They are now being exterminated.

Justice for ALL

SGAnon uploaded another outstanding update last night [see below] it would benefit everyone to hear, whether you’re fully aware or struggling to keep your eyes open. It’s a reality check, an intel update, clarification, and great advice. He is a calming force in the Storm and if we want to truly understand what is happening on our planet under the joint forces of international militaries, we need to hear the facts.

He didn’t say anything most of us don’t already know; that a lot of DISinformation has been going out over the years. I’ve lost track of the number of times I have cautioned about that and told everyone not to take everything as fact. It’s the way the war is fought. Use discernment. You will not have an advantage over your enemy if you are honest and reveal your operations and intelligence to them. It’s common sense.

Civilians will NOT be told everything but in our circumstances, because it is an information war they needed us to be informed and to arm ourselves with the truth and share it as Digital Soldiers, as General Flynn requested.

Therefore the Q Military Intelligence took to the Chan forums and began disseminating information in posts that would arm the Anonymous Patriots to research and solve the clues for a better understanding of the situation on Earth. A lot of red pilling needed to happen so Humanity could fight their own battles and protect themselves.

One thing Q made crystal clear was the fact that the cabal owns the media; roughly 95 per cent of it so anyone expecting arrests, executions, etc. to be broadcast on CNN, MSNBC or their nation’s corporate media is living in a dream world. The military is and has been removing key enemy assets for years to protect us and level the playing field. They will not risk violence and acts of revenge by publicizing these acts. As Q instructed: “Think logically.”

General Orders to US Mil Commanders | Infiltration Highlighted in all Areas | Trust the Plan

I feel like I’m repeating myself week after week but it seems we have to keep reminding people how an information war works. This is not a game. It IS a war and wars means secrets and discretion. What we see and hear on the surface is one aspect of the war. The military is fighting a far different war in addition to it. A largely invisible war, unless you take the time to read, and watch, and connect dots.

The reason the entire cabal takedown has been handled behind the scenes is to mitigate loss of life. If the US or other militaries stepped in, took over our government buildings, the airwaves, and were visible in our streets, the average person would either be frightened or triggered to grab a weapon.

There are all kinds of sleeper cells and programmed, weaponized assets out there we don’t know about. The Alliance has been flushing them out gradually over the years but we can see from the number of shootings in America, stabbings, bombings, bizarre car wrecks, etc. that the cabal still has minimal ways to hurt us. If the military intervened the way many people want, those hidden assets would be activated and it would be mayhem with great loss of innocent lives.

This may be one such attack which happened today. We don’t know but it looks suspicious and intentional.

Insider Paper on Twitter: “BREAKING: Footage shows air collision of a B-17 bomber and smaller plane at Dallas airshow” / Twitter

Before people go off half-cocked and say the liberation of Humanity is a hoax and nothing is happening, they need to get a grip on their emotions, think about the safety of others and the success of a massive, long-range plan rather than self-gratification and get out of fear.

Have your heard that all negative thoughts are not your own and did not originate with you? Who controls your mind?

What we should fear is one potential misstep made in haste or in response to an enemy move that triggers a firestorm of violence and death. We got so much valuable advice and counsel from the Q Team. Timing is everything. Relax and enjoy the show. Everything is connected. Everything has meaning. Think logically. Future proves past.

We have been given unprecedented military intelligence and we should use it. Decades of planning at the very least went into this operation and the White Hats are not going to skip steps or go public to assuage the fears of the awakened or to prove anything. The Plan is the Plan and they will not deviate. There I go repeating myself again… and again… and again.

We are not being tricked into thinking there is a movement to save Humanity when there isn’t. Many of us considered that when Q first came out but the mountains of proofs and evidence to the contrary over years in addition to the confirmations from Trump, Dan Scavino Jr., Gen. Flynn, and others assures us that it’s the real deal. It is now so obviously not true that it’s a trick and the proof has been presented for the past six years since Trump began campaigning. Trump has nearly always told us the truth—when he could.

I don’t know about you, but the above meme speaks volumes. We have seen images of Nancy Pelosi with federal agents lately and know the police were at their home. If you are skilled at connecting dots, you might take this to mean she was executed, or sent away to a military base where tribunals are held. Do the details really matter? Trump is telling us she was dealt with. Do you think Trump can come out and tell us on Truth Social or Fox News exactly what took place? What do you think would happen if he did?

Unless there is a public slip-up such as the ones after John McCain’s execution by two people on live television, there will be no verifiable proof of what the military is doing to eradicate these traitors in our midst. I wouldn’t count on a governor and the traitor’s daughter or son to come forward again and let the cat out of the bag. The only situation I am aware of involving the removal of a major threat openly discussed and publicized was the targeting of Gen. Soleimani of Iran. That tells us the White Hats are serious and will do what is necessary.

It’s a sad day when sentient Beings suspect their rescuers are out to get them after spending decades allowing psychotic murderers to run their lives and believing everything they hear from the mass media.

People are obviously free to believe whatever they like, but we don’t need to hear frightened, irrational thoughts online, seeding doubts in the minds of the very newly awakened. We should be over the moon with gratitude that this is finally happening out in the open [for logical minds] and that we can see the Great Awakening taking place in real time.

Americans sent a very strong RED message to the cabal this week. They know what has been happening with their elections and with politicians in Washington and in their communities and they’re not having it any more. It ends now, but there is a process, and it will all be done by the book. This isn’t Colombia or any third world nation. We have guns, but we are not lawless. This is history in the making and it will be done lawfully, humanely, meticulously, logically, peacefully AND SUCCESSFULLY.

The longer it takes to resolve the election, the more informed the public will be and the 2020 election can also be addressed. This isn’t about one day, or one election, or a 4-year election. It is a years-long, protracted Plan to address ALL the necessary steps in this liberation. Awakening Humanity is KEY and it must be done slowly and gradually so they have a chance to piece it together. Even people who have been watching this White Hat agenda for some time still don’t get it.

Juan O’Savin did at least one interview this week you may take in for updates, strategy, etc. It’s logical details that fill in the gaps, including about the role of Gov. Ron DeSantis. He’s a decoy.

Juan O Savin HUGE Intel 11.11 – Post Election Update

I believe many accurately see what is happening as a result of the election steal. The psychopaths have been trying to provoke the American people to violence for a long time. This is their last ditch effort. Link to Telegram for video clip with Jack Posobiec.

“There is a power vacuum right now caused by these vote delays and the DC Uniparty is using it to try to institute a MAGA Civil War”

Patriots should should STEER CLEAR of the Maricopa vote counting center – be smart! You know they’ll use any excuse to delay even more and blame MAGA. Don’t take the bait. We will have all updates on tonight’s show!  Link to Telegram.

Astonishing news continues to flow about the recent election. The crimes are building and building. I can’t begin to cover it adequately, but pulled a few interesting posts.

I found this one fascinating. It’s a comm. Why is Trump talking about stealing an “Electron”? What happens when you steal an electron from a molecule? Anyone? Q told us spellings matter, and we know Trump never, ever makes a mistake in his posts. Everything has meaning, Q told us. So what is he telling us? SGAnon commented on the post on Truth Social.

Preparing the narrative for justification to the masses

Military Takeover

Donald J. Trump



So in Maricopa County they’re at it again. Voting Machines in large numbers didn’t work, but only in Republican districts. People were forced to wait for hours, then got exhausted or had other things to do and left the voting lines by the thousands. Even Kari Lake was taken to a Liberal Democrat district in order to vote. Others weren’t so lucky. This is a scam and voter fraud, no different than stuffing the ballot boxes. They stole the Electron from Blake Masters. Do Election over again!

They are continuing the Wu Flu insanity in California. Now it’s fall and colds and flu will increase and they say it’s “Covid”. By now, people should be saying, “So what?” Hardly anyone died from Covid and there are many fast and safe cures. Masks don’t prevent the spread of a contagion and are harming people in so many ways, including psychologically. Link to Telegram.

Masks could return as L.A. County sees worrying uptick in COVID and RSV infections

On a lighter note…

Please make it stop. I can’t take much more of this madness but understand things have to get really absurd for some people to get it. White woman identifies as black. Link to Telegram.

I spent so much time on setting the record straight I don’t have any more for updates. People need to get real, put their egos aside, and accept the serious nature of the path we’re on. Anyone who doesn’t have the stomach or the discerning mind to analyze the information they should just opt out, don’t watch the news anywhere or seek out the facts in the Truther Community and just go on hiatus until the breakthrough comes and the world is apprised of the situation on our plane[et]. Then you’ll know it’s real.

Thanks to the crew for the shares and updates. Back soon.  ~ BP

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