Scientists Make Shocking Discovery: Those Face Masks Are Causing Cancer –

YOU sure about that scientists ?

The EVIL ones have been putting “CANCER AGENTS” in vaccines and human/dog Food for years.

If it’s in THE MASKS too – Then – that must be known for all humanity.


Scientists Make Shocking Discovery: Those Face Masks Are Causing Cancer

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Saturday, 12-Nov-2022 00:34:50

The face masks that humanity was forced to wear in order to defend themselves against Covid-19 may end up being very harmful to their health because recent research indicates that the fibers of these masks contain carcinogens.Titanium dioxide is one such toxin found in face masks, which scientists say is a human carcinogen when reports: Not only have adults been unwittingly exposed to this likely cancer-causing substance due to widespread mask mandates put in place during the pandemic, but so too have children, whose bodies are especially vulnerable to toxic influences.Coupled with evidence suggesting that mask mandates and use did not lower the spread of COVID-19, forced mask mandates become all the more atrocious.Group 2B carcinogen detected in masksSNIP


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