November 14, 2022: The Funeral March for the Dark Cabal [videos]

November 14, 2022: The Funeral March for the Dark Cabal [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 November 14, 2022

Actor Jon Voigt made an eloquent plea to Humanity to see the darkness in the world, the truth, so that we may correct and eliminate it. The man to return America to its potential power is Donald Trump, he says. He also states Trump will be back—and not as Speaker of the House as some are pushing. Does anyone really believe Trump would agree to go from President of the USA to Speaker? I can’t see that happening and in a recent interview Trump himself said he is not interested in being Speaker. Of course he also said in old interviews that he didn’t think he’d ever want to be President of the United States, but that is the nature of war; deception.

Despite the claims by some, many, many things are happening, and it’s not a matter of “blind faith”. We know who the blind are; they don’t understand how critical “optics” are.

Q the Storm Rider sheds light on the bigger picture. As Q told us, this is so much bigger than you know. The scale of this takedown is massive and complex because the systems and criminal pathways created by the enemy were so vast. We can’t only remove part of the cancer, we have to get it all or it will grow back. We also have to change the way we do things so we don’t support it’s return.

I got a great updates coming up..


Let you know what’s happening and let you understand . Hope is not lost…./////

I have been telling you for a long time how everything would FALL and elections is controlled by the captured operations of the U.S. [ DS] corporations government/////

Stay calm/////


THE LAST TWO COUNTRIES. U.S. CANADA who need liberation…… Is on the way.. These two countries are connected to wider scam that controls several smaller countries….

[ ROCKEFELLERS] are in the kill box in North America

I don’t mistake the following as gospel. I think they are making us stories to cover for the arrest—like they did with the Paul Pelosi attack debacle. You decide.

CFO for Tyson Foods arrested after being found nearly nude and sleeping in homeowner’s bedroom – of wrong house

It’s too late to cover up their crimes. We know what they did, and we’re coming after them. Hundreds of thousands of people—perhaps millions—died after the beginning of the Kung Flu hoax and are still dying as a result of the jabs—which are not vaccines, for anyone who hasn’t heard. The deaths reported following their shots are still escalating.

Now I’ve heard everything. They are blaming the heart damage from the clot shots on particulates in the air. This from a “science alert”. I would be shocked if there were any science involved. They are trying to fuel the “climate change” argument again. They might try to end the appalling pollution spewing from the Chinese manufacturing sites.

Tiny Particles in The Air May Trigger Sudden Heart Attacks, Study Suggests

And what else do we have to fear? A turkey shortage for Thanksgiving! Unbelievable. Another fake plague will spoil another holiday? Please.

So get a ham, or a pork roast, or a lamb, or a can of Spam. It’s hardly important in the big scheme of things, is it?

Farmers say bird flu, other issues causing turkey shortage ahead of Thanksgiving

SGAnon did another excellent interview you may wish to listen to for more clarity and focus on the facts. He explains some important strategy as he either knows it, or discerns it to be. He confirms we are definitely in a new phase now. 46 min.

SGAnon Sits Down w/ Lisa at “Questioning The Narrative” | 11/08/2022

As always, there are reports that the White Hats are having internal struggles. Perhaps, but to that I refer to war strategy and say, “enjoy the show”.

White Hats in Turmoil

What the People can see is that the Deep State goes after its political enemies like schoolyard bullies. They are lawless. There is no accountability for attacks, lawsuits, or jail time. Now Biden suggests Elon Musk is a threat. Dir. of National Intelligence Ratcliffe explains to Dan Bongino why that is absurd and strictly personal/political. Video 3 min.

Former DNI Ratcliffe Drops a NUKE on Deep State

What people might better pay attention to are the irrational, unconstitutional and dangerous plans of various shadow governments to continue the slave routine and removing freedom from the People. The Brownstone Institute published this article today.

They Will Lock You Down Again

Did you think the Covid tyranny was over? Maybe not, depending on where you live. Link to Telegram.


They are scanning peoples bodies for visible luciferase proof of vaccinations at airports. If you are caught with a Fake Vaccine Pass, you are fined and not allowed to board your connecting flight home until you are force vaccinated at the airport.

Full Episode
( FTW Project Website
( HopeGirl Blog

It has been nearly one week since the designated “Election Day” and still the numbers are changing daily in some places. In others, it’s time for investigations into the improprieties to begin.

Governor Abbott Calls For Investigation Of Harris County Elections

In the mean time, there are things voters should do.

The air show crash in Dallas has been a topic of conversation since it occurred on Saturday. We wonder if the P-63 was equipped with an uninterruptible autopilot. It doesn’t make sense that a vintage plane would have been retrofitted with the device but we are wondering what would take the plane off-course at that moment. Perhaps it was only pilot error but it seems unlikely. It’s quite the conundrum why the King Cobra would collide with the B-17. The video below honours the six people who died in those marvelous historic aircraft belonging to the Texas Raiders.

There are interesting ‘coincidences’ involved. The crew pointed out the following about King Cobra venom.

Regarding the “King Cobra” named plane, I saw an interview on that was discussing how they came up with this name and the Vaccine. The vaxx has venom in it….it’s actually King Cobra venom. Don’t know how much venom it’s laced with.
“Their venom is not the most potent among venomous snakes, but the amount of neurotoxin they can deliver in a single bite—up to two-tenths of a fluid ounce—is enough to kill 20 people, or even an elephant. King cobra venom affects the respiratory centers in the brain, causing respiratory arrest and cardiac failure.“

What a coincidence that those names would come up again. King Cobra venom taking out a B-17, and B-17 is a vitamin that cures cancer. Of course the psychopaths made it illegal in America, like so many other highly beneficial substances, such as hemp.

The FDA has made the sale of B-17 or Laetril the synthetic lab version illegal in the USA. They say it is due to the presents [presence] of a known poison cyanide. Proponents of B17 and cancer being used together claim that it is the cyanide which contributes to the substance’s anti-cancer properties. Natural health practitioners have been using it successfully for years as part of many different types of natural cancer reversal protocols. Not all of the protocols are equal however the B17 does play its part in targeting and killing cancer cells directly, it also stimulates the immune system and assists in the production of white bloods cells, So B17 not only directly kills cancer cells but also assists the body in increasing immune function which creates benefit across the board. Source

Just Qincidences? You decide. 6 min. video

It’s time to wrap this up.

See you next time, folks. Keep a stiff upper lip. It’s going to be fabulous at the end of this crazy movie.  ~ BP

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