November 15, 2022: The Big Day Has Arrived—Be There [video]

November 15, 2022: The Big Day Has Arrived—Be There

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 November 15, 2022

As far as the promised big announcement from Trump tonight, we have experienced similar before, and it didn’t always happen. Sometimes the White Hats are psyching out the deep state to see what they’ll do. They might show their hand. Trump is a showman and the ring leader in this circus so he will do whatever will serve the Earth Alliance agenda. I can’t get excited about Trump running for 2024. He is supposed to be in the oval office NOW. He should be picking up the rest of the term he was elected to fill in 2020. I am hoping this address tonight is bigger than another run for office.

I WOULD be excited if Trump began his address with, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us.” Is that what Kash is referring to? SGAnon has augmented the title. Is that how this translates for you? Short and very sweet, if so. Both men are extremely jovial.

Kash Patel Lets it Slip | Bring on The Storm

HERE IS THE LINK TO WATCH THE TRUMP ADDRESS TONIGHT on RSBN:–watch-live-president-donald-j.-trump-makes-special-announcement-at-mar-a-l.html

They begin streaming at 7:30 pm EST.

You can’t make this up. Tupperware. To say America is the laughing stock of the world is probably no exaggeration.

Gregg Phillips on the massive amount of calls taken from people who voted.

Around 1,500 calls to the election integrity hotline. When Box 3 was filled up, they made voters place their votes in Tupperware bins and Katie Hobbs may be certifying hee own stolen election!

Following Simon Parkes’ strategic thinking or the “hint” he may have put out, we can see that Kari Lake is the deep state’s worst nightmare. If they block her from the governorship here in Arizona, it would be the most un-missable steal and fraud possible. I suspect it would be big enough to cause such a ruckus that the military would have to step in. I hear some Americans have already implored the military to intervene. We’ll see what happens.

Here is a version of that.

Supporters for Kari Lake call for military intervention to stop the steal in her governor’s race

Supporters of Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake are desperately seeking help to stop operatives from snatching away her victory over Democratic opponent and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

In polling ahead of Election Day, Lake had pulled ahead of Hobbs by a small amount which is noteworthy given that most mainstream polling favors or oversamples Democrats. But after days of ‘counting ballots,’ Lake has never led Hobbs and is now in danger of being ‘beaten’ as ballots coming from areas of Maricopa County that are heavily Republican somehow are favoring the Democratic challenger.

That is leading some of Lake’s supporters to cry foul and call for military intervention.

The psychopaths are bent on killing a few more million of us, but now they’re really gunning for the kids. Twatter is the vehicle for dissemination of the fake news.

COVID boosters could prevent up to 51,000 hospitalizations among kids: report

By the way… how do we know what the “first arrest” is? There have been many. Does it have to be in the fake news? This is pretty darn big, and it didn’t take long, either.

Military Tribunal Convicts Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel

Military in Canada has a face now. Retired Lt. General with a historic-sounding name speaks up.

LGen (ret’d) Maisonneuve’s absolutely NAILED it with his speech. Speeaking truth to power and cowards complain. Retired general’s speech slamming Canada’s climate change policies, cancel culture and weak leaders applauded by officers… via


This is a very sharable short video that connects a lot of dots. 2 min.

European Parliamentarian Says World is Owned/Controlled by Financial Elites

People poke fun at TikTok and scoff at its validity but no one can refute what is in front of their face. How do these things get embedded at websites like the National Institute of Health [NIH], one has to wonder. There is a lot packed into this 3 min. but anyone can see more if they choose. SGAnon adds “Justice Coming Soon”.

US NIH Website Admits C19 Plandemic | Justice Coming Soon

The theatre of war in Russia/Ukraine and the surrounds is inching toward the red line.

Please listen to this brief update about the open war in Europe from SGAnon at this link. He is very excited about what he believes is coming tonight.  8 min.

There’s lots more at SGAnon’s Truth Social account.

He says there is more at the Elijahstreams video interview he posted here. 1 hr. I am just beginning to listen and he is giving a lot of great background on his life.

Even Kari Lake told us to buckle up. Let’s hope no one but the cabal is disappointed tonight.  ~ BP

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Pfft to Tiff. Trudeau gave away $333 million today in Cambodia. This is just day 1. #TrudeauNationalDisgrace

ANALYSIS | The Bank of Canada is warning Canadians to brace for a rough winter | CBC News

Central banks have spent years helping consumers, businesses and markets weather economic storms. Now, in the fight to rein in inflation, those same banks are actively making the cost of living…







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That’s what the hotel bill will come to 🤡




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Trudeau doesn’t care as long as his privileged

in Ottawa’ are taken care of . Canadians at food banks don’t matter to him .

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It’s November 12 2022. Trudeau can Go Fuck Himself. And when he’s done. He can Go Fuck Himself again. #FuckTrudeau #TrudeauCrimeMinister #TrudeauNationalDisgrace #TrudeauCorruption #TrudeauResign #TrudeauDestroyingCanada #TrudeauworstPMever #TrudeauPOS 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

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