2 Years Too Late – Pfizer And Moderna To Investigate Their Vaccines For Myocarditis Risk

2 Years Too Late – Pfizer And Moderna To Investigate Their Vaccines For Myocarditis Risk

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Date: Tuesday, 15-Nov-2022 12:20:43

Snipby Jen SnowNovember 15, 2022In a move that has come way too late, both big pharma companies, Pfizer and Moderna, have announced that they will be launching studies for their respective vaccines to determine if there are ties between their Covid-19 vaccines, and myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium) that can reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood and, in some cases, can be fatal. The studies come after numerous reports of people suffering from myocarditis within days of receiving the mRNA vaccines – particularly in males 40 years old and younger.Two years ago both vaccines were approved and forced upon multiple populations by governments that clearly did not have enough information, research, or data to deem the vaccines safe. Over a year ago, the link between mRNA vaccines and myocarditis was brought to the attention of both companies and yet it was blatantly denied as they profited from the mandatory vaccines the way candy companies do from excitable children at Halloween. It was a rich market filled with people desperate to get their lives and some sense of normalcy back.Now, two years after the vaccines first became available and were required by the government, these devastating health concerns are finally being investigated. It should also be noted that the risk of developing myocarditis increases with the number of boosters a person has had. One year ago, when the connection was first discovered, people had only had the initial vaccine and potentially one booster – now, two years later those same people are at a far greater risk for myocarditis after having received at least one, and possibly two, boosters. Time is of the essence, unless you are Pfizer or Moderna, apparently.Make no mistake, this is not only a catastrophic failure on the part of big pharma companies but also on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that authorized the emergency use of the vaccines. That’s the same FDA that regulates the nation’s food supply and medical devices.Prior to the pandemic, the FDA and pharmaceutical companies tested most vaccines repeatedly over a 10 to 15-year time period before newly developed vaccines were approved to be released to the public, and even then studies continued with reports of side effects coming in from a much larger population. The reason for the years-long testing process was to study the long-term effects of the potential vaccines.

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