Nov 16 2022 – DEEPSTATE/CABAL and their next move ?

Global Financial Crisis:

Crypto lender BlockFi prepares for possible bankruptcy as contagion from FTX collapse spreads, WSJ reports.

29-Year-Old Crypto Pioneer Found Dead After Warning Days Earlier that Pedo Elite Would Kill Him:

Deep State Playbook: Operation Lock Step – Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Khazarian backed

How do you bring Civilization into a full Digital Banking control? Through hunger and starvation.

This planned Deep State Event will blame the War on Food Distribution collapse. Then the Deep State government will step in as heroes and give out food rations and free money.

BUT you have to register through their Digital Banking System that will control your banking and connect to the new system. If you break any of the agreements of the long worded pressed digital agreement your bank accounts and/or assets will be frozen. You cannot speak/write or share misinformation on the current pandemic procedures, vaccines, virus origins, war info. – that contradicts the mainstream narration.

from Operation Disclosure Official

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