Why have so many people caved into receiving the jabs?

Why have so many people caved into receiving the jabs?

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Wednesday, 16-Nov-2022 12:31:38

My own thoughts on the subject. Chime in with yours.

NW1. They fear death.
2. They believe that their physical body is all that they are and fear losing it.
3. They do not acknowledge that they were each born with a unique soul and that the shots destroy it.
4. They have been hoodwinked into believing the theory of evolution and that there is no Universal Creative Force or God.
5. They believe in the primacy of science that has been hijacked to suit the interests of the controllers.
6. They do not study and understand true ancient history and blindly allow other “authority figures” to interpret the Bible and other spiritual texts for them.
7. They cannot accept the possibility that other civilizations exist in our galaxy.


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