Propaganda Exposed Episode 8

Propaganda Exposed Episode 8

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Wednesday, 16-Nov-2022 19:11:21 Wednesday afternoon! We hope that you’ve had a chance to see Episode 7. We’re taking it down soon, so be sure you watch it while you can! Episode 8 airs in just a few hours!Here is your private link to watch Episode 8:’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll get in tonight’s episode:Discover how the “alphabet agencies” have been lying about laetrile for over 70 years
Learn how EVERYTHING they’ve been telling you about covid-19 is a lie
See how children are being targeted with propaganda…and what you can do about it
Learn the truth about the Russia-Ukraine conflict
Discover how life insurance company data proved the toxicity of the covid jabs
Learn about the “Great Reset” and “Build Back Better”
What was Event 201? Discover the truth…
See how the globalists are trying to take over the world’s food supply
Will you really be happy if you “own nothing” in the year 2030?
Are “Track and Trace” and Global Surveillance really threats to our freedom?
Can they actually “mine cryptocurrency” based on human behavior?
And so much more!!

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