QsDay November 17, 2022: If People Only Knew… If They Only Had Faith… and Logic [video]

QsDay November 17, 2022: If People Only Knew… If They Only Had Faith… and Logic

The crew comes up with the most exceptional material to share with us. You must see this little gem. They added the following for context, and you can open this document and read it for yourself. Let’s hope they get a conservative judge. Much of the argument in the docket is exactly what others have told us; fraud vitiates everything, etc. It is law. There are a lot of names here, many unfamiliar, but many big ones, as well.

Docket filed with Supreme Court to be heard by 23rd Nov 22 – re Election Rigging in 2020 – Asks to remove 388 members of govt including Biden, Pelosi, Harris and Pence and asks SCOTUS to restore Trump immediately.
Read the particulars!


Long story, but the day is almost over and I haven’t been able to prepare a post. Since it is the 17th, I had to do something.

I feel there is a lot going on behind the scenes, as I’ve said so often, and it is looking that way from the Telegrams, videos, etc. Trump’s speech was built up as part of the theatre and distractions. I believe it wasn’t for we awakened ones but the masses who voted for Trump and don’t yet grasp what is going on. The movie is still playing and I urge everyone to stay engaged, don’t get upset, just watch—knowing that it’s all part of the drama required to pull this off.

We hear Nancy Pelosi is not going to be in a Leadership position in Congress any longer—not her choice, but because they “got her”, of course. They will allow her to bow out this way for optics. We’ll probably be seeing doubles or clones.



Pelosi is done. She is not seeking leadership. She surely needs to be held accountable for her actions.

Here is SGAnon’s anticipated File 26 at 48 min.  It’s must-listen, particularly for the waffling, questioning, fearful ones. Fear not.

US Marine Corps Apprehending Traitors | US National Guard Deployed | Trump Speech Misdirection

Dave has a fantastic grasp of most of the events and I recommend listening to his take on the X22 Report.


Michael Jaco also has valuable perspective to alleviate some of the stress and consternation.

Grand Ole Party reveals first thing on new house agenda will be investigating Brandon. Nancy at Spa.

More next time.  ~ BP

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