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Date: Friday, 18-Nov-2022 20:19:40

SEAL Team 6 Assassinated by Obama Administration! Osama Bin Laden = Obama Biden Bin Lying.Friday, November 18, 2022 15:20[SNIP BEGINS]Benghazi Seal Team Truth:
Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with 911. All orchestrated by the Bush administration to set up Osama as the fall guy.Bin Laden was never killed, and is still alive. It was a double that was taken out that day by Seal Team 6.This was all set up to be a “trophy kill” for Obama before his re-election, so he’d come out looking like a hero.The plan was to have Iran move Osama to Pakistan mountains for the kill, but last minute Iran switched him out and replaced Osama with a double. So when the Seal team realized they killed the double, they dumped the body, knowing the real Bin Laden was still alive…So to cover their tracks, Obama and his deep state pals had the Seal Team killed off because they knew the truth and this would foil their plan…To keep Iran quiet, Obama sent almost $1.7 billion in hush money (funded by US taxpayers) to Iran to help facilitate the plan. Note the 17 = QNow it’s time for Hussein, Hillary and Biden to be held accountable.~Jennifer Bevan – FacebookSeal Team 6 was sent into an ambush knowingly but it was SEAL Team Six so they adapted finished the mission and got out of there because it was supposed to be something to predicate a escalation. They were not supposed to get out alive.Knowing that they were set up when they got back they started filling out there wills and they were isolated until the next missions so they wouldn’t squeal how they were sold out and set up by the Obama Administration.The decommissioned transport that was not updated was rigged with explosives denied an escort by sop standard operation procedure because an escort would be Witnesses and they were blown up blaming it on a missile but it was no a missile that ended there lives but explosives guaranteeing no Survivors.All of this was done knowingly by the Obama Administration Obama himself Hillary Clinton Brennan and the generals that follower the unlawful orders knowing that the missions were pre compromised and booby trapped.Now you have a narrative coming out that tries to give Obama a free pass and obscures what actually took place. Even though there is some truth in the story of the gate keeper whistleblower narrative it is still a gatekeeper operation to cover up the real story.The history of Osama bin Laden is more than one person because the original Osama bin Laden died in a military Hospital on a dialysis machine that was special flown in to keep him alive. He was a CIA operative that was working in the behest of the Pentagon color Revolution destabilization program as a manufactured bad guy that could be used to justify foreign action illegitimately to rape those countries and install puppet dictators weakening the United States military while securing those countries resources not for the United States but for the French royal banking cartel Global Mafia.Same people who want the climate change climate accord for the world to surrender to the global monopoly minimised and monitised as carbon currency in a global rehash of Nazi Germany a global New World Order communist dictate fourth Reich hidden under the name multilateralism.That said Libya was a gold Heist giving the country to the royal banking cartels Barbary Pirates Jihad mercenary proxy Army Isis and they were going to do the same thing to Assad after inventing the story that he gassed his own people which never occurred.The president put an end to all of this and they want to put an end to the president before they have to face the music.[SNIP ENDS]CONTINUE TO SOURCE:

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