Ashtar: TV Sucks Your Joy – Nov 22 2022

Ashtar: TV Sucks Your Joy

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Greetings, I am coming to you as Ashtar.  The message I want to give the world is this; You are being deceived.

Election results should not have occurred as they did.  We are well aware of the deceit occurring on Earth. 

For those of you on the ground you have to live through it.  But don’t be of it.  Angry at what is occurring? You need to look past it.  The deceit is not impacting your personal life, is it?  Then watch it just like a movie.  Say, “That is interesting, but I will go back to my life now.”  Don’t get so angered at what you cannot control.  I tell you this with all sincerity, the governments are crumbling.  They cannot hold up their façade much longer.  The deceit comes forward and is exposed.  More eye-opening occurrences will wake up the people.  Let these things happen.  It will become so obvious of the control.  Election officials will have you think the people voted, but in reality, machines were calibrated for a desired outcome.  What we want to happen is the people recognize what is going on and enlighten themselves.  The Great Reset is happening.

Politics is not the most important thing in the world.  What is happening in your community should be a concern, not the national news.  Can you control the floods in another state; not any more than you can control the weather.  So don’t be concerned about things that do not affect your day to day.  Stick to your community happenings.  What is being shown to you is an agenda.  Let’s put in some fear tactics… with some drama… and you will watch it night after night… believing that those things are happening to you.  Ground yourself, there is no need to partake in the larger agenda.  Wake up, learn to read the clouds for your weather, talk with your neighbors, and enjoy your day.  Keep the TV off.  That is the healthiest advice we can give you.  To those souls that adore TV why must you have it?  What hole is it trying to fill?  Analyze why do you watch it.  Are you trying to be informed?  Do you lack a social connection with others?  Are you looking to have someone fill your time?  Analyze the reason for your TV watching.

My dearest children, my mission today is to plant that seed again.  The news is giving you an agenda.  Being involved in your communities is of better value.

I am Ashtar and I will speak to you again.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


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