Rothschild demon Klaus Schwab confesses the future is Multipolar – Nov 24 2022 = Attention Alliance Militaries….,

Rothschild demon Klaus Schwab confesses the future is Multipolar

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Date: Thursday, 24-Nov-2022 10:26:09

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | November 22, 2022 (updated): The World Economic Forum (WEF) leader Klaus Schwab admits at the G20 summit held in Indonesia from November 14-16, that the era of globalization is over, the US dominance is over, and the Multipolar Order (BRICS+) is next. Time for world peace and shared prosperity instead of endless wars and global theft.”Of course, if you look at all the challenges, we can speak about the multi-crisis, [the] economic, political, social, ecological and institution crisis. (He babbles his Great Reset threat and doom for the world.) …Politically, the driving forces (i.e. the financial elite banking centers in the West [New York and London], Russia and China) for this political transformation (A1), of course is the transition into a Multipolar world, which has the tendency to make our WORLD much more FRAGMENTED (A2) and for these reasons, events like this one, the G20 (A3), and so on, are the very important connectors to a void two GREAT SEGMENTATION (A4). I would say [the] LOCALIZATIONING instead of globalization of our world,” said the Rothschild demon-minion Schwab. …)( A1 – Schwab admits that the two sides are talking for a political solution. A2 – The banking cartels, etc. behind Klaus Schwab to establish a one world doctorship is hinting that they will try and make a mess of the Multipolar World by making the pieces not workA3 – He’s hinting that the ruling elites’ chit-chat club the G20 should be kept as a viable instrument or else. A4 – The Unipolar World control by the bankers, and the Multipolar World to help humanity. – The reader must keep in mind that whatever Klaus Schwab says to the public, he’s a man who works for the bankers, the very ones turning the world upside down with tension all over the globe, and he should be scrutinized carefully. This man is certainly not a friend of Russia, China or even India, because these very ones are challenging the Western globalist expansion. Schwab’s ideas are allied with the …)Continue at BATTLEFORWORLD.COM
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Rothschild demon Klaus Schwab confesses the future is Multipolar

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