More Info. on Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling on “Congress Not Allowing 10 day Investigation of Vote Fraud”

More Info. on Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling on “Congress Not Allowing 10 day Investigation of Vote Fraud”

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Friday, 25-Nov-2022 05:59:32

Here is another site that confirms the video posted by Mr. Ed. Titled: REALIST NEWS – Breaking. Supreme Court takes the critical election case!This is a radio program from Utah, an interview of the person involved with filing the Supreme Court case.Historic SCOTUS Case Could Drain the Swamp – John B Wells LIVE is additional info:Here’s something to add to this. The man Loy Brunston, from Utah, is the person who filed the petition, that finally went to the Supreme Court. He was a guest last night, on J.B.Well’s show. Wonderful show!This will give hope to that don’t think it stands a chance.Fast Forward to the 1hr 30 minute mark. And fast-forward when the long commercial comes on. Otherwise, this is awesome!
[link to (secure)]Additional posting source and discussions: Supreme Court will not decide about a potential fraud on the 2020 election, but the 10 days timeline to review the Trump election that was rejected by electoral officials in every StateOnce this gets to a preliminary hearing by the Supreme court, all that is required to take the case for a final ruling is a vote of 4 justices. According to those that claim to have filled this case, the preliminary move to present the case has been accepted by the Supreme court.

Here is Source for Court Case Against 385 US Congressmen, It Was Bumped Up to the Supreme Court

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Friday, 25-Nov-2022 06:43:26

This is from the Loy Brunson site, the official filing can be acquired through his site. This shows the first page.According to the radio interview he gave recently, this case was originally filed in a court in Utah. But under review by Utah court system, it was suggested to be sent to the Supreme court, which it was.
Then Mr. Brunson received officially documentation from Washington DC, that his case would be reviewed by the Supreme Court Justices to determine if they would take the case in full.There is a typical waiting period until that preliminary ruling is made. The exact date the Justices will review the case and determine they will or will not take the case is unknown. But, it could be within two weeks.
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