The Guardians of Dimensions: Your Fight – Nov 28 2022

The Guardians of Dimensions: Your Fight

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Beloved people,

pay attention to the signs of the time – THE signs that now everything changes dramatically at first, but soon everything changes positively by the creative creative power of lightful people. You have no reason to be afraid or to develop fears. Your future will be bright. Even if the way there is turbulent.

For those who are connected to God in their hearts, misfortune will stay away and divine guidance will take over the destiny of your lives – and there will be many wonderful encounters and developments, because the days of miracles have dawned. The darkness will rise for the last time and spread menacingly over the whole earth.

The last battle of those who have long forfeited their right to stay on this earth has begun and it will only end when these creatures and their base stations have been rendered harmless and destroyed.

Battles are being fought on the subtle as well as on the solid level, but this is not your battle:

Your struggle is to connect inwardly ever more deeply with life, with yourself, and with God.

Your struggle is not to be infected or paralyzed by the fears that are now being stirred up and spread.

Your struggle is to live your life trusting in all that is.

– Your struggle is to master your inner enemies.

– Your struggle is to reconcile yourself with the world, even when it seems impossible.

Your struggle is to keep peace as a light warrior and to meet external enemies with wisdom.

– Your fight is a fight for life, for peace and for freedom – inside and outside, for you and for all people.

Your struggle is sacred and you will prevail because you are the servant of light and faithful to God.

With infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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