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 -Monday, 28 November 2022, 1:54 AM

Source: Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 27, 2022


Click to access Restored-Republic-via-a-GCR-11-26-2022.pdf

If your head has not explode about JFK Jr. alive, you will want to read the rest, or do nothing until the Emergency Broadcast. OOPS! too late.

As this may be my last message for a while:

In 2012 David Wilcock was predicting the Solar Flash / Mini-Nova (5D) for December 22, 2012. That did not happen.

As we have recently learned the Gregorian Calendar was shifted 10 years from the Mayan Calendar.

This makes December 22, 2022 the true end of the Mayan Calendar.

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