November 29, 2022: Dancing in the Web Spun by Our Captors [videos]

November 29, 2022: Dancing in the Web Spun by Our Captors [videos]

November 29, 2022


The Great Awakening. Sounds grand, doesn’t it? But what is it? The truth is, it’s complicated—and it’s not always great.

We can see it, we can feel it—sometimes we can even smell it and taste it—but it’s hard to define even once you’ve extricated the facts from the Technicolor fiction.

Awakening is manifest in the millions of Humans who are no longer complacent and with what they are experiencing in their lives; the downward trajectory of quality of life. Rights have been trampled and hard lines crossed. They are not only speaking out frankly and passionately about the crimes they are witnessing, many are on the streets protesting.

The throngs of awakened in many countries have been censored by the mainstream media gatekeepers of truth but for some reason Canada—one of the most strictly controlled nations on the planet—knows about the unprecedented demonstrations from the normally docile citizens of China and have been protesting in Toronto in support of their fellow man shackled by the Chinese Communist Party. Toronto is not fun in November, folks. It’s cold, damp, and in the video clip below you can see it’s snowing.

It’s a big ask to break through the veneer of lies to suggest that Satan is making his last stand on Terra. It’s even more of a stab to the hearts of the populace when you implicate the most beloved memories of our childhood in a web of evil so vast it spans every country. They live, alright—in the middle of our communities and in government seats; the police station, the schools, the CHURCH!

We have illustrated hundreds of times the word games and language the dark have spun with their mesmerizing pirouettes in their sticky webs. They hang it out for all to see if we have the right shades on—and once they’re on we can never take them off.

This, below, is no “ooops”, people. They hide the truth in plain sight, but many don’t want to see it. They think they wouldn’t be so stupid as to tell us. They have been telling us in plain sight for eons and still we don’t get it. We don’t believe it, so who are the stupid ones? We have ignored the clues at our own peril, until it was almost too late to yank Humanity from the fire.

Disney Misspells ‘Santa’ in New Christmas Series, But Viewers Aren’t Convinced It’s a Joke

Musician John Rich [Big & Rich] has been outspoken on social media and at his events about the political situation in America, not only in the article above. While it’s true that Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general are largely complicit in pedophilia and Human trafficking and sold their souls for fame and fortune, some heavy hitters have stepped up to the plate to seed the thoughts of those still reachable and use their influence to shift minds; to open a crack where light can filter through the dust motes and reveal a truth. Oliver Stone, James Woods, Mel Gibson, and others who mysteriously disappeared.

What a Qincidence. Everyone is talking about flat earth now. Stew Peters has a premium content video about it, too.


TRUTH About Flat Earth Theory: Biblical Firmament vs. Round Ball Earth Propaganda

This week on Stew Peters premium, we are joined by Dave Weiss to discuss NASA and Big Tech’s lies surrounding the shape of the earth we all live on.

There are some truths that individually we have been resistant to, regardless of our open minds. Some are tougher than others.

It would seem that those who have been trusted to bring us painful truths about the medical field, politics, and more are now telling us the lies about the shape of our plane[t] have been slotted in to be addressed along with the other paradigms being shattered.

We can accurately state the following without any caveats—and you can quote me on this.

Everything we thought we knew is now revealed to be untrue.

It has all been revealed for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. We have built our world on a foundation of lies so bold that few dared question them.

If the resistance to change and facing obvious truths thus far is any indication, the re-education of Humanity will be a lengthy process.

File 28 from SGAnon is another exceptional look at our real world. He also pauses to illustrate how we are negatively impacted by the sorry state of affairs on this planet, particularly as it was during the Scamdemic—himself included. We all have our crosses to bear and some are growing more bitter by the day.

I can’t forget that after more than two years my dear mother’s ashes still sit in a cardboard box on a shelf at the crematorium in Canada, waiting for spring? and my opportunity to honour her last wishes. Unforgivable crimes have repeatedly strafed the fabric of our lives and it will take time to repair the damage. SG speaks of the challenges we face and the powers we have to effect change prior to the geopolitical updates and intel he shares. 48 min.

US Mil Communicating with Supreme Court | CIA Assets Arriving in China | Trust the Plan

SGAnon also stated that the White Hats are monitoring the Digital Warriors. Of course they are. I said that long ago. The NSA/Earth Alliance has the ability to watch/listen/surveil everything—all comms. They read our blogs, listen to audios and videos, and read comments. They have the dipstick to gauge the hearts and minds of everyone. They will use those readings to tweak their Plan and the timing of its elements. They will be able to accurately assess our state of readiness for the next phase.

If you listened to that recommended audio above from SGAnon, you heard that he expects another go at a Plandemic and that the military will step in to prevent the mandatory injection of Humanity with whatever new bioweapons/toxic drug cocktails they have devise to take us out. He feels the Covid Treason will awaken the most resistent to our alerts and will be the act that brings down everyone and all of them. No one will be able to ignore the unadulterated evil these cold-blooded creatures harbour to conspire to murder millions of people.

It appears the implosion of the globalists’ propaganda arm is underway and the lying, treasonous corporate media will be instrumental in their own demise. Link to Telegram.

The pedovores have yet to be exposed en masse. That, too, will grab the attention of many who prefer to abstain from politics and let the chips fall where they may. The media has been protecting the predatory Human Trafficking system for decades.

It cannot be understated how huge it is to watch mainstream outlets dig into Balenciaga and expose all the details of their heinous ways.
These stories are exactly what anons have been screaming about on the rooftops, exactly why we were banned off the internet.
I’m looking at digs from fakestream journalists that expose associated books, symbolism, and details only anons would dig up.
We, the anon army, have influenced culture in a positive way.
We’ve moved the needle so much that even the mainstream media is adapting to our methods.
The world will know the truth.

I have my doubts about the COD on this one. We heard that 90 per cent of Congress is complicit in the corruption so forgive us if we sound conspiratorial. We have a long way to go yet.

McEachin becomes the 7th member elected to the 118th Congress to die.”

BREAKING: Virginia Congressman Dies at 61

Here’s What Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin’s Death Means for the New Congress

Project Veritas has taken aim at the pedophilia and promised another exposé at 2 pm Eastern today, followed by this.

Death is a topic we are forced to address all too often any more and the respect for life is dissipating. It seems that anyone who wishes to check out for any reason has eager support from the medical field. The National Post in Canada reports this sad state of affairs involving a war veteran who should be getting the best of care and consideration for their sacrifices.

Testimony alleges caseworker suggested medically-assisted death was a better option than ‘blowing your brains out against the wall’

Veterans Affairs caseworker allegedly admits to helping veterans end their lives, committee hears

Have you watched the documentary “Died Suddenly”? It’s terrific and a must share. Views hit 10 million in a week.

You may still be able to watch here on Stew Peters’ website. I think the world premier was free but now you may have to pay the $1 to join for premium content.

We have a little more truth on the Arizona election situation which may have a lot of people upset after the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors declared the election final, yesterday, despite some counties rejecting the certification.

Now—we hear WHY the board went ahead the way they did. It’s the same old cabal strong-arm tactics; bribery, blackmail, and threats. Or perhaps that’s just an excuse.

Arizona county board supervisors say they voted to certify election ‘under duress’

Did you see the setup for that meeting yesterday? Does it look like a TV studio to you? Link to Telegram.

I also found it interesting that Bill Gates stated, “The world is watching.” Qincidences up the hoop.

Here is some positive stuff to wind it down for today from SGAnon on Truth Social. It’s a decode and it’s a doozy related to the graphics below.

SGAnon @RealSGAnon


“Learn our comms”

Comms from POTUS45 should have everyone jumping for joy today. See images.

>What USSC case acts as precedent for the introduction of Mil-Intelligence as “evidence” in the civilian judicial process?
>What must have occurred for this?
>What area of government directly serves POTUS?

Supreme Court -> Mil Intelligence -> Exposé -> Awakening of Sleepers -> DeepState Survival Grab -> Military Takedown?

Trust the Plan.

Trump’s post:

You can see all the recent NEW Q drops at this link.

For the doggie fans…

Little Eli is 11 months old today and becoming a handful on our walks when we encounter neighbours and dogs. He gets wild and won’t follow commands and insists on jumping up on everyone. It’s embarrassing and hard on my body and I am so looking forward to our obedience class next week.

Once he learns his place and will toe the line at all times he will be a delightful little fellow. He is strangely popular in the ‘hood despite his annoying antics so when he can behave himself he will be a wonderful addition wherever he goes.

Eli can’t seem to leave the fake Christmas tree alone but the rest of the time he is fairly well behaved and has a nice life as evidenced by this snooze below in the sun outside the baby gate. It’s been only 66 F in the house when we get up so I think he gets a little chilly.

A year ago we were nursing Mica along with his osteosarcoma post rabies shot and it was difficult but in a different way from the frustrating behaviour of a puppy. Dogs are just furry family members.

Eli 11 mos.

Signing off for now, folks. Seasonal stuff to do.  ~ BP

P.S. I know this is a tough time of year for many and now in particular as so many are stressed out and doubting. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine and some really stupid, ridiculous humour can wring a laugh from the most miserable so consider listening to this classic we used to hear on the radio in Calgary. I’m not sure what is funnier—Porky’s stuttering or the laugh track but it might just give you the release from the pressure cooker that you needed. ~ xo BP

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