December 1, 2022: Delicate Operations Underway: Pray [videos]

December 1, 2022: Delicate Operations Underway: Pray [videos]

December 1, 2022


It is now the last month of 2022 and December shaping up to be a very intense season. There are subtle conflicts, minor skirmishes, major operations, and the entire planet seems to be in an uproar over any number of issues raging in boardrooms, operating rooms, court rooms, and the consciousness of man. The streets of many cities reflect the dissatisfaction of Humanity when they realize they have been wronged on so many levels and must fight back.

In China, the People are fed up and have been protesting long and hard in opposition to the absurd “Covid” lockdowns. This morning there was news that some cities were lifting restrictions, and now this:

BREAKING: Covid camp set on fire in Western China.

CIA on the ground. Nothing is what it seems.

And this sounds biblical:

The caption says “Fire and Flood Have No Mercy”

In Brazil, things have taken a turn and it doesn’t look good—at the moment. Again, it seems to be mirroring the situation unfolding concurrently in America. Qincidence? Link to Telegram.


Nov. 28th, 2022

Our Supreme Court is now reuniting with Lula’s handler Geraldo Alckimin at the Casa Grande Hotel in Guarujá, state of São Paulo later tonight.

Multiple sources have already confirmed that some of the already arrived there and are waiting for the the criminal meeting to take place.

I made a compilation to show you how well they are greeted by the people when they don’t have any walls, or power to subjugate their fellow men.

Rumors are that they plan on setting a parallel government tonight.


[edit: NY footage from Nov. 13-15th. LIDE organization event to talk about Brazil’s democracy and transparent elections]


The Arizona election saga is still dragging on…

Judge Tosses Arizona GOP AG Candidate’s Lawsuit

As anticipated, the Truths are hitting the fan on Truth Social. For example…

SGAnon @RealSGAnon

The next 48 hours will be pivotal for waking the normies/sleepers.

We now have Twitter under our control, the MSM beginning to tell the truth on themselves, and Russia preparing to end the remaining bioweapon labs, pedophiles, and Nazis in EU.

Tmrw, the 12th month of the year begins.
12 is a spiritual number for governance/authority -> think 12 tribes of Israel, 12 stones, 12 rites, etc.

Over the next 2 days, I will drop proofs to aid each of you on_mission.

Use logic.
Be kind.

Wake them.

As he said in a video update, he was going to come forward with the reality he has uncovered sooner but was asked to hold off. The White Hats are monitoring us all, as we stated, and some individuals will play key roles. It seems like SG is posting comms.

SGAnon also posted a photo of Hillary Clinton post execution and some other very interesting material on his Truth Social account. File 29 will be excellent when he uploads and will reference the following which will make even more sense if you listened to the beginning of the detailed Gene Decode interview I shared yesterday.

Gene painted quite a different picture of the conflict in Ukraine than the lamestream accounts, did he not? An “alien incursion”… involving  all sizes, shapes, and colours… and the climate in parts of Ukraine is clearly not favourable to Humanity and indicates the fact that the true Nazis have been hiding there for a long time. Hence, the “de-Nazification” of that area and the coverup within the cabal’s media.

Please keep the courageous military everywhere in your heart at this critical time.

Austrian Soldiers mobilizing for underground combat operations.

This is part of the information I have for File 29, also.
There is a LOT going on. Underground Cleansing operations beginning en_masse, 3 continents.

Extremely dangerous missions.
Go-No-Go achieved.
SET1 Active.
Comms Established.
FOF Clear.
Bring the Storm, Warriors.

Patriots and Anons are with you.


Another red herring or…???

That’s Truth Social. Watch Twitter. I like this one.

In the interest of saving time, the crew shared this worthy nugget below and since Phil G has been attacked more than many others, it’s only fair to point this out. I am still deleting comments from people who leave links to the court documents and other info designed to incriminate Phil. If he isn’t on our side it will become apparent. And if he is, you will know it.

Phil Godlewski did a livestream last night that was about 2.5 hours long and didn’t start until 10:00 PM Eastern Time. Nearly all of it was dedicated to reading the stories of the approximately 56 people in need who were each given $500 (1 received $1,000, and another received $5,000)… all from Phil’s own money.

HOWEVER, the last 10 minutes or so was devoted to a HUGE intel drop. You need to hear this, as he’s claiming that the heads of the controlling families (Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc) were all taken out — dead or alive — in a worldwide white hat military operation a day or two ago. It was the day that he posted the request on his Telegram for prayers for those on the front lines. If this is really true, then the other dominoes should start falling or whistleblowing at a rapid pace now.

The intel part of the livestream starts at approximately 2:10:45 video:

I was looking for an update involving Blue’s Clues, a cartoon that has been on the air for years. I stopped cold when I saw this:

Is that what it looks like? A cute little cartoon show linked to pedophilia? That girl is way too old for a soother.

This woman shows us that the cute little cartoon show is being used to negatively influence children. I guess mastectomy is too hard for kids to say and sounds scary so it ‘s now, “top surgery”.

It’s a sick, sick, depraved, satanic, twisted, demonic world we live in, folks, but people ARE fighting back. Even in Canada. They’re not so “polite” or reserved any more.

Perhaps the Canucks learned something last January during their peaceful protests with the Freedom Truckers.

Sometimes just a few words say a lot. Link to Telegram. This is the whole point.

POSOBIEC: Elon Musk didn’t just buy a company, he purchased a crime scene

I find the huge volume of events and updates eludes me now and I trust Dave’s X22 Reports to fill me in on what I missed. Dave does not always mention the back channel intel we have or the whole truth because his audience is not only the truthers; it’s the folks who are not Q followers and don’t know the whole truth. He walks a difficult path and does a tremendous job without getting into the weeds of the conspiracies too much and he is a marvelous dot connector.

A day wouldn’t be complete if we don’t share the truth about the Covid fake vaccines. Some are being politically correct and calling it an “experimental drug” but if you believe they are experimental then you don’t yet have ‘the big picture’. In one sense it might be considered an experiment, because if you get a jab YOU won’t know how it will affect you until it does… or it doesn’t.

When I think of people asking for a “vaccine” of any kind, it always brings to mind the image above because we are indeed playing Russian roulette if we inject unknown substances into our body. The Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry movie always comes back as Harry holds his gun to the injured man on the pavement.

Harry says he didn’t know how many shots he already fired or how many bullets remained in the chamber of his Magnum. Do ya feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya? He didn’t get shot, but the man is curious and begs Harry as he walks away: “I gots to know.” So Harry pulls the trigger. Nada. How many times could that happen? We don’t know, but sooner or later we’re going to get hurt if we keep playing with fire.

The monsters running the world have been experimenting on Humans psychologically and physically for a very long time—and they used taxpayer dollars to do it. They knew the potential for what their “vaccines” were going to do to the Human body. They did it because it fit their long term depopulation agenda.

The most superficial and simple explanation of the negative effects of the “Covid vaccines” is that they compromise our immune system which was Divinely designed to protect us from all invaders. The problem has been that the endless onslaught of attacks on our bodies with toxins and foreign substances has weakened many of us and set us up to succumb to their poisoned arrows in the form of pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Joseph Mercola summarized an important paper concerning the attack on our immune system by the “vaccines” which in no way, shape, or form can be considered a ‘vaccine’ because the jabs don’t immunize us against anything; they do quite the opposite.

Unfortunately, because the first shot may not induce any noticeable negative side effects, many may feel safe getting a second. Please think of it as Russian roulette and save your skin. And please remember to include your pets in this scenario. Many of the injections brainwashed veterinarians push are not safe and are not required as animals have immune systems, too. Do your homework before subjecting your fur babies to dangerous drugs.

Once injected, it’s the luck of the draw.

Dr. Mercola states:

there’s not just one mechanism by which the jabs could kill you.

The summary is below. You can read the whole article if you choose or listen to the 1 hr interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff but it is important that people understand just what happened over the past 3 years. It was the last piece of the puzzle for many; the nail in the coffin of the un-Human psychopaths who have been killing us off en masse for decades… so slowly that no one seemed to notice.

You have heard us talk about the “soft coup” and now we need to alert the masses to the “soft kill” that has been underway for generations. Since the globalists seem bent on introducing another plandemic, this might be a good time to alert the unwary to the truth about the “vaccines” they are convinced they need.

Story at-a-glance

In “Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations: The Role of G-quadruplexes, Exosomes and MicroRNAs,” Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and Drs. Peter McCullough, Greg Nigh and Anthony Kyriakopoulos explain how the COVID shots suppress your innate immune function, and how they may cause neurological diseases.

Their landmark paper was the source of major controversy in that the prominent journal in which it was published receive much negative feedback and the editor of the journal was forced to resign although the paper has not been retracted at this time.

G4s are genome-wide targets of transcriptional regulation. The “G” stands for guanine. G4 is DNA sequence of four guanines, which plays an important role in diseases such as cancers and neurological disorders. The COVID jab spike protein produces far more G-quadruplexes (G4) than the virus. The G4 causes prion protein to misfold, which can result in prion diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and Alzheimer’s.

Two specific microRNA have been found in people who got the jab, and these microRNA’s interfere with Type 1 interferon response, which is a key part of your immune system. When Type 1 interferon is suppressed, you become more prone to infection and chronic disease.

The COVID jab produces high levels of immunoglobulin (IgG) antibodies, which are associated with autoimmune disease. It does not produce mucosal antibodies.

Antibodies against the spike protein may be responsible for cases in which patients developed highly aggressive prion disease after their second jab.

You can read the entire article here which includes some fascinating information,\.

Some people with a conscience took the initiative to “do no harm”. We heard about the public works fellow who covertly and slowly reduced the amount of fluoride in the community water supply and I hope a lot of Germans are thanking this angel of mercy for potentially saving their lives. At what point will this woman be considered a hero rather than a criminal?

Anti-vax nurse injects 8,600 with saline instead of COVID vaccine: police

She gave them a false sense of immunity.
A German nurse is being investigated for allegedly injecting thousands of people with a placebo instead of the coronavirus vaccine.

Based on witness testimony, police investigator Peter Beer said there was “a reasonable suspicion” that the rogue medical professional had administered shots of saline solution to up to 8,600 patients who were slated to receive the COVID jab

The ironic thing is that as a placebo, many of those saline recipients may—by the power of belief alone—indeed have the immunity they sought, and better. That is the entire point behind placebos. The mind believes the body has protection and so that is their reality. Think of it. “Thought medicine”. Experiments have been conducted for decades in clinical settings where people were given “sugar pills” rather than a pharmaceutical drug and their pain, affliction, problem may have gone away. That is how powerful our minds are. Our reality is what we perceive it to be.

What is with the rash of celebrity deaths? Yesterday Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, today Irene Cara. My other half said it seemed like McVie was having an estate sale. Was she planning on “checking out”?

Deaths are mounting. Crypto millionaires, included. As Gene Decode pointed out, the name says it all. “CRYPTo” What is a crypt? I wouldn’t touch crypto with a mile-long pole.

Who Is Killing The Crypto Millionaires?

I am so tired of seeing this kind of thing: Mike Adams has already pointed out that Died Suddenly failed to feature the important work of Dr. Jane Ruby who first pointed to the post-jab clotting issues. Stew seems like a valiant truther, so what’s going on? It’s like a free-for-all on the alternative news community. Attacks on anyone and everyone. Who do we trust? Mike is still putting out fear porn about starvation, foreign armies enforcing the incarceration of people who refuse lockdowns and vaccination, etc.

“Died Suddenly” update: Stew Peters lost all credibility for including footage from a heart surgery that happened in 2019

For anyone who wonders why we have suffered so much in this life of free will, you need to understand the enemy. KNOW THY ENEMY.

Lara Logan explained in the video below with Steve Bannon.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU WILL WATCH THIS YEAR: In the satanic religion – when they tell you what they are doing there are many reasons for it – but the most important is that when they show you and you do nothing about it – in their religion it is considered “consent”.




I didn’t expect to see this, but there it was. Now you know. The Rumble video platform is based in Toronto.

To close on a light note… This is what I think is meant to be an allegory from the inspirational truth-teller Christine Anderson. It’s about “waiting”. Congrats to those who have the faith and stamina to “wait for it”.

We wanted truth; we wanted vindication; we wanted proof. I hope you’re ready. It appears we are getting it, so ready or not… here it comes.

Be strong, be prepared, be the compassionate Human you are and came here to be and we can get through this and pull the curtain on a brave new world few of us even dared dream possible. The Truth part will be the hardest because when the Light of Truth floods the world, it will reveal a great deal of ugliness—some of which you may not even see coming if you are recently awake.

As Q said, “They will fight, but you are ready.” When you think about it, everyone has been fighting us. The demonic enemy and our own kind who cannot deal with reality or break from their programming have all been fighting us.

With the Sword of Truth as our weapon of transformation, there is nothing we cannot do. Most of the heavy lifting has been done. We’re the cleanup crew and will have to finesse the wake-up that is about to go into high gear… like a delicate surgery. This operation will take us deep into the hearts and minds of the masses and throughout this process, we will be undergoing a transformation of our own and the world will never be the same.

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